7 Best Diaper for baby in India | No leakage

Diapers are a daily essential for the baby. They are a blessing to every mother as one can only imagine the amount of cleaning one would have to do if it weren’t for them.

Diapers are generally of two types: Disposable and clothed.

Disposable is the most preferred and better.

Benefits of disposable diapers:

  • They are generally leakage free and keeps the baby dry which is very essential for preventing infections.
  • Newborn babies have a specially designed taped diapers with an umbilical cut out whereas pant diapers are for toddlers.

Here is a list of 7 Best Diaper for baby in India:

Best Diaper for baby in IndiaBuy on amazonBrand
1. Pampers Diaper pantsCheck on amazon Pampers
2. Pampers Active Baby diapersCheck on amazonPampers
3. Mammy Poko Pants Extra AbsorbCheck on amazonMamy Poko pants
4. Himalaya Total Baby care PantsCheck on amazonHimalaya
5. Huggies new dry taped diapersCheck on amazonHuggies
6. Supples Baby pants diapersCheck on amazonsupples
7. Little Baby Angel diaper pantsCheck on amazonLittle baby angel

1. Pampers Diaper Pants (Best Diaper for baby in India)

This best selling diaper pants from Pampers are specially designed for your little one to provide the ultimate comfort without causing any skin irritation or rashes.

It has a flexible waistband which fits comfortably and closer to the body and easily enables the baby’s movements without causing any hindrance.

Best Diaper for baby in india
best diaper for newborn

These diaper pants are reportedly the best in India because of its high-quality cotton-like material which ensures the baby’s comfortable sleep.

This is the best Diaper for baby in India

Key Features of Best Diaper for baby in India

  • Type: Pants
  • Size: Small , Large(L, XL,XXL,XXXL) and for newborns.
  • Units: Ranging from 56 to 152 in a pack according to the size.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: Varies according to size.6 months and up (small),12 months to 2 years( Medium and Large).


  • It has an amazing ultra absorb core embedded with a magic gel that absorbs any kind of moisture.
  • Presence of double leak guards which prevents leakage for at least 12 hrs.
  • It also has an enriching layer of aloe Vera lotion which protects the baby from skin rashes, irritation and keeps it soft.
  • It has an extended shelf life of 36 months.
  • It has a wide range of sizes from which you can choose the apt one.
  • It has fun designs and characters printed on it.


  • I haven’t found any significant con in this product.

2. Pampers Active Baby Diapers

Another amazing set of diapers from pampers, these are considered the best selling among the taped diapers which are very suitable for babies below six months of age.

It is made of an effective fastening tape which holds the diapers in place and adapts to the baby’s movements and its high-quality material protects the skin from rashes and redness.

best diaper for newborn

Based on ‘Nielsen India February 2018‘ survey, this is the most recommended choice of taped diapers by the paediatricians, especially for the newborn.

Key Features

  • Type : taped
  • size : newborn
  • Units: Available as 24, 144 and 172 in a pack respectively.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 0-6 months


  • It is designed with high-quality cotton that is very soft and gentle to the skin.
  • They are finely thin with an absorbent gel material called ‘Magic Gel ‘which prevents wetness and leakage for at least 12 hours.
  • Presence of a unique wetness indicator which turns blue on wetting.
  • Presence of a mild baby lotion to protect the skin.
  • It provides a comfortable fit for the baby and is very stretchable.


  • The design could have been a bit more flexible as sometimes it might reach upto the umbilical stump.

3. MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diaper

This trendy set of diapers with cute Pokochan design is extremely comfortable and helps your baby sleep peacefully throughout the night.

It is very easy to wear and lasts for at least 12 hours without any wetness and hence the baby does not become irritable or fussy.

best diaper for baby boy in india

It is also extremely soft which is very necessary to avoid any kind of rashes and skin infections and designed uniquely with cotton-like cover to provide the best care for your baby.

Key Features

  • Type: Pants
  • size: small, medium and ranges of large.
  • Units Available: Ranging from 52 to 126 in a pack.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 1 month and up(small), 5 months and up ( large and medium)


  • It has a Criss cross absorbent sheet with large absorbing power.
  • The diaper does not get heavy as the urine absorbed is spread evenly.
  • It is equipped with stretchable thigh support that creates a sufficient gap between the thighs and prevents leakage.
  • Cotton prevents stuffiness when used for long hours.
  • It is available in different sizes according to the Varying weights.


  • The cotton layer used could have been thicker to prevent the diaper from getting torn while in use.

4. Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants

These set of diapers are from the Indian brand, Himalaya and are enriched with rich Aloe vera and Yashad Bhasma (zinc oxide) which provide protection against microbes and prevent rashes.

Designed with the utmost care, they are extremely soft and provide a comfortable fit for your baby.

best disposable diapers in india

They are quite easy to wear and to discard after use and are an ideal choice for an active baby.

Key Features

  • Type: Pants.
  • Size: Small, Medium and Large(L and XL).
  • Units Available: ranging from 54 to 162 in a pack.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 0-3 years.


  • It is made with a layer of super absorbent polymer that provides maximum protection from wetness.
  • Presence of a wetness indicator which turns yellow to green if the baby has a wet diaper.
  • Its breathable fabric ensures proper air circulation.
  • It is also equipped with soft elastic edges that prevent leakage.


  • The quality of the fabric used could have been better.
  • The elastic edges could have been a little more firm as loose edges might cause leakage.

5. Huggies new Dry Taped diapers

These taped diapers from Huggies are made with cotton, cellulose and other synthetics that keep your baby’s skin fresh and dry.

It is clinically proven that diapers from Huggies are effective in preventing diaper rashes and hence useful for sensitive skin.

huggies diapers reviews
huggies diapers reviews

This brand is very versatile, easy to use, with wide variety of sizes for babies weighing upto 14kgs and is suitable for babies upto 1 year.

Key Features

  • Type: taped.
  • Size: small, medium and Large.
  • Units available: varying from 52 to 120 in a pack.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 3 months and up (S), 9 -12 months (L and M).


  • The air fresh material allows free flow of air and protects your baby’s skin.
  • It has a quick lock system against wetness.
  • Presence of a blue speed dry layer for instant absorption of wetness.

Huggies also offers pant style diapers (Huggies wonder pants) with amazing features and best suited for toddlers.


  • It has a very thin upper layer which might get separated from the base while in use.
  • Unlike pant diapers, these are not adjustable at the waist and hence the fitting should be carefully checked before buying these diapers.

6. Supples Baby Pants Diapers

Made with cotton soft, non-woven and breathable fabric, these diapers are designed to provide the utmost comfort to your baby.

It employs gel magnets which are hydrophilic and absorb the maximum amount of water, thus giving a dry feel.

supples baby diapers review
supples baby diapers review

These are available for babies weighing upto 14kgs with different sizes.

Key Features

  • Type: Pants.
  • Size: Small, Medium and Large(L and XL).
  • Units Available: varying from 54 to 234 in a pack.
  • Manufacturer recommended age:4 -8 months(S), 8 months and above (L and XL).


  • The top layer consists of a zig-zag channel that facilitates maximum area for absorption.
  • Presence of triple lock side cuffs to prevent leakage.
  • Additional blue dispersion layer that ensures a dry feel.


  • The material is not soft enough for some of the buyers.
  • Its absorption power is not efficient enough as most of the buyers have claimed that it doesn’t last through the night and also its elasticity needs improvement.

7. Little Baby Angel Diaper Pants

These diaper pants are made in accordance with your baby’s comfort and are marked on the front side making it easy to wear.

They are made with ultra soft fabric which is quite breathable and keeps the baby active and fresh.

Best Diaper for baby in India

They also have a soft 360-degree elastic band that fits comfortably and allows the baby to move freely.

Key Features

  • Type: pants.
  • Size: Small, medium and large (L and XL).
  • Units available: varying from 42 to 84 in a pack.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: not specified.


  • Presence of fluid distribution channels ensures that the liquid is spread uniformly and the surface is dry.
  • Advance double leak protection and a wetness indicator ensure that there is minimum leakage.


  • The absorption layer is not very firm and might get detached causing discomfort to the baby.
  • The indicator fades away after some time and the diaper gets heavy which might cause leakage.

Buyer’s Guide in Choosing the Best Diaper for baby in India

Some pointers to be kept in mind while selecting an apt diaper:

  • Always check the size of the diaper and make sure that its fitting is compatible with your baby.
  • Ensure that the material used is very soft and preferably cotton to avoid rashes.
  • Do check out the specifications given and make sure that there is no use of any kind of chemicals that might cause rashes.
  • Check out the number of diapers available in each pack and choose accordingly and economically as you need them in a bulk amount.
  • The elastic used in pant diapers should neither be too tight nor too loose. Hence it is advisable to go through reviews before making a choice.
  • The capacity of the diaper should be such that it doesn’t become heavy and cause leakage and discomfort.

Some tips to follow while selecting a diaper:

  • Avoid keeping the baby in the same diaper for a long time as it risks leading to diaper rashes.
  • Always use gentle baby wipes to clean the baby after removing the diaper and in between use.
  • It is advisable to use a diaper cream which moisturises the skin and prevents rashes.
  • Make sure that you keep diaper waste separate from other household wastes and do not dispose of the diaper directly, instead it is recommended to wrap it up with a paper.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Diapering [Video]


1. Do diapers have an expiry date?

While most of the brands do not mention about shelf life, it is recommended to use them within a year or two of purchase. However, Pamper diaper pants come with a shelf life of 36 months.

2. How to select the correct sized diaper?

The diapers usually come with specifications mentioning a particular weight range for that specific size. Always refer and compare this range before buying.

3.What is the difference between tape and pant diapers?

While most of the brands do not mention any difference as such but a taped diaper is used for newborn and for babies up to 6 months whereas pant diapers are designed for growing babies and toddlers.

4. Upto what age can diapers be used?

While the manufacturer recommended age Varies from 2 months to 36 months, it is advisable to simultaneously toilet train your baby after 9 months or a year.

My Final Pick

Based on all the descriptions above, my final choice would be Pamper diaper pants.

It is the best product with high quality finishing and is very comfortable for your baby.

This product is highly recommended and you will not regret buying it.

I hope you have found this article “Best Diaper for baby in India” helpful. Do tell us in comments about your ideal choice and you can also enquire if you have any queries.

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