Himalaya baby products vs johnson & johnson which is best?

There are thousands of brand available & like you, I also didn’t know which one to pick.

Most parents are confused between Himalaya baby products vs johnson & johnson.

But after asking doctors and doing online research, I got all the answer. Now my relatives asks me for help and the best part is that I like helping.

In this article, I will tell you Himalaya or johnson which is best for baby with reasons.

Himalaya baby products vs johnson & johnson which is best?

On the basis of these Important 5 factors, I will give you the conclusion, which one is best:

  • Brand
  • Allergy
  • Doctor recommendation
  • Price (value for money)
  • Chemical

#1 Brand

Himalaya is an Indian brand and they have established itself globally because of its awesome quality product. Himalaya never faces any legal problem.

Himalaya have 25% market share which means out of every 100 baby product sold, parents buy 25 product from Himalaya.


johnson & johnson is an American MNC. It is older than the Himalaya. But because of its cancer-causing chemical in talc powder, they have to pay 15,750 crores ($2.1 billion fine).

Johnson & johnson has more than 50% market share but because of the use of harmful chemical it has shrink the market share of it.

Now people have lost the trust and are going for other brand.

Here is Economictimes and BBC report for those allegations and damages it caused to the innocent people.

In between Himalaya baby products vs johnson & johnson himalaya get the fair advantage.

? Himalaya win this round ?

#2 Allergy (Himalaya baby products vs johnson & johnson)

Himalaya product is good for baby skin. No mom has ever reported anything about allergy for Himalaya product.

Powder, soap, lotion, massage oil or anything, Himalaya is known for its quality and peace that it brings to the mother when they see their child smiling and enjoying the massage.


Johnson & Johnson have earned a bad name because of too much complain. If you look at amazon product review you will find so many cases of skin rashes, irritation.

This report comes in the view from last 2 years, before that moms loved using Johnson & Johnson baby product and I have personally never heard anything negative.

But Now, because of skin issue I personally tells people to avoid Johnson & Johnson.

? Himalaya win this round ?

#3 Doctor recommendation

Himalaya baby products vs johnson & johnson

Himalaya is recommended by 98% Indian doctors now. It is because of two reasons:

  • Use of natural ingredients.
  • No skin issues.


Johnson & Johnson is losing its customer and brand value too. If they don’t do something then their time will be over soon. The company has tried to play with the life of people.

when I heard the news, I was completely shocked because how could someone can do this just for the sake of money.

? Himalaya win this round ?

#4 Price (value for money)

himalaya or johnson which is best for baby

Price of Himalaya massage oil 500 ml is Rs 264. The features and comfort it provides to the baby are awesome. It offers more value to money.


Johnson massage oil 500 ml cost you around Rs 317. Almost every product is a little costly compared to Himalaya.

? Himalaya win this round ?

#5 Chemical Presence

Himalaya is well known for using natural ingredients and they make their products in most hygienic place compared to any other brand.

Its product does not include any harmful ingredient.


Johnson & Johnson uses the natural as well as a chemical ingredient. Using chemical doesn’t mean it is going to harm.

But there are some chemicals that harms and presence of that type of harmful chemical are reported too.

After the allegation Johnson & Johnson is trying their best to make its reputation like earlier.

? Himalaya win this round ?

Conclusion (Himalaya is the best)

Himalaya is best and wins all the 4 round. Go for Himalaya without giving another thought. Buying Himalaya product is safe and 98% of doctors recommend it.

Other important thing is that you are supporting your country by buying Indian product.

I hope my article “Himalaya baby products vs johnson & johnson” helped you in choosing the right brand for your precious little angel.

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