5 amazing books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby

As parents, we always want the best for our baby. We want our baby to evolve as an intelligent being.

when the baby is in moms womb it isn’t possible to teach them how to become intelligent.

But I’ll tell you a secret…

Even when your baby is in the belly, they can listen to you!

The unborn Baby adopt all the things that you are going though.

If you live in stress then it is going to impact your baby too.

I am going to list down 5 amazing important books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby.

#1 Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy

books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby

This is the No.1 best seller book in pregnancy book category.

You may be wondering how this book is going to make my baby genius and smart. But the fact is that it will make your baby intelligent.

Let me tell you how…

During pregnancy, there are thousands of question revolving in moms mind and this makes you anxious and Doctor strongly recommend not to take stress.

Because it is going to have strong impact on your baby’s brains too.

books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby

It is well known research that child of those moms who have taken too much stress during pregnancy have a problem in interacting with people.

Those child are more likely to have problem in dealing with day to day activity.

This book covers both before delivery and after delivery. The book focuses on the modern Indian couple and uses very easy language.

So that they can have a beautiful life and a genius baby. This book includes the following important topics:

  • Like what to eat
  • what exercise you should do
  • Test that needed to be done.
  • Basic medical terminology
  • Preparing for labour
  • Breastfeeding
  • Handling pregnancy loss
  • And so many more topic. There is around 44 chapter in this book.

This is one of the best books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby.

#2 The Whole 9 Months

A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start, by Jennifer Lang and Dana Angelo White.

good books to read during pregnancy for baby

Whatever you eat the same nutrients goes to baby also. If you want your baby to be intelligent and genius then you have to adopt good food.

Eating healthy food during pregnancy will have so much influence on your baby intelligence too.

  • This book provides in depth detail about healthy food habits that should be adopted by pregnant women.
  • A baby’s good brain and body development are guaranteed when a mother follows a healthy eating habit.
  • The mother should make sure they intake enough nutritional value for both herself and the baby.

The book provides detail on what type of nutrition is needed by the baby and the mother at every stage of pregnancy.

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#3 The mindful mom-to-be, by Lori Bregman

good books to read during pregnancy for baby

“The mindful mom-to-be” is a book that guides the pregnant women to identify what is best for them.

It provides useful insights for health and nutritional needs, natural remedies and ways to keep the usage of medicinal drugs at a lower rate.

The book also covers various spiritual as well as emotional exercises that mothers-to-be can do to ensure calmness and positivity in their day to day life.

How this calmness and positivity will help you abby in becoming intelligent?

Well, the best mind in the world are those who have better control over them and they don’t panic in a tough situation.

They find a way to through it.

Finding a solution in such a situation is only possible if you are calm then only you can think in a better way.

A positive mind of the mother ensures healthy brain development for the baby which leads to higher intelligence levels.

This is another best books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby.

#4 Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom

Tools for Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Mood Swings During Your Pregnancy, by Alice D. Domar and Sheila Curry Oakes.

books to read during pregnancy for smart baby

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life for women. But with all the good times, there are times when clouds of fear, stress, and anxiety block the path of the good light.

It is really vital for mothers-to-be to develop and maintain a calm and positive mindset during pregnancy. The reason behind this is, the baby’s emotions are also related to the mother.

Any negative emotion might affect that brain development of the baby, thereby leading to the chance of low IQ levels.

best pregnancy books for first time parents
  • The book shows how negative emotions are not good for the mother as well as the baby.
  • It carries ways to cope with these negative emotions and gain a new perspective.
  • There are quizzes and real life stories of women who have gone through these stages, who provide advice and encouragement.

The book also has mind-body techniques to ease the journey of pregnancy and how to reduce stress and anxiety.

Which will ultimately lead to intelligent baby.

#5 Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts

A Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers by Karen Kleiman.

books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby

Pregnancy is a physical as well as emotional roller-coaster ride for women.

Encountering these ups and down could be very much taxing for the new mother’s mental health. This might over time lead to depression or severe anxiety.

“Good moms have scary thought” is a book that puts light upon a very significant issue, which is the mental health of mothers.

  • It is a humorous guide with myth busting cartoons to make the moms feel better.
  • Mothers tend to develop fearful thoughts, during pregnancy,
  • This book allows them to deal with that fear and such thoughts to bring in positivity in their mind-set.

A positive environment is a must for making sure that baby is healthy and intelligent.


I hope my article “5 amazing books to read during pregnancy for intelligent baby” will help you.

It is the wish of every parent that their child should be smart, genius so that he doesn’t face difficulty in school, study, career, Job, Relationship etc.

Reading the book that I suggested will definitely help your unborn baby. The article is supported by intensive research by experts and doctors.

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