7 Best Baby Powder in India for Healthy [skin]

Best Baby Powder in India

Does your little one suffer from various skin problems? If yes, then you should definitely purchase a baby powder to provide baby a healthy skin. It is important to pick the best suitable powder for the baby’s skin so that it feels comfortable and fresh. The skin of your little one is very sensitive and thus choose the …

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7 best diaper rash cream in India 100% [helpful]

best diaper rash cream in India

A baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and needs tender care. It is easily prone to skin infections, irritation, redness and rashes especially in the diaper area. A diaper rash is usually caused due to prolonged exposure of the skin to a soiled diaper, moisture, bacterial and fungal infections etc. It makes the baby uncomfortable and fussy. Hence …

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7 best baby shampoo in India | Faster hair [Growth]

best baby shampoo in India

Babies are very special and they deserve everything that is just as special and delicate as they are including a hair care product. Using baby shampoo is important because it helps in hair growth and makes it more stronger and softer. Maintaining a standard hair care regime is the foundation of a healthy hair and that is why …

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7 best baby wipes for newborn in India

best baby wipes for newborn in India

Newborn babies have very delicate and soft skin and often get irritated quite easily. You must use baby wipes that are soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. Baby wipes are used around 6 to 7 times in a day on the baby’s skin so it should be chemical-free and should not cause any allergies, irritation, or rashes …

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7 best baby bottle sterilizer India [Safe]

best baby bottle sterilizer India

Babies need our utmost care as they are very prone to infections, especially the infections like vomiting & stomach ache, one of the most common cause of which is unsterilised bottles. Sterilisation is the process of making any article or a surface free of microorganisms. Why use a bottle steriliser? Sterilising in boiling water doesn’t kill all the …

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7 best baby bottle cleaner liquid india [hygiene]

best baby bottle cleaner liquid india

Newly born babies are in a stage of developing immune system and are more prone to get infected by the germs. So, it is very important to clean their belongings like feeding bottles and pacifiers with bottle cleaner. Bottle cleaner sanitizes the bottle and kills all the germs from it. Bottle cleaner liquid not only kills the germs …

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7 Best coconut oil for baby massage in India [Healthy]

Best coconut oil for baby massage in India

Massaging the baby is one of the most important and traditional practices used for development and growth. Coconut oil gives strength to the bones and muscles of the baby so that baby can start walking early. Coconut oil is gold to choose for massaging your newborn. It is natural, has a pleasant smell, a great moisturizer, great for …

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7 Best Baby Massage Oil for Fairness in India [guaranteed]

best baby massage oil for fairness in india

Massaging is very important for the development of the baby. It helps the baby in growth, makes muscles and bones stronger, maintains blood circulation and many more. So, always look for the ingredients and be sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful substances. Sulphate, phthalates or any synthetic fragrance may harm the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s a natural …

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7 best diaper bags in India For beautiful Mom

best diaper bags in india

Baby is the world to a mom but in travelling it starts being a mess. Carrying a baby with an oversized bag is very hectic because the bag shouldn’t be a thing to give extra attention. So, a diaper bag is a necessary thing to organize the baby’s essentials while travelling. A good diaper bag is spacious, Lightweight, …

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