7 best pregnancy pillow India for better [sleep]

Pregnancy is one of the most joyful yet challenging phase of a woman’s life.

During the pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes like weight gain, enlargement of the uterus and the belly, swollen feet, backache, etc.

These changes can cause sleepless nights.

A mother’s well being is very important and that is why to ensure that she is well rested at night, use of a pregnancy pillow is highly recommended!

Why use pregnancy pillow?

  • It is specifically designed to accommodate the continuously changing frame and physique of the mother.
  • Its unique shape helps improve the blood circulation, support the baby bump.
  • It provides relieve in backache and helps find a comfortable sleeping position.

List of 7 best pregnancy pillow India:-

Best pregnancy Pillow IndiaBuy on AmazonBrand
1. Coozly Premium Lyte C shapedCheck on amazoncoozly
2. Cloth fusion U shapedCheck on amazonclothfusion
3 Momtobe C shapedCheck on amazon Mom to be
4. Momsyard full-body C shapedCheck on amazonMomsyard
5. Mom’s Moon 2nd generation ultra
Soft U shaped
Check on amazonMom’s moon
6. Angel mommy U shaped premiumCheck on amazonAngel mommy
7. Ultra soft Long side sleeper PillowCheck on amazonTishnagi designer

1. Coozly Premium Lyte C shaped

Cute and Cozy, this pregnancy pillow follows the internationally accepted quality standards and is so beautifully designed that one end supports the mother’s spine.

And the other end protects the belly and the legs.

It is too made from high-quality Coozly HQ pregnocare fibres.

which are very soft and gentle and provide the mother with the full comfort and warmth while in use and are ultimately hypoallergenic (do not cause allergy).

best pregnancy pillow india
coozly pregnancy pillow review

With a fabulous rating of 4.5, this pregnancy pillow is the best selling and is available in 3 different sizes, namely- Premium, standard and super-premium.

It is also multifunctional and can also be used while reading and lounging. This is the best pregnancy pillow India.

Key Features of best pregnancy pillow India

  • Colour: Blue, grey, pink, purple, cyan, navy blue and sky blue
  • Pattern: C shaped
  • Material: Pregno Care fibres and cotton cover
  • Capacity: Standard( For women up to 65 kg) and Premium( For women above 65kg)
  • Weight: 3.5kgs.


  • As they are extremely lightweight, they exert no pressure on the mother and are non-reflexive.
  • They are compatible with both women who are above and below 65kgs.
  • It comes with a detachable cover, which can be easily washed and the pillow can be cleaned by a simple scrub with a wet cloth
  • Post-delivery, it is useful in breastfeeding the baby.
  • It is designed with minimum compression and hence remains fluffy even after multiple uses.
  • It is very firm and does not toss or flip, ensuring a comfortable sleep.
  • It is also available in its variant U shaped form.


  • I have found no significant cons in this product.

2. Cloth Fusion U-Shaped

This elegant U shaped Pregnancy pillow is exactly what a mother needs for a stress-free pregnancy.

It is very durable and strong and is double stitched with fine cotton with its interior shaped like a hollow and filled with Polyester which makes it quite flexible.

best pregnancy pillow for plus size

This maternity pillow is a gift to every mother as it keeps her all cuddled up even when she is reading, nursing or watching television and imparts her a peaceful sleep.

Key Features

  • Colour: Grey, White and Navy blue
  • Pattern: U-shaped
  • Material: Cotton
  • Capacity: Not Specified
  • Weight: 3.5 kgs


  • Its unique U shape provides a perfect fit for the mother and efficiently supports the belly, hips, legs and back.
  • It is also used for nursing the baby post-delivery.
  • Its polyester filling makes sure that there is no pressure on the mother while she is sleeping, reading or lounging.
  • It has received many positive reviews not only for Pregnancy but also for drug pain relief, sciatica, gastric reflux etc.
  • It provides a 360 degree total body support and does not flip or toss thus ensuring a peaceful sleep.
  • As it is double stitched, it is extra durable and provides various configurations on the bed, floor or couch.


  • One should be very careful while washing this pillow as the cotton might shrink and it could lose its shape

3. Momtobe C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This trendy Pregnancy Pillow is designed by taking into consideration the minute comforts of the mother and adheres to the internationally accepted standards.

It is available in two different sizes, large for women upto 60kgs and extra-large for women above 60kgs and thus eliminating the need for multiple pillows.

It is hypoallergenic, non-reflexive.

best pregnancy pillow for back pain

Guided by experts, this Pillow is designed to ease your daily chores.

And corrects the mother’s posture which is also beneficial for the positioning of the baby during birth.

Key Features

  • Colour: Cyan Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Light Pink.
  • Pattern: C shaped
  • Material: cotton
  • Capacity: large (for women upto 60kgs) and extra-large (for women above 60kgs)
  • Weight : 1.5kgs(large) and 2.4kgs(extra large)


  • It is easy to carry around as it is very light weighted.
  • It is conjugated with microfibres and provides even support to the whole body and relieves backpressure.
  • This is the best pregnancy pillow for back pain.
  • It helps in raising the legs above 6 to 12 inches and aids the swollen feet and ankles.
  • Sidewise, its extra-wide arms support the neck, spine, hips and legs and regulate blood circulation and aid in breathing while sleeping on the back.
  • It also comes with a warranty period of 120 days.


  • The stitches and the fabric used could have been better.
  • The pillow cover is not that durable.

4. Momsyard Full Body C Shape Maternity Pillow

This C shaped maternity pillow is designed in accordance to fit the contours of the body perfectly and thus is efficient full-body support.

It is made of 100 percent Synthetic cotton cloth materials with polyester fillings and keeps the mother warm, thus ensuring an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

best body pillow for pregnancy

It is also efficient after birth of the baby as the mother might need it for nursing.

Key Features

  • Colour: Maroon, Gold, Beige, pink, peach, Baby pink, shades of yellow, Royal blue, Sea Green, shades of red and other colours.
  • Pattern: C shaped
  • Material: Velvet
  • Capacity: Not Specified.
  • Weight: 1.8kg(classy) and 3.5 kg (elite)and 2.5kg(elite)


  • Its unique horse-shoe shape helps the mother attain her ideal height and position.
  • It has an extra-long midsection for back and tummy support in any direction as per the mother’s wishes and a curved end which comes in between knees, and aids in blood circulation.
  • It also aids in breathing, controls temperature, prevents heartburn and Pregnancy pitfalls.
  • Its filling is adjustable and keeps the mother from tossing and turning and provides her proper rest.
  • It is made from BPA free materials and is quite easy to wash


  • The thickness of the pillow could have been more to avoid it from being compressed.
  • It might lose its colour while washing.

5. Mom’s Moon 2nd Generation Ultra Soft U shaped Maternity pillow

This adorable pregnancy pillow is available in multiple configurations to facilitate the mother to choose her apt sleeping position.

It takes into consideration about the maternal comfort and is carefully stitched with cotton and polyester and is a great source of relaxation while reading, sleeping etc.

best maternity pillow india

It is also very easy to manage as it makes cleaning very simple and all you have to do is detach the pillow cover and wash it in a washing machine under mild circulation.

Key Features

  • Colour: Green, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Grey, Light blue, pink, Purple, Red, Wine.
  • Pattern: U shaped.
  • Material: Cotton.
  • Capacity: Not Specified.
  • Weight : 1.9kg


  • It is U shaped and provides complete head to toe support.
  • The materials used are anti-allergenic, and sweat-absorbent, thus keeping it safe and fresh for use.
  • It is easily -adjustable and moulds itself according to the positions adopted by the mother.
  • It also aids in breathing.


  • It is smaller in size and not available in other sizes.
  • It is not as soft as other Pregnancy pillows.
  • It could have been stitched more uniformly.

6. Angel Mommy U-Shaped

This U shaped maternity pillow is designed with the help of expertise from doctors and helps the mother find an apt resting position.

It is very safe to use as it helps the mother to lie on the left side and prevents her from rolling on her tummy.

best u shaped pregnancy pillow india
u shaped pregnancy pillow

It is provided with two contour legs that keep the mother’s body properly aligned which is helpful in proper joint positioning.

Key Features

  • Colour: Beige, Maroon, Dark blue, Dark green, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, sky blue, Wine
  • Pattern: U shaped
  • Material: Cotton
  • Capacity: Not Specified
  • Weight: Not Specified


  • This maternity pillow comes with a promotional price making it easy to buy.
  • It is fluffy and light weight, and hence nullifies any pressure on the mother.
  • It does not lose its shape over repeated use and comes with a removable Pillow Cover.
  • It can also be useful for the baby while nursing and protecting it on the bed.


  • The pillow cover could have been of better quality with more firm stitches
  • A better inner filling could have been used.
  • It is a bit heavy thus difficult to carry.

7. Ultra soft Long Side Pillow

It is not a proper pregnancy pillow.

This Pillow uses special Microfibre filling to ensure that the mother gets firm support while aligning her body in a suitable position.

It is quite flexible and has the perfect thickness, Weight, firmness and buoyancy and covers the full body length and its fine quality fabric makes it easily washable and breathable.

best pregnancy pillow india

It can be used both horizontally as well as vertically to lie on the back to support the spine and the belly and also in nursing and burping the baby.

Key Features

  • Colour: White, dark red, Grey, Mustard, Navy blue, Peach
  • Pattern: Long Sider Rectangle.
  • Material: Microfibre.
  • Capacity: Not Specified.
  • Weight : 1.4kg


  • It is useful while sleeping on the side and on the back and provides proper orthopaedic support to the neck.
  • It is bigger in size and can be stretched easily making it self adjustable.
  • It can be kept in between the legs or the legs can be put over it if the feet are swollen.
  • It is hypoallergenic with null pressure making it safe to use.


  • It is a bit costly for its shape.
  • It does not fit around the mother and there is a chance that it might flip and toss off.
  • The clothing used is average and it is loosely filled which makes it uneven.

Buyer’s Guide for choosing the best pregnancy pillow India

Some specifications for a maternity pillow which have to be kept in mind while selecting it :

  • Make sure that your first choice should either be a U shaped or a C shaped pillow so as to provide a proper fit around the mother.
  • Always check out the pillow’s dimensions to make sure it is of your perfect size.
  • Do check out the material of the maternity pillow in the specifications mentioned to ensure it is safe and hypoallergenic.
  • The selected pillow should be of lightweight so that it is easy for the mother to carry it and exert no pressure while sleeping.
  • Ensure that the pillow cover is easy to wash without its texture getting affected.
  • Also look for a soft pillow, that provides you maximum warmth and comfort.
  • Check out the filling of the pillow and decide accordingly if it would suit your needs.

Some tips to follow while using a maternity pillow:

  • Avoid sleeping on the back and make use of the pillow in such a way that when you sleep on your side, effectively supports you.
  • It is advisable to keep the pillow in between your knees or your feet over the pillow to aid blood circulation and to avoid swollen feet.
  • In advancing stages of Pregnancy, it is advisable to keep the pillow in such a way that it comes under the belly and effectively supports it.
  • While cleaning the pillow, make sure that you use a gentle cleaning agent, preferably organic so that it doesn’t lose its softness.

7 ways to use Pregnancy Pillow

FAQ regarding best pregnancy pillow India

1. When is the best time to start using a maternity Pillow?

A maternity pillow can be used anytime throughout the pregnancy. As the baby bump starts growing, it is advisable to use the pillow to avoid any discomfort.

2. Which material is used for making a maternity Pillow?

The material used varies with the brand. While most of the brands use pure cotton, some brands also use other synthetic material like velvet.
The filling also varies with each brand. Some of the common fillings are Polyester, Microfibre, foam and cotton.

3. Which pillow is more preferable – ‘ U shaped ‘ or ‘ C shaped ‘?

This depends on the sleeping position which the mother finds most comfortable.
U shaped pillows provide head support and keep the body in between while supporting the back and the belly.
C-shaped pillow provides head, back and belly support with the difference being it comes in between the legs like a straddling position.

4. Does a maternity Pillow comes with a cover?

Yes, most of the brands on amazon provide a detachable cover which can be removed and washed by hand or washing machine using a mild amount of force.

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My final pick

If I would have to choose from the above, I would definitely go with Coozly lyte Premium Standard C shaped maternity pillow.

It is best in every way, be it the ratings, the positive reviews or the high-quality Pregnocare fibres used. Choosing this pillow during your precious time will not disappoint you.

I hope this article “best pregnancy pillow India” has helped you choosing your ideal Maternity Pillow.

Do tell us in the comments about your experience in selecting the right pillow and feel free to ask any queries.

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