Himalaya baby shampoo vs johnson baby shampoo

Himalaya baby shampoo vs johnson baby shampoo. Which Is Best?

Baby Shampoo is formulated in a way that makes the eyes less irritating than normal shampoo.

Baby Shampoo makes bath time a special time without getting tears.

A proper shampoo secures the delicate skin of the baby as well as prevents tangling of the hair. It makes them silkier and shinier.

Today, I will review the shampoo of the two most popular brand (Himalaya baby shampoo vs johnson baby shampoo) and tell you which one is soothing, gentle, and harmless to the Eyes, hair, and skin of your baby.

#1: No Tears formula

Himalaya baby shampoo vs johnson baby shampoo
Himalaya baby shampoo vs johnson baby shampoo

Johnson’s No More Tears Baby Shampoos are Hypoallergenic, Dye & Colouring Agent free, which have no harmful additives for babies and are very good for their fragrance. It is specially formulated to focus on the No Tears formula that will not irritate babies’ eyes.

Here the Proteins & Nutrients applied in both the shampoo’s are dermatologically checked and labelled as best and harmless for the infants.


Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo, with its “No Tears” formula, washes down and softens your child’s hair.

It includes ingredients such as chickpea, hibiscus, and khus grass. While chickpea makes your child’s hair firm, shiny, and delicate, hibiscus and khus grass help to shape and remove any parasite or microscopic organisms from the scalp.                                                                      

So in this Round in case of the no tears formula, both Jhonson & Jhonson and Himalayas have a positive review, hence both of them won this round. And that’s a tie.

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?Both are equally good (Tie) ?

#2: Chemical presence (Himalaya baby shampoo vs johnson baby shampoo)

himalaya shampoo vs johnson shampoo
himalaya shampoo vs johnson shampoo

Johnson & Johnson Shampoo is very gentle on a baby’s hair, scalp and skin. It contains a really good scent.

However, it includes chemical compounds that are not harmful to children, but in some cases, rashes and roughness have formed on the skin of some of the babies.

Also as we have gone through the mother’s review about Jhonson & Jhonson shampoo some of them were complaining about the unsuitable and rough nature of the shampoo as after applying it on baby’s hair and skin some of their skins get a little bit rough and dry.


Himalayas Baby shampoo contains only herbal ingredients such as Rice, Bengal Gram, Shoe-Flower, and Khus-Khus. It is licensed under a herbal health product.

  • Himalaya is a promising brand that deals with many baby products, among which the Himalayan Baby Shampoo is a top performer.
  • The neutral and pH balance of the shampoo does not affect the sensitive areas of the infant, such as the eyes and ear lobes.

Every mother would like to choose the right kind of shampoo to encourage safe hair-growth for her baby while ensuring that the formula is free from any chemical that would affect the health of the baby’s hair or skin.

With herbal ingredients and no additives, it’s easy to trust Himalaya shampoo.

?Himalaya won this round?

#3: The Smell of the shampoo

himalaya baby shampoo review

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo has a slight floral smell. The scent of the shampoo remains for a long time. The scent would not irritate the baby’s sensitive sensory system and give them a pleasant feel.


Himalayan Baby shampoo fragrance is comparable to a herbal fragrance. The scent used has a natural smell. Himalaya Gentle Baby shampoo is perfect for infants with any skin type.

  • It is free from parabens, animal fats and artificial scent.
  • This soap has a delicate decent aroma which keeps the hair fresh.

Hence both the shampoo have performed well in terms of smell. Though both the shampoo have different feel and smell but are delicate and soothing. 

So in this round in the case of the Smell, both the shampoos have no bad review and both have performed well. That’s why again it is a tie and both of them have won this round.

?Both are equally good (Tie) ?

#4: Lather (Himalaya baby shampoo vs johnson baby shampoo)

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is a sparkling liquid of light yellow colour. It produces a perfect amount of moisturizing lather when combined with water.

It will not leave behind a sticky residue and makes the hair perfectly dry.


Himalayas Baby shampoo is honey-like in colour and texture, but not as thick. The shampoo is not runny at all.

When applying the shampoo to the hair, it felt rough and did not lather in the first wash and had to go for the second time to get the proper wash.

The shampoo doesn’t produce lather fast because of the lack of sulfate. Even after washing, you need a lot of time to dry your hair as this shampoo makes your hair shiny.

But lack of sulphate is good thing even though it doesn’t produce lather faster.

So in this round in case of producing the proper amount of lather and making the hair dry the winner is Johnson & Johnson shampoo.

?Both are equally good (Tie) ?

#5: Ingredient (Safe or Not)

johnson baby shampoo review

Johnson’s Shampoo baby shampoo contains chemicals such as Sodium Benzoate, Tetrasodium EDTA, etc.

J&J baby shampoo was alleged and claimed for the usage of chemicals which may lead to skin infection or cancer by the various authorities and people.

Once a random examination of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo samples detected traces of chemical formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde-identified as a substance that causes the development of cancer in the human body-is a colourless, strong-smelling chemical compound.


Himalaya baby shampoo is one of the mildest baby shampoos and its weight is as light as water.

Ingredients used in this make the hair thicker, smoother, and more radiant while also cleaning the scalp of any infections.

It is also pH balanced and the best part of this shampoo is that it does not contain any kind of chemical additives which makes it the safest shampoo for babies.

Here, in this round in case of the containing safe ingredients, Himalaya hasn’t got any bad review and allegations for the usage of harmful chemicals and additives

So in this round in case of safe ingredients Himalaya Baby shampoo has achieved a one-sided win.

?Himalaya won this round?

Himalaya: 3 Win point and 2 Tie point

Johnson: 2 Tie point

Winner = Himalaya Baby Shampoo

At last, let’s summarize the good and weak factors of both the shampoo

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

Good factor 

  • Multipurpose mild liquid cleanser
  • No tears formula
  • A light pleasing floral fragrance
  • Best in lather producing and making hair dry after wash.

Weak Factor

  • Develops Roughness or rashes on some of the baby’s skin.
  • Contains some amount of Harmful chemicals. Reported many times.

Himalayas Baby Shampoo

Good Factor

  • No Tears Formula
  • Mild and Hypoallergenic
  • No synthetic colors and harmful chemicals
  • Contains natural ingredients which are healthy for hair

Weak Factor

  • Produces very less Lather

Conclusion (Himalaya is better)

We’ve also noticed that often even herbal ingredients are insensitive to the skin of some of the babies. Therefore, it depends entirely on the skin of the baby, what works well for one baby may not work for another.

In case your baby skin is not too sensitive and doesn’t get rashes and roughness quickly we recommend you use Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo to experience the sweet smell and gentle and perfect wash.

In case if your baby skin is too sensitive and develops rashes quickly it gets in contact with soaps or any shampoo we recommend you to use Himalaya baby shampoo.

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