Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap | Which is better?

When you picked up your adorable bundle of joy for the first time. You wanted to kiss right away, but you felt that your baby is too delicate for that.

That delicate skin that could not bear tender kisses, How can you let the harmful chemicals reach their body?

They need extreme care and love.

It’s really hard to select anything instantly. You need to know your baby, the product, the reviews, etc. That’s not an easy thing to do.

Therefore, we have done the research part for you. Today, we have brought you a detailed comparison between Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap.

The list of factors you should consider before buying one is as follows:

#1 Skincare (Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap)

Skincare is the first and the most important factor you should consider before buying a baby soap. No matter how prominent a brand is, if it’s not suitable for your baby’s skin, it’s a waste.

Always look for the skincare qualities you are seeking from your baby soap and select accordingly. Understand your baby’s skin type and understand the care it will require.

Using soap with adverse effects can lead to long term problems. Let’s deep dive into Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap comparison.

Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap
Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap

Tedibar baby soap cleanses your baby’s skin to remove all the dirt and oil. Even after its thorough cleansing, it moisturizes baby skin delicately.

  • It gives your baby smooth skin without any dryness or rashes.
  • Tedibar baby soap gives a mild fragrance to your baby. Unlike other baby soaps, it’s not overpowering and retains the original scent of the baby. The fragrance that every parent loves.
  • Another skin benefit noticed after using Tedibar baby soap is getting a fairer skin tone.

This effect is not claimed or mentioned by the soap company. However, a brighter skin tone is not going to harm in any way.

Tedibar baby soap is known to be very delicate and perfectly balanced for your baby.


Dermadew Baby soap is a complete skincare product in terms of cleansing. It removes all the oil and dirt using its natural ingredients. Its mild fragrance is pretty good and doesn’t cover up the baby’s scent. Overall it’s a good baby soap.

  • The only issue faced by the parents is its moisturizing agents.
  • The soap is not as moisturizing as the brand claims.
  • It worked for many but still, there are cases here and there that faced dryness, rashes on their baby’s skin.
? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#2: Ingredients (Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap)

If the soap fulfills your requirement in terms of skincare, you might wanna peek into its ingredients.

Even if the baby soap provides satisfactory results, you should know what you are applying to your baby’s skin.

Sometimes there are harmful chemicals involved that could be fatal in long term.

tedibar vs dermadew baby soap
tedibar vs dermadew baby soap

Tedibar baby soap contains a negligible chemical composition. The main focus of the soap is to moisturize the baby’s skin without any harmful chemicals.

  • It is formulated to have the same pH as human skin, i.e. 5-6 pH. This quality makes it a perfect skincare product for baby skin.
  • Another big step Tedibar took was to make the soap alkali free.

Almost all the soaps are alkaline to enhance their cleansing property, but babies are not old enough to bear the adverse effects of alkali on their skin.

Even after being free from alkali, the soap never failed to give results in cleansing. Tedibar doesn’t offer a no-tear formula but its overall composition makes it a perfect baby soap.


Dermadew Baby soap contains natural ingredients like palm oil, coconut oil, olive extract, shea butter, aloe vera extract, kokum butter, and other natural ingredients. It also contains moisturizers, antioxidants, etc.

  • Dermadew Baby soap does not contain any harmful alkali or chemicals.
  • The brand claims that it retains the pH value of your baby’s skin.
  • Even after all the natural ingredients, it couldn’t offer a no-tear formula. You have to agree that this soap has a fancy range of ingredients.

Its feedback is another story altogether. Most of the complaints are about dryness, rashes, lack of moisturization.

There is a chance that this soap might suit your baby but if you go for a general opinion, it can lead to dry skin.

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? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#3: Doctor’s Recommendation

Now, if you are a new parent and you have no idea about what to choose. Just go for the expert’s advice.

One of the experts is another parent and the other expert is the ultimate abode every parent turns to, Dermatologists (Skin’s Doctor).

They go through so many cases every day that they have a fair idea of what works best. Most of them also track their prescriptions to make sure the product is not having any long-term issues.

dermadew baby soap review
tedibar baby soap review

Tedibar baby soap has always been the first choice of dermatologists. It is so precisely formulated that it is safe to use it right after birth.

Also, Tedibar never failed to provide results, making it a popular choice among parents and doctors.

Internet is filled with online forums of dermatologists recommending Tedibar baby soap to the parents. Its consistent results keep it on the priority list even today.


According to a professional’s perspective, Dermadew baby soap is not that far behind Tedibar. Dermatologists recommend Dermadew baby soap quite often.

However, its results have not been consistent. It worked for some but failed for others.

This inconsistency gave an advantage to a much safer option. In this case, the safer option is Tedibar Baby soap.

? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#4: Price (Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap)

Price is never given any significance when it comes to your baby. You always go for the best. The theory that an expensive product is better is not always correct.

It’s not always worth the price. After considering all the factors and reviews, we compared the prices of both the products.

Surprisingly, Dermadew Baby soap is significantly more expensive than Tedibar baby soap.

Deradew 1 unit cost = Rs 170 to Rs 180
Tedibar 1 unit cost = Rs 135 to Rs 150

Despite being the better choice here, Tedibar baby soap doesn’t cost much. It is the value for money product that gives awesome results.

? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#5: Reviews

It’s time to reach out to our next expert, parents. They have been there and faced all the hardships you are facing right now. Their experience makes them a credible source of information.

But hey, don’t bother the parents next door. There are other ways to get your hands on that information without bothering others.

And that’s reviews.

You will find them on forums, online shopping websites, blogs, etc. We have bought collective data for you right here.

Dermadew baby soap review wasnt good on most platform.

  • In terms of reviews, it’s a straight win for Tedibar baby soap.
  • During my research, almost all the platforms I visited, preferred Tedibar baby soap over Dermadew.
  • This makes it clear what the parents are preferring for their toddlers.

And parents always want the best for their babies.

? Tedibar soap win this round ?

conclusion (Tedibar is better than Dermadew)

Dermadew is one of the popular products but Tedibar baby soap is a better option for your young one. It is made of the best ingredients, provides the best results, has positive reviews, and budget-friendly too.

And last but not least, Tedibar baby soap comes with a drain tray. 😉

Hope my article “Dermadew Baby soap vs tedibar soap” helped you in deciding.

Tell me about your experience in the comment section below.

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