7 Best bed rail guard for baby safety in [2021]

bed rail guard for baby safety

are you worrying about how to prevent baby falling from bed? This new device will stop your problem forever. Babies start crawling around 6 to 10 months of age. At this crucial point, it is highly unsafe for them to continue sleeping in cribs or rockers. Moreover, they also overgrow physically and have to be put to sleep …

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7 Best Diaper for baby in India | No leakage

Best Diaper for baby in india

Diapers are a daily essential for the baby. They are a blessing to every mother as one can only imagine the amount of cleaning one would have to do if it weren’t for them. Diapers are generally of two types: Disposable and clothed. Disposable is the most preferred and better. Benefits of disposable diapers: They are generally leakage …

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