7 best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India

Nipple cream is a medicinal cream which is used to heal/prevent the sore, Dry, Itchy, cracked and bleeding nipples that are caused by breastfeeding.

Feeding your baby is the most incredible thing. For a mother, the child’s hunger comes in the first place than theirs.

But it is important to take care of the feeding parts because if the nipples get injured it will be problematic for both you and your baby.

Breastfeeding is not the only reason for the cracked nipple. Sometimes it happens because of tight clothes.

Nipple cream is the very effective in helping you with such problem.

In this article, I will suggest you the 7 best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India.

List of best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India:

Best nipple cream for breastfeeding in IndiaCheck on AmazonBrand
1. The Moms Co. Nipple ButterBuy on amazonThe Moms Co.
2. Medela Tender Care LanolinBuy on amazonMedela
3. Mom & World Nipple BalmBuy on amazonMom & World
4. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter FormulaBuy on amazonPalmer
5. Mother Sparsh Nipple Butter CreamBuy on amazonMother Sparsh
6. B-URBAN NC CreamBuy on amazonB-URBAN
7. FixDerma Pregger’s Soothing NippleBuy on amazonPregger

1.The Moms Co. Nipple Butter

The Moms Co. Nipple Butter is the best cream in the market right now. It is one of the top brands across the world to produce excellent products for women.

The Moms co gentle pregnancy skincare products were formulated by experts across India, Australia and Switzerland to provide practical solutions during pregnancy and after childbirth.

best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India
best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India

The cream or what they call butter is completely free of toxic chemicals and they make sure that no toxic chemicals are added into the products because what they deal with is a sensitive thing.

Right now it is the best nipple cream present in India. Moreover, it is an Indian product. Go for Indian products.

Key Features of best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India

  • Product Dimensions: 15*5*18 cm
  • Weight: 25gms
  • Country of origin: India
  • Chemicals: chemicals free


  • Presence of Calendula Oil will help in reducing and eliminating the pain.
  • The cream contains natural ingredients like calendula oil and natural vitamin E.
  • Cream is lanolin-free and fragrance-free (Presence of Lanolin is harmful).
  • No need to wash it before breastfeeding.
  • You will see the benefits from Day 1.
  • It is vegan. So even if baby consumes it then you won’t have to be worried.
  • The buttercream is sulphate free, Paraben free, Silicon free, mineral-free.


  • After so many pros that I have told you, Are you still looking for cons? There are no such words exist in this case.

2. Medela Tender Care Lanolin

Medela is the top brand all over the world. Medela was founded in 1961. Medela had become a global top player in breastfeeding products. It is a Switzerland based MNC Company.

cracked nipple cream
cracked nipple cream

Medela had made its mark in baby care products in the last few decades and made various changes from time to time and taken the safety measure according to International laws.

Key Features

  • Product Dimensions : 15.75*5.08*3.05cm
  • Weight: 45.36 grams
  • Rating: 4.8/5


  • It is specially designed for moms who experience discomfort during latching.
  • The cream is made with natural ingredients.
  • It easily spread on the nipple and area around it.
  • Provides faster reilef.
  • The cream literally gives you soothing relief for sore/cracked nipples.
  • Mom do not need to wash it before breastfeeding.


  • Too much costly. But it is worth every penny.

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3. Mom & World Nipple Balm

Mom & World is an Indian brand. The company proved themself that they are completely safe for the baby and mother and the cream they provide is completely chemical-free.

sore nipple cream breastfeeding
sore nipple cream breastfeeding

The company ranked the top most in the world with rank 28 in maternity skin care.

Key Features

  • Package Dimensions:8.8*8.8*5.6cm
  • Item weight: 49.9gms
  • Rating: 4.1/5


  • Best for healing Chapped/sored nipple.
  • Free from all kind of toxic materials.
  • Presence of chamomile extract in cream will help in soothing the nipple.
  • Shea butter in the cream will help in pain relief and it enhances the skin tone also.
  • cocoa butter will help in maintaining the moisturizing of the skin for a long time.


  • Didn’t experience any problem while using it.

4. Palmer’s cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer’s company is one of the oldest companies in the world which was founded over 175 years ago and one of the Americas first skincare companies.

Palmer’s is an American based MNC and is spread over 100 countries worldwide and is now the leader of skincare worldwide.

Palmer’s is known for its Cocoa Butter Formula

nipple cream for breastfeeding
nipple cream for breastfeeding

Palmer’s give you the guaranteed safety of you and your child.

Key Features

  • Brand: Palmer’s
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Item weight: 30gm
  • Item Dimensions: 10.9*7.6*3.3cm
  • Rating: 4.3/5


  • It is dermatologically tested.
  • The product is a natural moisturizer that makes skin soft and healthy.
  • The cream contains a vitamin called B5 which is the best natural way to heal sore cracked skin.
  • Contains Non-toxic ingredients.
  • The smell of the cream is awesome.


  • Not recommended for people who are allergic to cocoa.
  • Not clear about wiping it or not before breastfeeding.

5. Mother Sparsh Nipple Butter Cream

When you search Mother Sparsh website in google you can immediately see a quote which states “we made a promise the moment we named our brand”.

By the very moment you see the quote you can understand how much they care for you. It is trusted by over 50,000 mothers.

numbing nipple cream for breastfeeding
numbing nipple cream for breastfeeding

Mother Sparsh is a friend that every mother deserves because even warriors need a helping hand.

Key Features

  • Is portable : no
  • Product Dimensions: 7.1*7.1*7.1gms
  • weight :25gms


  • Coconut oil present in it speeds up the healing process.
  • Uses only organic ingredients.
  • Fragnace is mild. best for those who do not like hard smell.
  • Organic Shea Butter helps in reducing the swelling.


  • Non returnable
  • Obtains very less in quantity
  • Better products are available with same cost

6. B-URBAN NC Cream

B-URBAN is an amazing brand, I mean literally, it is everywhere. It is in clothing, beauty partner and now in health care.

The company is by par very good and consumer rated company which is known for its luxury.

The company is now producing creams for nipples completely free of any type of toxic chemicals.

best nipple cream for breastfeeding india

It is not using any type of wax completely, it is using natural products like almond oil, wheat germ oil, and many other natural ingredients which assure you and your baby’s safety.

Key Features

  • Product Dimensions: 8*8*4cm
  • weight: 115gms
  • Rating: 4.1/5


  • The cream is completely safe without any parabens and sulphate. The cream mainly helps with sore nipples.
  • Organic jojoba oil has antibacterial properties. This ingredient is present in the cream.
  • WHEAT GERM OIL presence in the cream will help in making the nipple soft.


  • Relatively new product compared to other company products.
  • No special information on which tests they have undergone to certify themself they are the best.
  • Not many great product reviews.

7. FixDerma pregger’s Soothing Cream

The company that is producing the cream is not a really into the brand of the product. I mean they are literally not even a brand.

The product has the least reviews on amazon and has only 1 rating. Yes, you heard me right it is just one rating.

best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India

Its completely your wish about this product but it is my duty to tell you the pros and cons about this cream.

Key Features

  • Product dimensions :13.3*5.1*2.5cm
  • weight : 40gms


  • Helps in restoring the natural function of the skin.
  • The product is dermatologically tested it means it is tested in terms of skin safety.


  • Not at all provided the necessary information
  • cheap quality with high cost
  • very fewer reviews available.
  • contains castor oil so be safe.

Buyers guide for selecting best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India

As the comfort of the mother is the main criteria select the product based on the below-mentioned points.

Look for these five things before buying

  • Check out once or twice that the product is completely free of chemicals and should be safe for the baby.
  • Must be easy to use.
  • Do not require to wipe every time before breastfeeding.
  • Must be dermatologically tested.

How to use nipple care cream

Best Nipple Cream For Breastfeeding In India

Follow this 3 simple and easy steps to use it.

Step 1: Cleaning

Clean your nipple and area around with very soft cloth after feeding.

Step 2: Applying

Take a small amount of cream on your finger and apply gently on nipple area.

Step 3: Uses

Use it daily for better result. You do not need to wipe it before feeding.

FAQ’s regarding best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India

Does nipple cream help with pain?

Nipple creams soothe tender areas and allow moms to comfortably continue nursing and get rid of the pain.

Is lanolin bad?

lanolin has been used in the skincare industry from a long time and is effective in treating cracked nipple.

Do I need to wipe it after every use?

No. Most of the cream do not requires to wipe it before feeding to baby. I mentioned clearly which cream do not required to wipe before feeding.

My final pick

After talking with so many parents and my personal experience. I strongly suggest my relatives and you to go for  The Moms Co. nipple cream and If you are low on budget then go for the alternatives suggested

The first one has every premium features any mother looking for. The comfort and easiness to use are incredible.

I hope my article “7 best nipple cream for breastfeeding in India” helps you in getting rid of confusion.

However, I would be happy to know which one you are purchasing. Let me know in the comment.

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