7 Best feeding pillow India | recommended by [Expert]

A mother needs all the help she can get after delivery. It is very important that she is well looked after and that her every small need is fulfilled.

A mother breastfeeds baby for 3-6 months and it is beneficial for both the mother and the baby.

However, breastfeeding may also be quite difficult and can cause back, neck and shoulder pain if not done correctly.

Hence, it is advisable to use a suitable feeding pillow.

Why use a nursing pillow?

  • A feeding pillow is specially designed to be tied around the mother’s midsection to support the baby.
  • It helps in proper positioning of the baby’s head during breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
  • It relieves the mother of neck pain and backaches and eliminates the efforts she has to put while holding the baby.

Here is a list of 7 best feeding Pillow India:-

Best feeding pillow IndiaBuy on AmazonRecommended age
1. Kradyl Kroft Down 5 in 1Check on Amazon0 month & up
2. Baybee Newborn Velvet PortableCheck on Amazon0 month & up
3. Original Coozly 5 in 1Check on Amazon0 month & up.
4. Bottom Genius Baby’s Cotton PrintedCheck on Amazon0-3 years
5. Nina(original) Feeding Pillow.Check on AmazonNot Specified
6. Hoopa Infant carrier & Feeding PillowCheck on Amazon0-4 months.
7. Montu Bunty Nursing PillowCheck on Amazon0 month & up

1. Kradyl Kroft Down 5 in 1 (Best Feeding Pillow India)

This nursing pillow from Kradyl kroft is very versatile and multi-functional and has been featured as the number one feeding pillow by all the online marketing platforms.

It is well known for its 5 in 1 quality and is very flexible to be used by the mothers in various breastfeeding positions.

best feeding pillow india

This feeding pillow is currently the best-selling product in India. With an amazing rating of 4.5 and the numerous positive reviews, it has been deemed as the Amazon’s choice’.

This is the No.1 and Best feeding pillow India.

Key Features of Best feeding pillow India

  • Material: Cotton and foam.
  • Colours: Available in various colours with printed designs.
  • Manufacturer recommended age : 0 months and up.
  • Cover: Included.
  • Care instructions: hand wash only.


  • This nursing pillow comes with a detachable pillow cover, a baby hoop and an additional belt that can be modified accordingly by the mother.
  • It is compatible to be used for babies aged 0-2 years and helps in proper positioning of the head while feeding the baby and does not exert any pressure on the mother.
  • Its curve effectively supports the back of the baby and is an effective lounging tool.
  • It is very helpful for tummy time which is very essential for your baby to develop a strong neck and shoulder muscles.
  • It also helps in burping the baby.
  • As the baby grows older, it can be made to sit without any worries as this pillow provides the perfect balance.
  • It is made of gentle terra firma fibres which are hypoallergenic and firmly yet gently support the mother’s arms.


  • I haven’t found any significant cons for this product

2. Baybee Newborn Velvet Portable Breastfeeding Pillow

This portable nursing pillow is extremely lightweight and exerts no strain on the mother and is well known for providing backache relief.

Its unique gender-neutral ‘ Nordic black cross design ‘ is very eye catchy and makes the pillow an ideal gifting accessory.

best breastfeeding pillow

This nursing pillow qualifies the norms of the European standards for the safety of babies and toddlers and is EN71 certified.

This is the 2nd best breastfeeding pillow.

Key Features

  • Material: cotton.
  • Colour: Blue, blue-white, red – white, grey, pink – white, purple and yellow.
  • Manufacturer recommended age : 0 months and up.
  • Cover: included.
  • Care instructions: Machine wash.


  • It is made with 100% pure cotton which is non – toxic and eco – friendly and is safe and hygienic to use.
  • It is woven tightly and is very breathable and keeps your baby well ventilated.
  • It is very adaptive to the seasonal changes as it keeps the baby warm on wintry days and vice-versa.
  • Its cover is completely hypoallergenic and can be removed easily for washing.
  • Its unique shape doesn’t allow the pillow to slip and makes it stay firm in a place. In fact, the pillow can be used easily even on chairs and armrests as stated by the buyers.
  • Most of the mothers have reviewed it to be ideal for use after C – Section.


  • Its belt could have a bit more flexible as some of the mothers have complained about it not fitting properly.

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3. Original Coozly 5 in 1 With Cotton Zippered Cover

This feeding pillow from coozly is very snugly and keeps your baby well tucked in during various activities.

It is made with specialised coozly fibres that are very soft on the baby’s skin. Its outer zippered cover is made of cotton and is easy to wash.

best nursing pillow for large breasts

It is quite easy to use and requires only tying the two ends of the pillow around the mother’s waist.

Key Features

  • Material: coozly fibres and cotton.
  • Colour: Available in multiple colours.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 0 months and up.
  • Cover: included.
  • Care instructions: hand wash only.


  • Its dimensions are wide and provide enough space to support both the mother and the baby without exerting any pressure on the mother.
  • Besides being a feeding pillow, it is also used to safely hold the baby during short naps and can also be used as a maternity pillow.
  • Presence of a baby hop secures the baby when made to sit or during its playtime.
  • Its material is hypoallergenic and does not cause any kind of irritation or rashes.
  • It is also very ideal best nursing pillow for large breasts.


  • As it is a bit bulky and lacks a belt, it cannot be adjusted accordingly as some buyers have complained it to be a bit oversized for them.

4. Bottom Genius Baby’s Cotton Printed

This cute nursing pillow is made with 100 percent cotton inner cover and an outer cover with adorable prints.

It is very soft and comfortable and lifts up the baby to an optimum height while feeding and is ideal for use for babies aged upto 3 years.

best nursing pillow india

It is very budget friendly and is multi-functional and can be used throughout the developmental stages of the baby.

Key Features

  • Material: cotton.
  • colour: available in multi colours and various printed designs.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 0-3 years.
  • Cover: included.
  • Care instructions: not specified.


  • It provides relief to the mother’s arms, back and neck and at the same time keeps the baby hoisted up in a comfortable position.
  • It does not exert any pressure and keeps the shoulders relaxed even when used for a longer duration.
  • It can be used for propping the baby at a suitable age.
  • It is very efficient in supporting the baby during tummy time.
  • It can also be used as a pregnancy pillow as stated by many mothers.


  • The users have expressed difficulty in removing and putting on the pillow cover.
  • Its design needs considerable improvement as some buyers have claimed it to be rather thick in the middle thus posing difficulty during breastfeeding.

5. Nina(original) Feeding Pillow

This feeding pillow comes as a wrap-around design with an adjustable strap and an arm and an elbow rest for the mother.

It eliminates the conventional need of using multiple pillows while breastfeeding and keeps the baby steady in a steady position.

nursing pillow with strap

It is very easy to maintain and comes with a zippered cover that can be washed multiple times or cleaned by just using a damp cloth and a mild soap.

Key Features

  • Material: Not specified.
  • Colour: orange, blue, pink and other colours.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: not specified.
  • Cover: included.
  • Care instructions: not specified.


  • It helps in correcting the posture of the mother and aligns the baby to an apt feeding position and is also very effective for backaches, neck and shoulder pains.
  • The surface of the pillow is flat and firm that prevents rolling away of the baby from the mother and it helps in adjusting the pillow in accordance with different nursing positions.
  • Presence of an attached pocket is useful in keeping the necessary baby accessories and maternal supplies.
  • Presence of quiet clasps ensures that the baby has an uninterrupted sleep.
  • It is highly recommended for women who have undergone c – section.


  • It is a bit small and is not suitable for growing babies.
  • The fabric used could have been softer and of better quality.

6. Hoopa Infant carrier and Feeding Pillow

This feeding pillow is strong and sturdy and is designed only for infants aged 0-4 months and supports a weight ranging from 5-7kgs.

It is uniquely shaped in a reclined position which is the recommended position for feeding by the World health organisation (WHO).

best feeding pillow india

This feeding pillow is tested and certified for safety in accordance with the norms of the USA and Canada products safety.

Key Features

  • Material: cover made from Terry fibre cotton. The composition includes 100 percent water-resistant composite material.
  • Colour: Blue, pink, yellow, strawberry, turquoise blue.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 0-4 months.
  • Cover: not included.
  • Care instructions: Gentle hand wash only. Use mild detergents. Dry it in a shaded area.


  • Its unique reclined position during and after feeding facilitates easy digestion and it’s specially designed contours help in burping the baby and prevents vomiting.
  • It also functions as an infant carrier and can be used anywhere by the mother i.e both indoors and outdoors.
  • It has strong back support to protect the baby’s spine and feeble bone structure.
  • It protects the baby from jerks during lifting or improper carrying.
  • The material is free of any harmful chemicals, adhesives and gums and is 100% water-resistant.


  • The outer mattress has to be brought separately and is very essential for giving the baby a soft feel.
  • It does not have any shoulder strap and has to be carried manually by the mother.

7. Montu Bunty Nursing Pillow

This nursing pillow is made up of polyester fillings with a cotton slipcover and the material used is free of any kind of chemicals.

It has multi-purpose uses and is available at an economical price and is designed with the guidance of lactation consultants.

best feeding pillow with back support

It is versatile and has a soft and a firm side which can be used accordingly by the mother and helps find a suitable position for breastfeeding.

Key Features

  • Material: polyester filling and cotton cover.
  • Colour: Available in multiple prints and colours.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 0 months and up.
  • Cover: included.
  • Care instructions: Machine Wash.


  • It can be used during and after pregnancy while feeding the baby by the mother as back support.
  • It is C – Shaped and effectively supports the baby during feeding, propping, lounging and tummy time.
  • Presence of a miracle stretch panel helps accommodate the waist according to the size.
  • It provides a hands free experience to the mother.
  • It prevents the baby from toppling in a sitting position as it grows older.


  • The fabric is too slippery and the inner filling is not satisfactory for some users.
  • Its needs considerable height adjustment as claimed by some of the buyers.

Buyer’s Guide for the best feeding pillow India

Things to keep in mind while selecting the best feeding pillow:

  • Always check out for the presence or absence of a strap or a belt if you want to tie the pillow around your waist and buy accordingly.
  • Make sure that the size of the pillow can be adjusted as per your need.
  • The material of the fabric used should be as soft as possible for your baby and preferably made of cotton.
  • Be sure to check for the presence or absence of the pillow cover and the care instructions included for washing it.
  • Always check out the prices before buying and make an economical choice.
  • Check out the firmness and shape of the pillow.

Some helpful tips to remember while using the nursing pillow:

  • Always use a mild soap which is free of chemicals to wash the pillow.
  • The baby hoop if present should be adjusted comfortably and should neither be too tight nor too loose and allow minor free movements of the hands and legs.
  • While breastfeeding, adjust the pillow to a comfortable height and make sure that your baby’s head is straight and not turned towards the side.
  • Always remember that tummy time should be done only when awake and under your supervision.
  • Refrain making your baby sit before the right time as most babies naturally learn to sit between 7 to 9 months of age.
  • It is wise to keep an extra pillow cover as they come in handy when the other one is in the laundry.

FAQ for the best feeding pillow India

1. What are the different shapes of feeding Pillow available?

A feeding pillow comes in a C – shape, O – shape or in a crescent shape. C and O shaped pillows curl around the whole circumference of the mother’s waist and are meant for back and arm support. A crescent-shaped pillow supports only one side of the body and does not cover the whole waist.

2. Will washing the pillow cover damage its quality?

As long as you follow the care instructions, there are minimal chances of damage to your pillow. If washed by hand, it is recommended to use a mild soap and gently scrub it and if washed in a washing machine, it should be kept in mind to keep the spin at a moderate intensity and dry it at a low to medium heat.

3. For how long can a nursing pillow be used?

A nursing pillow can be used as long as the mother breastfeeds the baby provided that it is modifiable according to the size of your growing baby. However, they have also been used for other purposes like propping, tummy time etc.

4. Can a nursing pillow be used as a maternity pillow?

This depends on the brand manufacturing the pillow. Some brands make dual-purpose pillows which function both as a maternity and a feeding pillow with equal benefits for both the mother and the child.

My Final Pick for Best feeding pillow India

My final choice would definitely be Kradyl Kroft Down 5 in 1 Baby Feeding Pillow as it has all the amazing qualities best suited for your baby.

Currently, it is the number one preferred choice of mothers in India and it will not disappoint you.

Buying this feeding pillow is definitely a wise investment as it is best in terms of material, quality, overall uses, reviews and ratings.

Do tell us in the comments about your ideal choice and your experience in selecting an apt feeding pillow. Your opinion is very valuable to us and any feedbacks or queries are appreciated in the comments below.

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