How to Crochet a Baby Blanket?

Crochet a Baby Blanket. Crocheting baby blankets can be difficult, but it’s so rewarding once you finish crocheting a blanket that will keep your baby cozy and warm. Besides, crochet baby blankets are super cute and, if you crochet skillfully, they can last for years.

The best thing about crochet baby blanket patterns is the variety. You can crochet blankets in different stitches, patterns, and yarns. But the pattern that every crocheter must know is the basic crochet pattern. In this blog post, we’ve created a simple tutorial for crocheting a baby blanket using the basic crochet pattern. We’ll also talk about yarn suitable for crocheting baby blankets. Let’s get into it!

3-Hour Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

The 3-Hour Baby Blanket crochet pattern is a beginner-friendly pattern with a simple 2-row repeat that looks like hearts stacked on top of each other. The pattern requires knowledge of how to work a double crochet stitch but is easy enough for even beginner crocheters to follow.

The pattern calls for using 2 colors of yarn and starts by making a circle using white yarn. This forms the base of the blanket, and after completing a double crochet stitch in the middle of the circle, another double crochet stitch is made in the same spot but using black yarn. This creates two stitches of white yarn on either side of the black stitches.

After making this pattern for two stitches, another double crochet stitch is made in white yarn, followed by one in black yarn. After completing this pattern for three stitches, it’s time to move to double crochet stitches in both black and white yarns. The pattern repeats itself on an outward spiral until the blanket is finished.
The 3-Hour Baby Blanket crochet pattern requires knowledge of how to work a double crochet stitch, and it’s easy enough for even beginner crocheters to follow.

The Yarn To make a Cozy Baby Blanket

Bernat blanket yarn is a perfect yarn for crocheting baby blankets for fall and winter. It is a bulky chenille-style yarn that is 100% polyester and a super bulky 6 yarn. This yarn is easy to crochet with and machine-washable, making it an ideal choice for baby blankets. You can use Bernat blanket yarn in a range of colors, from whites and grays to vibrant hues.

The “Happy Hexagons” free crochet afghan pattern uses 1 skein of Bernat blanket yarn and 1/4 skein of the color Vanilla to create a cozy blanket. All you’d need to do is crochet six hexagons using the pattern, and you’d be able to make a baby blanket in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crochet stitch for a baby blanket?

The best crochet stitch for a baby blanket depends on the thickness of the yarn and the design preference. Popular stitches include the Granny Stitch, Moss Stitch, Suzette Stich, Cluster Stitch, Blanket stitch, and Shell stitch. The quantity of yarn needed will also differ depending on the size and stitch of the blanket. Crochet hook size should be chosen according to yarn weight. Saving the pattern to a Pinterest crochet board is easy to access.

What is the easy crochet stitch for a baby blanket?

The easy crochet stitch for baby blankets is the double crochet stitch. To crochet this stitch, yarn over twice at the beginning of the stitch, pull the yarn through the second loop on the hook, and yarn over again to complete the stitch. For a bold, colorful pattern, beginner crocheters can use this stitch to make a beautiful modern baby blanket.

To make an easy baby blanket using only two basic crochet stitches, you will need to know how to crochet the single crochet stitch and chain stitch. The single crochet stitch is simple: yarn over once, pull the yarn through the loop on the hook, and yarn over again to complete the stitch. The chain stitch is a bit more complicated: yarn over twice, then crochet hook single crochet stitches in between each yarn over. This pattern creates a fence-like pattern on your blanket.

How long does it take to crochet a baby blanket for beginners?

It usually takes from one day to a couple of weeks to crochet a baby blanket. It all depends on crochet skills & experience, the yarn thickness, and the pattern chosen. Some patterns can be completed in as little as 3 hours while others may take up to 6 hours.
Crocheting with bulky yarn (#5) will work up faster than light-worsted (#3) weight yarn. So, if you’re crocheting a baby blanket with lots of stitches, #5 yarn will let you crochet faster. However, easy crochet baby blanket patterns can also be made in 3 to 6 hours using worsted-weight yarn. In this case, taller stitches may help you crochet the blanket faster.

How do I make a baby blanket for beginners?

  • Crochet baby blanket pattern:
  • Start by crocheting a single crochet stitch in the center of the blanket and increase by making two single crochet stitches in the next stitch.
  • Continue crocheting stitches in the same pattern, making sure to increase each stitch until the blanket is the desired size.
  • To finish off, crochet a final double crochet stitch on the top of the blanket.


If you’re making baby blankets for your family and friends, this crochet baby blanket pattern is an easy way to crochet baby blankets with yarn that anyone can make. You only need basic crochet stitches and a crochet hook to crochet a baby blanket. Start by following the pattern given in the blog above. You’ll be crocheting baby blankets faster than you think!

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