35+ Best gift for the baby shower in India

Baby shower (Godh Bharai) is a ceremony celebrated before the arrival of the baby to this beautiful world. This ceremony is celebrated by giving gifts.

In so many cultures it is celebrated at different months of pregnancy and has different names too.

Baby shower basically helps new parents to get ready for what’s coming up. To have essential items ready in their closet.

In this article, I will share 30+ best gift for the baby shower to make you outstand from the rest of the relatives/friends.

Baby shower gift ideas for mum

Guest usually brings a gift for the baby and forget for the one who suffered the most. Here, I am going to recommend 5 best baby shower gifts for mom which will put a smile on her face.

1. Instant Coffee

Best gift for the baby shower
Best gift for the baby shower

Baby will never let mom to sleep. They will wake you up anytime. Because of waking up frequently mother will feel tired all day.

Giving Instant coffee as a gift is a very wise choice and it will get you praise from them also. It is one of the Baby shower gift ideas for mum.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 500.
  • Just add it in Hot milk/water and coffee is ready.
  • It will charge up the sleep-deprived mother


Best gift for the baby shower
Best gift for the baby shower

Mom gets too tired by watching the baby all day. She needs entertainment to enjoy the beautiful motherhood journey. It is not limited to Prime. You can give any OTT platform as a gift.

If you are not aware of her preference then ask her in a way that she doesn’t get the idea but you get your answer from her.

Gift Highlight:

  • Gift price for Prime starts from Rs 500.
  • You can choose the theme of the gift.

3. Parenting Books

Very simple yet most important gift for mother. Parenting is a tough task. If done wrong then it leads to a lot of problems. Believe me, no mother wants to sound dumb when it comes to parenting.

They will buy it anyway. So, Why not giving them as a gift.

Gift Highlight:

  • You can choose between Digital/paperback/hardcover.
  • Price Range Rs 150 to Rs 2000.

4. Basket with Dry fruits

Mothers became weak after giving birth and it is crucial for them to watch over their health.

And what can be better supplements than a basket full of dry fruits of a different variety? It has a combination of both health and taste.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts from Rs 300.
  • You can choose any one or multiple (cashew, Anjeer, Pista, Dates, Munakka etc).

5. Maternity belt

Maternity belt helps in reducing the weight that the mother has gained during pregnancy. It helps in relieving the back pain and also helps in getting into the shape with correct posture.

This is really a great and Best gift for the baby shower.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price range starts from Rs 1050.
  • It helps in reducing the pain.

Baby shower gift ideas for dad

Father of the child also has contributed to the whole struggle. There are families where the father is the only earning member. Whatever he does it is for their family.

He deserves the gifts to. Well, Why not give a gift that will be used by baby and Father both. I will recommend you the 5 Baby shower gift ideas for dad.

1. Free hand bottle holder

Baby shower gift ideas for dad
Best gift for the baby shower

Life of dad is also filled with struggle. Sometimes you are working on something important and you have to feed the baby at the same time. Freehand bottle holder can save dad from all of this.

This is one of the magical thing that can help out dad.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts from Rs 1000.
  • It is a lifesaver for a busy dad.

2. Full Body Massager

Working late night in office is very tiresome for both mom and dad. Cost of massage in the city is very high. They can not afford to go there whenever they need it.

But you can help them with a gift that will give them massage-like experience in the comfort of home. This is the Baby shower gift ideas for dad. It will help him in relaxing after a long hour of office works.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price of good quality massager starts from Rs 600.
  • It helps in relaxing the body instantly.

3. Baby Carrier

Baby shower gift ideas for dad
Baby shower gift ideas for dad

Dad likes going out with their child and child also enjoyed roaming the neighbourhood. It can be fun and daunting too. Father can not carry the child for an hour. It will cause them pain in the arm.

A baby carrier is designed in a way that they will not feel the weight. It has all the safety features that will hold the baby safe.

Gift Highlight:

  • The price range starts from Rs 500.
  • Baby can even sleep in it.

4. Home DIY

Babies gears are susceptible to damage. Parents can not give them to the mechanic every time. And repairing baby gears are also entertaining. But for that, they need the right tools.

After watching few video on YouTube they can easily repair their tricycle, Cradle, Toys etc.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 2000.
  • 6-month warranty.

5. Diaper Changing Pad

Why the only mother will change the diaper. Both are equally responsible for the child. While gifting the diaper changing pad just the pass the comment too. It will surely itch the dad.

You can have a fun moment too.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 250.
  • It is waterproof to prevent the bed from getting dirty.

Unique baby shower gifts

There are some gifts which are so common that most relatives and a guest get them for the baby shower.

Parents forget which gift is given by whom. But there is a way to give something that nobody has thought of. I call it Unique baby shower gifts.

These Gifts will be expensive. So better watch your pocket.

1. Safety Baby Gate

Unique baby shower gifts
Unique baby shower gifts

Safety gate is hooked up to the kitchen, Washroom, stair or any place where baby can get harm.

It protects the baby from preventing them from entering in room/place where it is installed. Believe me, nothing fancy parents more than safety things.

For new parents, the child is their whole life and they will be willing to go fo anything to protect them.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 3000.
  • You will get the whole attention of the parents.
  • No drilling needed to fix it. Very easy installation process.

2. Diaper Bag

The diaper bag is a swiss army knife for parents. Parents can keep all the essential items of the baby within this bag. It has a separate compartment for different things.

They can even keep the baby diaper waste without getting mixed into other things. It is best for those parents who love travelling.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 1400.
  • It has a thermally insulated pocket for milk bottle which will keep the milk warm for a long duration.
  • It can be put on shoulder be either of the parents.

3. Electric Breast Pump

If you have to give a gift to a family where mom is working mother then electric breast pump is the best choice. Using this device mom can store his own nutritious milk in the bottle.

Mom can not present all the time for their baby and babysitter look after them. Well, there is also a mother who does not have enough milk to feed their baby.

In that case, this is also an excellent choice. It will give you edge over other people for your caring nature. It is the very Unique baby shower gifts that will provide mom with an immense amount of relief.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 2400.
  • It’s run on battery and it will automatically express the milk, unlike the manual pump.
  • small in size and portable.

4. Head Shaping Pillow

Babies head is very delicate. Their shape can be changed and it may look bad too if they are sleeping in one position only. Mothers need to change their position of sleeping to get a good shape.

But it is very hectic task and there is pillow which can do this for the parents.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 700.
  • It has a 3D hollow design that will even the pressure.
  • Can be used with stroller and Crib.

5. Play Gym

There is one simple rule to stop the baby from crying keep them busy. Well, Mom and Dad can not be with them for 24hr.

But with play gym then can engage their baby without their presence and can do their important work and chores.

Play gym will help the baby in using their motor skills and it will provide them with more flexibility and faster growth.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 900 for good quality play gym.
  • 100% safe and will keep the baby busy.

Expensive baby shower gifts

Some families are financially great. They have everything that money can buy. So, While looking for a gift you have to be careful.

Go for things that are like an asset and its value increase with time. If not those things then go for expensive gifts. It will definitely bring them joy.

Here is the 5 Expensive baby shower gifts:

1. Gold/silver chain

It is one of those things that never lose their value. They will be charm by this gift. Babies look pretty cute and adorable in these ornaments.

You can choose the carat according to your budget.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 5000.
  • If they do not like the design then they can get another one. Although it will cost them some money.

2. Earrings

You can choose this only if the baby is a girl. The minimum recommended age for ear piercing is 6 month.

Moms like go get ear child ear pierce and put on every possible ornament on her. This may sound crazy but it is the truth. They really love seeing her daughter in those beautiful earrings.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 5000.
  • Baby girl looks elegant in the lovely earrings.

3. Cradle 

Expensive baby shower gifts
Expensive baby shower gifts

What can be more pleasing than a baby cradle (Jhula)? The child enjoys it but you have to swing it all the time.

Now the modern cradle comes with a remote control that will swing the cradle automatically. It has mosquito net too that will prevent the baby from waking up by mosquito bite.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 8000.
  • It has a safety certification.

4. Stroller

After having a baby it is too difficult to go shopping while holding your baby. Checking out the product and holding a baby in one hand can be dangerous.

A stroller is very helpful. Baby feel comfortable and relax within the stroller. It is like their 2nd home. Where they can sleep and have some fun while father/mother is shopping for them.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 6000.
  • It comes with a hand brake and 360-degree wheel.

5. Bangles

Every baby wears the bangle/bracelet. It makes them look quite amazing and attractive. In our Indian culture child wear only silver bangle/bracelet.

So If you are thinking for a bangle for gift then go for silver one only. Go for simple design so that it doesn’t hurt the baby while wearing it.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 7000.
  • It looks fabulous on baby.

Traditional Indian baby shower gifts

If your relative or friend who believes in traditional things rather than new modern gifts then I have the 5 Traditional Indian baby shower gifts ideas for you. These gifts will blow their mind.

It is chosen after so much scrutiny and asking people a little older generation people who have eye on their tradition.

1. Himalaya Gift Pack

Himalaya has done a wonderful job by packing all the baby essential in one box. The box looks so beautiful that you won’t have to wrap in gift wrapper.

It has everything like oil for massage, lotion for moisturizer, shampoo for strong hair, powder for fragrance, wipes for cleaning, soap for bathing, rash cream in case of rashes etc

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 400.
  • In old times giving this was a tradition, but back then Relative gives these things separately.

2. Grooming Set

No one will hold a baby if she/he is looking dirty and their nose is running like a tap. Grooming kit not only make them attractive but it will keep them healthy too.

Baby gets sicks sometime due unhygienic surrounding and their body. Grooming kit includes a nail clipper, hairbrush, nose cleaner, teeth and gums cleaner.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 400.
  • Buying them separately is troublesome. If you give them it as a gift then they will be pleased for sure.

3. Funny costume

Babies look so cute and funny in a funny costume. You must gift them for having fun at the ceremony. Everyone likes people having humorous nature.

The purpose of the costume is not for keeping baby out for shopping. HaHaHa. It is for the purpose of the photoshoot. They can remember this crazy moment forever.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 500.
  • Everyone at the ceremony will be amazed by this gift.

4. Soft toys

Toys are the best distraction for the baby. If mom is working in the kitchen and she does not want any disturbance then soft toys are the best choice. It engages the baby.

Soft toys will not harm the baby in any way. It is an old tradition in India. The child loves playing with toys.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range starts from Rs 300.
  • Soft toys are very lightweight and easy to carry.

5. Walker

The child starts walking around the age of 9 months. But there is some extreme case also where a child starts walking at the age of 18month.

No one wants to be such parents. Because their elders like grandma or grandpa start mocking the parents. Be a good friend and gift them a walker for the better good. This is the most Traditional Indian baby shower gifts.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price Range of walker starts from Rs 5000. check out low range walker here.
  • Soft toys are very lightweight and easy to carry.

Baby shower gifts for guests

Giving a gift to Guest is not customary. Although its good thing to do. It strengthens the family and friendship bond. Having a family and good friends by your side will help you always.

People in good relation have healthy life and live longer.

There is one thing you should keep in mind while choosing gift for your guest which is do not go for expensive one. You have to give it as a good gesture only.

I will recommend you the 5 best baby shower gifts for guests.

1. Chocolates

The only gift that is loved by everyone except diabetes patient. It is very affordable and they will enjoy every last bit of it.

There is not age bar. Child or elder everyone can taste it.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 20.
  • Limited amount of Chocolate intake is beneficial for health.

2. Mask

In the unprecedented times you need to be careful and take every necessary steps to avoid crona. Baby and old age people are more susceptible to crona.

So Why not giving them Mask as a gift while entering the home. It will be safe for all and everyone can enjoy the ceremony too.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 10.
  • For making ceremony more dramatic, you can choose fancy mask.

3. Cold drink Can

Drinking cold drinking while driving is fun. I mean not the person who is driving. You can give it as a gift to them to have fun while going back to home.

This way they will think of you while travelling back.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 30.
  • Go for diet coke if someone has diabetes.

4. Pastry

It takes a tasty pastry to melt down anyone’s heart. You can give pastry as a gift to Guest on departure. It is likely that there stomach must be filled with all the foods at the ceremony.

They can keep it in freezer to taste it another day. In this way they will remember you for it.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 50.
  • You can choose the variety of flavour and ask them which one is there favorite.

5. Dry fruit

Those who have good income and can afford anything they want. Then you should try Dry fruit. It is royal kind of gift. Dry fruit are healthy and costly too.

There are multiple variety of them. Choose anyone and pack them in a good wrapper.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 500.
  • You can also gift them mix dry fruit. some manufacturer sell it online you can checkout.

Practical baby shower gifts

Some gifts will just stack on the wall forever and some will be kept in the storeroom and no one will ask for it ever. Until unless someone finds it by mistake.

So, Why not give a practical baby shower gifts which can be utilized after the delivery and they will thank you from the bottom of their heart.

Now, I will list down 5 best practical baby shower gifts for which your friend/relative will remember you forever.

1. Diaper

The single most important thing in the whole parenting lifecycle. Babies never give a signal before poop/pee. They do not care about clothes/bedsheet.

Some babies pee so frequently that parents starts questioning themselves why God Why?

It is single most important and practical baby shower gifts that baby will start using very soon.

Gift Highlight:

  • For gift, purpose tries a bigger pack. It will cost around Rs 400.
  • Do not buy huge no. of the diaper of newborn size. Because eventually the baby will grow and it will not fit them.

2. Bibs

Have you seen baby eating something? Their tummy never gets filled without doing something messy. Leave them alone with food for just a minute and you will see things that will amaze the parents.

Bibs help in preventing them from getting dirty and It saves time of mother from washing their clothes multiple times.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 250.
  • It is waterproof and disposable.
  • Parents can use it while feeding them bottle milk. The child tends to vomit a little bit after feeding.

3. Milk Bottle

Practical and useful gift. Every time the parents will use it they will remember you. The bottle has a very long lifespan. You will be very wise and smart if you are choosing it for Gift.

The milk bottle is thermally insulated. It maintains the temperature within the bottle. Buy a branded milk bottle. They are safe and have better features compared to a cheap one.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 200.
  • Bottle material must be BPA free. You must check for this on the product.
  • Choose a bottle which has an anti-colic valve.

4. Bathtub

Giving a bath to a baby is a pleasant moment. In most household, the way the parent gives a bath is not safe. The bathtub is perfectly designed for a baby. Even newborn baby can have a bath in it.

Well, You have to get doctor recommendation for that. The bathtub is very safe and it is easy for parents too.

Just collect fresh water and maintain the temperature as per the need and you are ready for giving your baby a fresh bath.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 1200.
  • Maintenace of the bathtub is easy.
  • It has a small storage bag for keeping baby toys and bathing essentials.
  • water draining plug is an awesome feature which will drain out the water quickly.

5. Monitor

Practical baby shower gifts
Best gift for the baby shower

A baby monitor is a cool thing. Easy to install to watch the precious moment of the baby from your office or anywhere.

Parents are busy because of their job/business and babysitter/maid look after them. In my opinion, they should never have faith in them. No one can love your baby as parents do.

So why to Risk? Install baby monitor and have an eye on every single movement and you can have recording too.

This is a very important gadget and Best gift for the baby shower.

Gift Highlight:

  • Price starts at Rs 3500.
  • It can recognize people face using its Advcace technology.
  • It has night vision too which is another cool thing.
  • You can connect it with your mobile device within a few minutes.


I hope my article “35+ Best gift for the baby shower” helped you in choosing the best gift for baby shower.

If you have anything to ask feel free to write in comment.

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