7 best baby bottle sterilizer India [Safe]

Babies need our utmost care as they are very prone to infections, especially the infections like vomiting & stomach ache, one of the most common cause of which is unsterilised bottles.

Sterilisation is the process of making any article or a surface free of microorganisms.

Why use a bottle steriliser?

  • Sterilising in boiling water doesn’t kill all the Bacteria.
  • If not regularly checked there is a chance of damaging the nipples and then there is always a chance of burning oneself!

This is where a bottle steriliser comes in handy! They are easy to use,time-saving and very effective.

List of 7 best baby bottle sterilizer India

best baby bottle sterilizer india Buy on AmazonBrand
1. Chicco 2 in 1 Steam SteriliserCheck on AmazonChicco
2. Philips Avent 3 in 1 Electric Steam steriliserCheck on AmazonPhilips
3. Trumom USA Electric Steam SteriliserCheck on AmazonTrumom
4. R for Rabbit Peter Fighter PlusCheck on AmazonR for Rabbit
5. Luvlap Royal Electric Steam SteriliserCheck on AmazonLuvlap
6. Adore baby bottle Microwave Steam SteriliserCheck on AmazonAdore
7. U-grow single bottle warmer and steriliserCheck on AmazonU-grow

1. Chicco 2 in 1 Steam Steriliser (best baby bottle sterilizer India)

Amazing and slim, this sterilizer is made by one of the most trusted brands for baby products, Chicco and it is best suited for you and your tiny tot.

It sterilizes baby utensils effectively by killing 99.9 percent germs with the help of intense steam in just about 5-6 minutes without compromising on the product quality.

It is available as a 2 in 1 design and provides 2 different configurations and other small accessories like teats, breast -pumps, soothers and toys.

chicco bottle sterilizer reviews

This product has the most positive reviews and an impressive rating of 4.3 from around 2000 customers on amazon and is worth every penny spent!. This is the best feeding bottle sterilizer.

Chicco bottle sterilizer reviews in detail.

Key Features of best baby bottle sterilizer India

  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • color: white
  • Recommended age: 0-5 years.
  • Warranty period: 1 year.
  • Full sized mode (6- 330ml bottles)
  • Compact sized mode (2-330ml bottles).


  • Equipped with a lid that provides 24 hours protection for the bottles,as long as it remains closed.
  • Has an automatic Cut-off feature to ensure safety of the products and accessories.
  • Free from harmful industrial chemicals like BPA.
  • Slim and compact ,designed to occupy less space.
  • Compatible with bottles of various brands apart from chicco.


  • I haven’t found any noticeable con for this product.

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2. Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser

Stylish and sophisticated, this is the best selling steriliser in the market. It is the most trustworthy product preferred by the mommies for their little one!

It works on the principle of natural steam sterilisation and destroys around 99.9 percent of harmful germs. It is self adjustable, as it comes in a 3 -in -1 design.

It is very simplified and all you have to do is pour some water and switch on the steriliser and expect nothing but the best as this product has received wonderful praises and a 4.2 rating.

philips avent sterilizer review

It is also available in its variant form, ie Philips Avent 2 in 1 steam steriliser, which has almost similar features except that it works only in 2 configurations.

Key Features

  • Weight : 1.5kg
  • colour: White
  • Recommended age:0-2 years
  • Warranty period: 2 years


  • Sterilisation is effectively completed in just six minutes.
  • Compatible with a variety of bottles – long necked,short necked, steel bottles and other accessories such as toddler plates, knives ,forks and much more.
  • It is BPA free.
  • It is equipped with an automatic safe stop button ensuring minimal damage .
  • It has a protective lid which helps keep the objects inside sterile for at least 24 hours.
  • It can be adjusted to three different sizes according to our need.


  • Heating plate gets discoloured, if not washed regularly.

3. Trumom USA Electric Steam Steriliser

This steriliser is from a USA based brand, trumom. It is multipurpose, highly efficient and is affordable and is very safe as it is made from non -toxic, food grade silicon.

It performs high temperature steam sterilisation and eliminates the germs and it is highly resistant to heat (upto 110 degrees).

trumom sterilizer reviews

It is designed in a very organised way with separate attachments for various objects like tongs, bottles, nipples etc and is 100% BPA free and provides a 24 hour long Sterilisation.

Key Features

  • Weight: 2kg
  • Colour:White
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 1 month and above
  • Warranty period: 1 year.


  • It takes only 9 minutes to give a promising sterilisation.
  • It can sterilise around 6 bottles of any brand at a time along with other articles.
  • It can also be used as a food steamer, once your baby grows up.
  • It is very handy while travelling as it has various compartments for different products which makes your job hassle free.
  • It ensures minimal damage due to the high quality heating coil used in the steamer.


  • It has to be operated manually, as it does not have an automatic safe stop.
  • Cleaning and assembling might be a bit difficult which can be fixed by following the instructions written in the manual.

4. R for Rabbit Peter Fighter Plus

This adorable steriliser is from an Indian based brand, R for Rabbit and is very budget friendly and convenient for your use.

This electric steriliser performs continuous steam heating, thereby imparting continuous disinfection .It ensures optimum usage of electricity and keeps you safe from any heating mishaps.

r for rabbit bottle sterilizer reviews

This steriliser is free of any harmful chemicals and is quite spacious and is very hygienic for your baby.

Key Features

  • Weight: 1.7kg
  • colour: Blue
  • Warranty period: 1 year.


  • It takes 9 minutes to sterilise six bottles at a time.
  • It has an amazing inbuilt timer which shuts off the steriliser on its own in case of low water level.
  • Any size bottle can be sterilised along with other baby articles.
  • Has a Rust free stainless heating plate, ensuring longevity.
  • It has a lid which ensures a 24 hour long sterilisation.


  • Use of hard water may lead to scaling on the heating steel plate, hence you should always use RO water for the purpose of sterilisation.
  • Its shape is not so sleek and this might cause you some difficulty in carrying and also it is available only in a single configuration.

5. Luvlap royal electric steam steriliser

This Classy steriliser from Luvlap is in accordance with the European safety standards and has undergone safety trials just to give you a stress free experience.

This steriliser kills 99.9 percent of bacteria by the means of steam sterilisation and is made from absolutely BPA free, food grade material.

luvlap sterilizer review

It is built with a transparent body material for you to keep an eye on the contents inside and has two separate trays for sterilising bottles and other articles.

Key Features

  • Weight: 1.47 kg
  • colour: White
  • Manufacturer recommended age:0-3 years
  • Warranty period: Not Specified


  • It takes eight minutes to complete the whole cycle.
  • It is equipped with a light indicator and an audible alarm that notifies you after the completion of the process.
  • It comes with a separate bottle rack, accessories tray and a tong to handle warm objects.
  • It is portable.


  • It keeps the articles sterilised for just 3 hours even with the lid .
  • The quality of the plastic shelves inside could have been better.
  • It is a bit bulky which might be problematic while travelling.

6. Adore baby bottle microwave steam steriliser

This cute and tiny steriliser from adore is the best affordable option to sterilise your baby’s precious care equipments.

It uses a microwave and produces natural steam that ensures the killing of 99.9 percent of the harmful household germs. It sanitises four bottles and other accessories in just 4 to 6 minutes.

baby bottle streliser

It is very easy to use as it just requires assembling the articles, pouring some Water and switching on the microwave and has an amazing rating of 4.6.

Key Features

  • Weight: 930g
  • colour: White
  • Warranty period: 1year.


  • This steriliser takes just 2 to 6 minutes to sterilise all the accessories kept in it
  • Its large capacity helps you sterilise around 4 wide neck bottles and other accessories such as pacifiers, nipples etc
  • Use of a microwave for sterilisation relieves you of the time constraint and at the same time cleans every corner of your steriliser and the products in it.
  • It is BPA free and dishwasher safe which removes your constant worry of ensuring a clean steriliser.


  • This steriliser can be used only in the presence of a microwave and hence it cannot even be used while travelling
  • All the utensils used should be microwave safe.

7. U- Grow Single bottle warmer and Steriliser

This steriliser is made from a lightweight material called polypropylene, which makes it very easy to handle.

It is highly heat resistant, burst resistant and creates a uniform temperature and works with the help of a 180 degree rotating knob that performs different functions at specific positions.

It also comes with a complementary food cup and a container and they are BPA free and are absolutely non – toxic.

Key Features

  • Weight : 700g
  • Colour:White
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 0-5 years.
  • Warranty period: Not Specified


  • It is multifunctional, as it can be used to heat food, boil milk and sterilise.
  • The high quality material used ensures there is no sticking of any substance and maintains cleanliness.
  • It performs uniform heating and prevents the nutrients and vitamins of the milk from being destroyed and facilitates dry sterilisation.


  • It is compatible with only normal necked bottles.
  • It can sterilise only one bottle at a time as it is very small.
  • It becomes very difficult and time consuming when you have to sterilise many items.

Buyers guide for best baby bottle sterilizer india

Things to be kept in mind while you are selecting a Steriliser:

  • Always ensure that the steriliser you buy is made from only food-grade material and is BPA free.
  • Make sure that you check for the capacity of the steriliser before buying.
  • Always check the compatibility of your steriliser with your various baby accessories as they need to Sterilised on daily basis
  • Do keep in mind that the steriliser you buy is user friendly and equipped with safety mechanisms to avoid any accidents.

I would also like to share 5 important tips while using a steriliser:

  • Keep the Steriliser out of your baby’s reach.
  • Be careful when you unload the contents after Sterilisation and always wash your hands before you touch the contents inside.
  • Using White Vinegar to clean the Steriliser is recommended as it is effective against the pathogens causing food poisoning.
  • Also it is advisable to Sterilise your baby bottles after every use and also other accessories on daily basis.
  • Be careful when you open the steriliser after the cycle as the steam can be extremely hot.

How to clean & sterilise baby bottles (Guide)

After every use, discard the remaining or stale milk and wash the bottle properly using soapy water and a bottle brush.Preferably use an organic, chemical free soap.

Make sure to thoroughly clean the teats. Rinse both the bottle and the teats well with clean water.

Now follow the instructions manual provided with the steriliser to load your bottles and adequate amount of water as mentioned.

Always remember that you should not keep capped bottles in the Steriliser for safety purposes and you should keep the nipples and the bottles separately.

Now switch on the steriliser and wait for the cycle to complete.

How to clean & sterilise baby bottles

FAQ on best baby bottle sterilizer India

Can you use the steriliser to heat food?

A steriliser is just used as a disinfecting equipment and hence it is not wise to heat food in it. However, there are some brands where you can heat food and boil milk and also sterilise the baby equipment.

Where should I keep the sterilised bottles?

When not in use, it is recommended to leave the bottles and other baby care equipments in the steriliser itself as the environment inside is free of germs and keeps all the articles sterilised as long as the lid is closed.

What kind of bottles are compatible with the Steriliser ?

While most of the electric sterilisers are compatible with any type of bottle (ie. long necked, short necked, normal necked, glass, steel etc) the microwave steriliser is compatible only with bottles that are microwave safe.

Is it necessary to clean the steriliser after every use?

Yes, for hygiene purpose, it is advisable to clean the steriliser after every use and also it is important to change the water and descale the steriliser.

My final pick on best baby bottle sterilizer india

Choosing the best steriliser could be a bit tedious. Based on the uses, I can say that Chicco 2 in 1 steam steriliser is an ideal choice.

It has been praised by most of the buyers in amazon and has a very good rating. It is a boon for every mother as it is user friendly, easy to use and is highly recommended on Amazon.

This is the best baby bottle sterilizer india and you will not regret buying this!

I hope this article has helped you in choosing your ideal Steriliser. Please do tell us in the comments and feel free to ask any queries as your opinion is very valuable to us.

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