7 best diaper bags in India For beautiful Mom

Baby is the world to a mom but in travelling it starts being a mess. Carrying a baby with an oversized bag is very hectic because the bag shouldn’t be a thing to give extra attention.

So, a diaper bag is a necessary thing to organize the baby’s essentials while travelling.

A good diaper bag is spacious, Lightweight, has some compartments for different things.

Here, I am suggesting you the Best Diaper Bags in India. So that you can buy with no confusion.

List of 7 best diaper bags in India

Best diaper bags in indiaBuy on AmazonMaterialsNo. of PocketsWeightdimensions
1. Robustrion Diaper BagCheck on AmazonNylon7721g51.6 x 29.8 x 7.6 cm
2. R for Rabbit CaramelloCheck on AmazonOxford Fabric91140g45 x 33.7 x 10.3 cm
3. Motherly BagCheck on AmazonOxford fabric14821g42  x 26 x 14.5 cm
4. Baby moon BagCheck on AmazonOxford fabric14921g43.7 x 37.8 x 9.2 cm
5. House of Quirk BagCheck on AmazonOxford Fabric14540g41 x 25.5 x 18 cm
6. Baby bucket BagCheck on AmazonNylon8880g44.4 x 37.7 x 6.6 cm
7. Offspring BagCheck on AmazonN/A3408 g43.2 x 30.5 x 19.1 cm

1. Robustrion Diaper Bag

Robustrion Diaper Bag is the most stunning looking multifunctional Diaper Bag/Bag pack which can easily store all your baby essentials without any problem.

It is waterproof bag and can be easily cleaned with any damp clothes or baby wipes. It has thermally insulated pocket to keep feeding bottles of your baby warm throughout your travelling.

baby things carry bag

This one is the best diaper bags in India for mom. It has every function a diaper bags need to have.

Now a days so many mom uses diaper bag to carry baby stuff.

Key Features best diaper bags in India

  • Dimension = (20 x 18 x 40 cm)
  • Colors Availability = 4 (Black, Blue, Cherry, Dark Grey)
  • Materials used = Nylon
  • Water Resistant = Yes
  • No. of Pockets = 7
  • Weight = 721g


  • Thermally insulated bottle holders are very great to keep them warm.
  • Smooth zip.
  • Very easy to clean or wash.
  • Worked as both a tote and shoulder straps backpack.


  • Bottle compartments are not large enough to hold wide bottles.
  • Sometimes Dad may not like the red color but its completely subjective.

2. R for Rabbit Caramello Diaper Bags

This Diaper bag is one of the best looking which can be used as a normal bag. This is spacious enough to carry all baby essentials with some space left. 

This is the heaviest bag in my list but with this spacing giving your shoulder a bit strain is completely worth it. It can also carry Your Laptop with all the essentials.

best diaper bags in india

Recommended for those mom who do Jobs as well as for those who travels a lot.

This one is the my favorite and best diaper bags in India.

Key Features best diaper bags in India

  • Dimension = 51.6 x 29.8 x 7.6 cm
  • Colors Availability = 3 (Black, Grey Black, Light Blue)
  • Materials Used = Oxford Fabric
  • Water Resistant = Yes
  • No. of Pockets = 9
  • Weight = 1140g


  • It has Insulated pockets to keep your baby food warm.
  • It is most stylish of all.
  • Indeed a Dad’s Friendly.
  • It comes with Changing mat of great Quality.


  • Many calls it a bit overpriced but with this quality of fabric and comfort and looks obviously it is actually worth the price.

3. Motherly Diaper Bags

Motherly Bag is an elegant diaper bags which has great space while retaining the best dimension. The fabric of the bag is indeed of premium quality.

It is equipped with stroller rings which makes you hands-free while shopping, travelling and walking with the baby.

bag to carry baby stuff

If you looking for more number of pocket (14) then this is right fit for you.

Key Features

  • Dimension = 42 cm x 26 cm x 14.5
  • Colors Availability = 4
  • Materials Used = Oxford Fabric
  • Water Resistant = Yes
  • No. of Pockets = 14
  • Weight = 821g


  • It is Aesthetically cool.
  • Spacious with the best dimension of the bag.
  • The fabric used of Premium quality.


  • Changing Mat is not provided with this bag.
  • Straps are moderately cushioned.

4. Baby Moon Diaper Bag

cool printing design with detachable changing mat. It is well spacious with a slim design so that it doesn’t make you look like you are carrying a lot of things aesthetically which is perfect for a diaper bag.

It is a waterproof bag and can be cleaned easily with any wet clothes or baby wipes.

Key Features

  • Dimension = 43.7 x 37.8 x 9.2 cm
  • Colors Availability = 4
  • Materials Used = Oxford Fabric
  • Water Resistant = Yes
  • No. of Pockets = 14
  • Weight = 921g


  • So many pockets help to organize your baby essential.
  • Decent colour design.
  • Having a diaper changing mat helps you free from worry about carrying the changing mat.


  • Advertised as it comes with two stroller straps and one cross-body straps but a lot of time it is missing in the package.
  • Printing design bag is not Dad’s friendly.
  • It is little heavy in weight.

5. House of Quirk Diaper Bag

House of Quirk is one of the stylish bag in the market out there and moderately economical with widely given colour availability.

It is also waterproof with great space inside and has lots of pockets to help you in organizing the baby essentials well.

diaper bags for moms

Key Features

  • Dimension = 41 x 25.5 x 18 cm
  • Colours Availability = 22
  • Materials Used = Oxford Fabric
  • Water Resistant = Yes
  • No. of Pockets = 14
  • Weight = 540g


  • Lightweight
  • Wide availability of colours.
  • Dad’s Friendly.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A little wider width would be more enjoyable.
  • Changing mat should be provided with bag.

6. Baby Bucket Diaper Bag

It is cute looking consisting of one large and one small bag. It comes with changing mat so that you don’t have to get it from outside and saves money.

best diaper bags in india

Key features

  • Dimension = 44.4 x 37.7 x 6.6 cm
  • Colours Availability = 1
  • Materials Used = Nylon
  • Water Resistant = Yes (Not great quality)
  • No. of Pockets = 8
  • Weight = 540g


  • Bag size is neither large nor very small that you have to get another bag for left out essentials.
  • Quality of material is up to its price.
  • Very durable and can be used in rough use.


  • Changing mat is not of very best material.
  • Zip is not buttery smooth but okay.
  • Material is a bit rough.

7. Offspring Diaper Bag

If you are finding the most economical decent looking with decent material used Diaper Bag then here is Offspring Diaper Bag with three pockets of large size and comes with changing mat.

baby bags for mom india with low price

Key Features

  • Dimension = 43.2 x 30.5 x 19.1 cm
  • Colours Availability = 1
  • Materials Used = N/A
  • Water Resistant = No
  • No. of Pockets = 3 (Large size)
  • Weight = 408g


  • Very Economical
  • Light-weighted
  • Colour and print of the bag are very beautiful.


  • It is not Waterproof.
  • It has not a lot of pockets to organize your baby essentials.

Buyers Guide for our Beautiful Mothers

In this guide, I will help you in selecting the right diaper bags for mom. That will help you with hassle-free travelling and fit your budget.

5 Things that every diaper bag must have:

  • It must look stylish. So that you don’t feel uneasy while travelling.
  • Not too bulky but spacious enough to fit all the essentials of your baby.
  • The empty weight of the bag should be minimal. So that it doesn’t strain your shoulder.
  • It must be waterproof So that accidental spillage of milk, Oils, lotion etc. doesn’t ruin your apparel.
  • Insulated Pockets in diaper bag keep baby food or milk warm.
  • Diaper Bag must have a separate compartment for waste.

How spacious Diaper bag should be

It should be spacious enough to carry all the following baby essentials:

  • 3 to 4 diaper.
  • 2 bottle of milk.
  • A changing mat (It is used to put the baby on it while changing a diaper ).
  • Extra clothes.
  • Pacifiers (chusni)
  • Bibs & Burp Cloths.
  • Disposable bags.
  • Oil, Cream, lotion, powder.
  • Toys

It must have a space to carry necessary belonging of a mother. You can not carry two bags one for baby and one for your personal things like keys, smartphone, glasses, wallet etc.

Having a mommy pocket in the bag will fulfil both needs.

Materials of the bag you should look for while purchasing

  • The bag should be of such material so that you can clean and wash it easily.
  • The fabric should be durable and doesn’t get worn out with regular use.
  • The fabric of the bag should give a stunning and stylish look and should be lightweight.

I suggest Nylon and oxford fabric material because it has all the above mentioned features.

Frequently asked questions regarding diaper bags

Is a diaper bag really necessary?

Without a doubt yes. With regular, all the baby essential get mixed up and it’s quite a headache. But with Diaper bag, you can organize all your baby essentials and have enough space to put in your personal things too.

Can I use regular bag instead of diaper bag?

I will advise you not to use regular bag. Because In normal bag there is no insulated pocket which keep milk bottle warm, there is no pocket to keep baby used diapers. Your normal bag will smell very bad and It will irritate people around you.

Does diaper bags contain a separate compartment for waste?

Bags with multiple pockets generally have a separate compartment for waste. Sometimes easy access to dustbin is not available and it makes carrying of waste very easy.

Can we carry a Laptop in a diaper bag?

Generally, they don’t have. But the product that I recommend in no. 2 have. If you are a working mother then that is the best Diaper bag you should look for.

My final thought

After reading this article if you are still confused then Go for R for Rabbit Caramello.
That is my personal preference and I never get any problem with this. It has 9 pocket which is perfectly fine for me.

And I guarantee, you will not regret by your decision.

I would really love to know which one you are going to buy. Do tell us in the comment.

If you have any question feel free to ask in comment.

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