7 Best baby blankets for winter | Full warmth

Every mother wants good care of their child. She will not compromise for anything less.

When it comes to winter, a little bit of cold makes the baby sick.

The mother wants a good blanket for her baby so that the baby can be safe from colds as well as mosquitoes.

In this article I have recommended the 7 Best baby blankets for winter.

List of 7 best baby blankets for winter in India:

Best baby blankets for winterBuy on AmazonBrand
1. Luvlap Newborn Baby Soft Swaddling BlanketCheck On AmazonLuvlap
2. My NewBorn 3 in 1 Baby BlanketCheck On AmazonMy NewBorn
3. BRANDONN Sleeping Bag for BabiesCheck On AmazonBRANDONN
4. BRANDONN Newborn 3 in 1Check On AmazonBRANDONN
5. BRANDONN SupersoftCheck On AmazonBRANDONN
6. Daily Home Essentials Ultra Soft PlushCheck On AmazonDaily Home
7. My Newborn Baby Polar Fleece BlanketCheck On AmazonMy NewBorn

1. Luvlap Newborn Baby Soft Swaddling Blanket

This product is made by luvlap and it is of good quality. This company makes products that are comfortable and safe for children.

Its patterns are attractive. Animal printed makes it more appealing for babies.

Best baby blankets for winter
Best baby blankets for winter

It is one of the best Best baby blankets for winter. You can buy it without giving a another thought.

Key Features

  • Size = One Size
  • colour = Orange Monkey
  • Pattern = Animal Print


  • The charming print of the monkey’s mouth, which attracts the baby
  • Made up of soft and comfortable material.
  • Very lightweight. It ensures that the baby does not feel suffocation.
  • Provide sufficient warmth to the baby.
  • Size is well enough for a child.
  • Colour will not fall off easily.


  • I did not find any issue in it.

2. My NewBorn 3 in 1 Baby Blanket

This product has been manufactured by My NEWBORN brand. It is a sleeping bag. Which fits in baby head and legs.

Babies have habit of rolling over the bed and they get out of the blanket. Waking up in the middle of the night every time to ensure your baby is within blanket or not is very tiresome.

This is perfect choice for those babies.

newborn sleeping bag winter
newborn sleeping bag winter

Has got tremendous review over amazon (rating 4.1/5).

Key Features

  • Size = 0-3 months
  • colour = Wrapper-Pink
  • Pattern = Baby Sleeping Bag
  • Item Weight = 200 Grams


  • Covers full body.
  • The blanket is made from fleece. Which decrease the self-weight of a blanket.
  • Fabric is soft and won’t irritate the child.


  • Some parents complain about size issue.

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3. BRANDONN Sleeping Bag for Babies

Its manufacturer is BRANDONN brand. It can be used in three ways: Blanket, Wrapper, Sleeping Bag. It will save you money from spending on the other two things.

The white star design and the pink colour make it very attractive. It is made of fur from outside and flannel from inside.

best baby blankets in india
baby blanket

The rating of 4 stars on Amazon confirms its quality. It is easy to use.

Key Features

  • Size = Single
  • colour = Star Pink
  • Pattern = Stars


  • It creates a sleeping environment for baby.
  • Maintains a constant temperature and prevent from waking up.
  • Extra material is provided on both sides to properly covered the baby.
  • Doesn’t matter how much your baby rolls on the bed; s/he won’t come out of it.


  • Very few customers complains about the material.

4. BRANDONN Newborn 3 in 1

It has been made attractive with both pink and white colours. The cap provided with the blanket makes the baby look cute when it is wrapped around their body.

The size is big enough to fold the baby and keep them intact within the blanket. It is also used as bath gown.

baby blankets and quilts

Cap is attached to the blanket. You can not remove the cap.

Key Features

  • Size = Single
  • colour = Pink and white
  • Pattern = Cartoon


  • You can fold it easily.
  • Best for travelling.
  • Fabric is skin-friendly and It is super soft.
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Some complaints regarding the quality.
  • Material is thin compared to other blanket mentioned above.

5. BRANDONN Newborn Wrapper cum Baby Blanket

Its four sides have been stitched as a design with white star all around it. You can use it as wrapper and blanket both.

Available is more than 10 colours. You can choose anyone. All have same prices.

baby blanket in india
baby blanket in india

Can be use from newborn to 1 year.

Key Features

  • Size = 100 cm x 75 cm
  • Pattern = Stars
  • Age: 0 – 1 year


  • Wrapping the baby with it is very easy.
  • Fabric is very gentle on baby skin.
  • The more you wash it the more smooth it will become.


  • Breadth should be a little wider.
  • Colours fall off after too many washes.

6. Daily Home Essentials Ultra Soft Plush

You can use it as blanket and swaddle both. The size of blanket is good enough for baby.

Cartoon prints all over the blanket make it more child friendly. They like cartoon becasue watching cartoon on tv or mobile.

breathable blanket for baby
breathable blanket for baby

The child feels healthy due to its soft fabric.

Key Features

  • Size = 0-6 months
  • colour = Soft Blue
  • Pattern = Solid


  • Fabric is non-toxic.
  • Easy to wash in the machine. It will save you a lot of time.
  • Can be used in a stroller.
  • Fabric is breathable. The child will not feel suffocation.


  • Smooth on one side, so it bursts soon.
  • Its size covers less area for baby.

7. My Newborn Baby Polar Fleece Blanket

It is very well designed in red colour. It has clothes on both sides like a cat’s ear.

Cartoon design has been made on the head. Makes the child feel comfortable inside.

Its clothes are skin-friendly.

Key Features

  • Size = 0-3 months
  • Colour = Red
  • Pattern = Cartoon


  • Made from velvet material which is very durable.
  • Can be used in any weather.
  • It can be used as blanket and wrapper.


  • The quality is awful.
  • Its size is very small.
  • Colour wash away quickly

Buyers guide for Best baby blankets for winter

 5 Things you must check before buying Best Baby Blankets India:

  • Choosing a good brand saves you from buying again and again.
  • The blanket should be light and easy to fold.
  • Should be loose so that baby feels comfortable.
  • Must provide required warmth to baby.
  • Size should be big enough, So that baby doesn’t come out of it easily.

FAQ regarding Best baby blankets for winter

At what age can I cover my baby with a blanket?

You can use a blanket from day 1 but it must be thin and not in big size and heavy. A heavy weighted blanket can cause suffocation.

Does it protect baby’s entire body?

Most blankets protect the entire body of the baby, while some blankets protect the entire body except for its face.

Which is the best brand for baby blanket?

Luvlap provides the Best baby blankets for winter. Just go for it.

My final Pick

According to me, you should take Luvlap Newborn Baby Soft Swaddling Blanket or BRANDONN Sleeping Bag for Babies. Both of them are Best baby blankets for winter. They are made up of premium quality.

Tell me about it by commenting in the comment section below. In case of any queries; ask away! 

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