7 Best Electric Breast Pump in India | Easy to use

Breast Pump is a very handy tool and easy to use. No one suggests using this device without a reason. But in this modern era, there is countless reason to use it.

You can not be available 24 hr for your baby.

It is a lifeline for following parents:

  • Working moms.
  • Moms who have twin baby got tired because of excessive expressing of milk.
  • Moms having a lot of supply of milk.
  • Those mothers who deliver baby earlier.

You don’t have to be worried anymore. An electric breast pump is very easy to use.

You can learn using it within 2 minutes. In this article, I will recommend the 7 Best Electric Breast Pump in India.

List of 7 Best Electric Breast Pump in India:

Best Electric Breast Pump in IndiaBuy on amazonBrands
1.NOYMI pain-free enhanced versionCheck on amazonNOYMI
2. Philips Avent comfortCheck on amazonPhilips
3. Medela Flex Swingcheck on amazonMedela
4. LuvLap Electric breast pumpcheck on amazonLuvLap
5. R for Rabbit comfort electric breast pumpsCheck on amazonR for Rabbit
6. BabyGo Automatic electric BPAcheck on amazonBabyGo
7. Diya Double/Single Electric Breast pumpscheck on amazonDiya

1. NOYMI Pain free Enhanced suction version

NOYMI is one of the top brands in creating an electric breast pump and they are one of the very first to introduce electric breast pumps in India.

Noymi pain-free enhanced suction version is one of a premium level electric breast pump known for its comfort, hygienic and safety measures.

It is launched in 2018 , and made its way to the top of list in sales around the globe and in India

Best Electric Breast Pump in India
Best Electric Breast Pump in India

Noymi came with a unique idea of electric breast pump because they researched the need for a very long time.

when you want to go out but you want your baby to feed only on your milk then you can use store the milk in the bottle in advance using Breast Pump.

Nowadays more than 80% of mothers are using electric breast pumps because it solves many problems and gives you more time and assures your baby is healthy.

Right now this is one of the Best Electric Breast Pump in India.

Key Features of Best Electric Breast Pump in India

  • package dimensions :21*21*11cm; 780gms
  • Batteries : 1 AA batteries required
  • weight : 780gms
  • Manufacturer recommended age : 0 months and above
  • best sellers rank below 25


  • It is Multifunctional and they have 3 modes of a Breast pump, with 9 suction levels
  • It is FDA approved, safe and healthy to use.
  • You will not feel any pain.
  • Very easy to use and clean.
  • It is portable. you can keep this in your bag while travelling.
  • It works for 2 hours with a full charge. 2 hour is more than enough.
  • It has a clear display of working mode, suction height, time, battery status so it gives you no. problem while using it.
  • The product is completely Quiet and It won’t wake up your baby when you are expressing the milk.


  • There are no cons to say actually because it is the best at everything.

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2. Philips Avent comfort single electric breast pump

Philips is an international brand and one of the largest and biggest MNC that is dominating the world right now. Everyone knows the quality of Philips and its brand value.

For some people who don’t know let me tell you in a single word, it is one of the top 50 global best brands with a brand value of USD 12.1 billion. Now you may get it.

Like every other product, Philips breast pump is also in the top list.

best electric breast pump for working moms

The product contains a tube module, pump body, silicon diaphragm, breast pump cushion, electric AC adapter.

Key Features

  • package dimensions : 29.6*23.8*9.6cm
  • Manufacturer : philips
  • weight : 870gms


  • The product contains a soft massage cushion which will prevent any kind of irritation.
  • The product Features a gentle stimulation mode and 3 pumping settings.
  • It has the most comfortable pumping position due to unique design so that you can be very comfortable.
  • The Product has been rated with 73% positive ratings just go for it look at those reviews
  • Moreover, it has mainly 2 years warranty.
  • It is made for Luxury while using it you can feel it.


  • It is very costly.

3. Medela swing flex single breast pump

Medela is one of the still existing companies which are very old. Medela was founded in 1961 in Switzerland.

Medela expanded its company to more than 100 countries and is equally competitive with Philips in its brand value.

Medela breast pumps are top-rated in amazon with more than 500 ratings with a total of 4.5 stars in its wallet.

Medela flex swing is best daily use.

Key Features

  • Product Dimensions: 12.5*19*25.5cm
  • Weight: 40gms
  • portable, durable, great suction, light weight…


  • It has a very unique Swing maxi features flex technology to personalise your pumping journey
  • It is comfortable and easy to use no special training needed.
  • You can easily carry it in your handbag because of its small size.
  • It can be operated batteries and main power supply in both ways. No need to worry about charging.
  • Pump milk at a faster rate because of its advance technology.
  • You can adjust the speed as per your convenience.


  • Very costly and normal people cannot afford

4. LuvLap electric breast pump

LuvLap is the only product in the list with 3 phase pumping. You can use this breast pump as automatic and manual both.

It comes with 9 level of intensity adjustment, which means you easily adjust it as per your need.

Milk will not back flow in this device. They have make sure for that.

Key Features

  • material: BPA free
  • Batteries required: no
  • portable: yes
  • Product Dimensions:27.9*10.2*22.9cm
  • weight: 4.34 kilograms


  • The Product is very Gentle and has effective expression of breast milk.
  • It has a 3-phase operation they are massage, stimulation, expression
  • 3hr of battery life.
  • In case of emergency, you can use the manual option if the battery is not charged.
  • You won’t have to make settings every time. It remembers the last settings.


  • Heavy weight
  • This is non returnable.

5. R for Rabbit comfort electric breast pumps

R for Rabbit most innovative and safety certified baby products company. This device doesnt contain any harmful material.

While using this device you will fell same as breastfeeding your own baby.

It has dust sheild feature which will prevent all kind of dust from entering into the storage Bottle.

Key Features

  • Batteries required: Yes
  • Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries required
  • Dimensions: 28.7*24.38*9.65cm
  • Weight: 770gms
  • Recommended age: 0 months and up


  • It has 10 level of massage mode and 15 levels for sensitivity adjustment.
  • Anti milk flow prevention mechanism is very good.
  • You don’t need to incline for expressing the milk. The device is powerful enough to express even though you are sitting straight.


  • Battery backup is not good.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

6. BabyGo Automatic Electric BPA

BabyGo is the most reputed German brand. The land where best car brands originated and country with most noble prizes.

BabyGo is known for its quality and affordable price.

The device is powerful enough to express the milk with all the nutrients present in it.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Baby go(Germany)
  • Batteries required: No
  • Recommended age: 0 months and up
  • Dimensions :20*20*9cm
  • weight: 349gms


  • BabyGo is designed as per international safety standards.
  • It has a dual feature which means you can express milk from both breasts at the same time.
  • This device will save you half of the time.
  • The product has an Anti-back flow system.
  • It has a Dual-mode. 1. stimulate 2. express mode
  • Automatic shutdown feature.
  • You can adjust the speed of suction.


  • No warranty.

7. Diya Double/single electric breast pump

You may have heard about Diya a lot of times during festive seasons as you know about it as a clothing brand.

Yes, Diya is also active in making the new products and it is stepped into one of its familiar category that is parenting.

double electric pump

As it is made in India you can expect the quality of the product and think of no of tests it has to undergo by the Indian government.

Key Features

  • batteries required : no
  • Manufacturer recommended age :18 months and up
  • product dimensions : 36.1*29.9*13.9cm
  • Weight :1kg730gms
  • batteries included:1 lithium ion battery


  • Within 10 min the milk can be emptied from both breasts.
  • It comes with a free pumping bra and you can use it to express milk while working.
  • You can breastfeed your baby and at the same time express milk from another breast.
  • 3-hour long battery life.


  • Non-returnable. Usually, this device doesn’t get damaged.
  • large in size. Well it is due to its powerful motor power
  • very costly

Buyers guide for selecting Best Electric Breast Pump in India

5 things you must look check before buying

  • storage bottles must be large and sufficient to store milk.
  • Check about company safety measures.
  • Look for the pump which expresses milk faster.
  • Choose a pump which is portable so that you can use it while travelling.
  • Must read the device manual or watch a video before using it.

 How to use Electric breast pump properly [Video]

This video will show you how to use the electric as well as manual breast pump properly. You must watch this video before using this device.

FAQs regarding Best Electric Breast Pump in India

Is it worth buying an electric breast pump?

yes, as long as you choose affordable and get long lasting guarantee.

Is it bad to use a breast pump too much?

It depends upon how frequently you are using. Mostly working mom, mom with twin child, mom having early delivery use this.

Will electric breast pump causes radiation to breast?

Breast pumps are safe to use.

Which is best electric or manual breast pump?

Electric is best beauce it works automatically and saves your effort and time.

My final pick

After talking with so many parents and searching the web like a night wolf, and talking to my relatives who are doctors as of my pick I strongly recommend you to buy NOYMI pain-free enhanced suction.

Before going on with my suggestion check the price details provided on the links above go according to your budget.

I hope my article “7 Best Electric Breast Pump in India” helps you in getting rid of confusion.

However, I would be happy to know which one you are purchasing.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

We are also available on Instagram. Direct Message for any queries.

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