5 Best tricycle for 2 year old India [safe ride]

Best Tricycle For 2 year Old India

Tricycle (trikes) is such type of toy that your toddler will enjoy playing with and help your child in developing coordination and balance in the process. Riding a tricycle provides ample physical exercise needed for your overall development of your child. As a parent, choosing the best tricycle for 2 year old India may be a hectic task …

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5 Best baby car seat in India (2021)

best baby car seat in india

When I became a mom for the first time, I want to do everything possible to keep my baby safe and healthy. And we parent who uses baby car seat often heard these words from our relative and neighbour. Are yaar, why are you troubling her like this? ye India hai,amreeka nahi, Godi mei rakh na. But when …

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