How to deal with special needs child | 9 powerful Tips

9 powerful Tips on How to deal with special needs child.

Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic man, draw a whole aerial image of NY City, by just flying over it once, with great details.

A sketch which is literally impossible for any person to draw, he did it with having just one glance over it.

The only difference between Stephen and other autistic people is the way they are raised.

Children with special needs usually have tough time, but it mostly depends on how they are raised.

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and if the child is special, then it becomes a bit more demanding.

Special needs sum up many different types of issues, problems and superpowers, like Down syndrome, Autism, physical disabilities, etc.

To give an understanding of special needs prevalence among children, showing the level of outreach of Autism will give the grim view.

How to deal with special needs child
Country with highest No. of Special Child

But, it comes down to the parents who can make them flourish or become stagnant.

Challenges associated in dealing with special needs child

1. Stigma around us

Often people in society do not treat children with special needs being equal to them. And it gets so much deep-rooted in their lives that they might end up harming themselves.

These preconceived notions with its deep roots in society make it very hard for kids with special needs to explore themselves.

It totally depends on parents to be patient with everything regarding their development.

2. Only being seen through their disabilities

There is always more to everything that an eye can see. But, any issue like this is multi-layered and mostly the children we think are disabled are differently abled.

We parent only need to harness their potential and see them fly higher and higher.

3. Needs itself makes life hard

Whatever the problem a child faces, it is in itself a hard truth to gulp down.

Any kind of ailments makes it hard to access the basics of life, like walking, understanding, behaving properly, etc.

9 Effective ways to raise children with special needs

#1 Patience

How to deal with special needs child
Tip 1: How to deal with special needs child

The first and foremost thing that a parent should keep in mind is PATIENCE. Being patient is very crucial for parents as well as children.

If every reaction of yours is not very well thought out then it will create a mess for every individual associated.

It will help you understand the issue better and so goes its solution. Sometimes, parents get so distressed about their child’s inability, but seldom have they focused on their abilities.

Its significance depends entirely on being patient.

#2 See things through their eyes

Trust me! Doing this exercise will make the process to raise children with special need a lot less stressful.

Things that are being problematic to them, issues that they have been hidden will be clear to you. And as parents introduced to the issues at an earlier stage, it works wonders for the whole family.

#3 Adjust your expectations

Different circumstances call for different modes of approach. There is no benchmark ideal set for all the kids in the world, it varies from child to child.

If we as parents expect outcomes from our child, then it better be from a kid without special need.

Special kids are blessed in such a way which is not understood by everyone, but parents need to be flexible in their expectations as it is hard to keep them on track.

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#4 Be used to repetitions

This is a step ahead of the point mentioned above. Being subjected to repetitions works wonder for kids who are special; this will give them the habit of reacting in a proper way when they encounter things.

More they will go through certain things, more it is going to stick with their subconscious.

#5 Monitor the progress

Monitoring the progress is an uphill task when it comes to a child with a special need because the progress is incremental and quite less noticeable.

But, it is among the most important part as it helps to keep track and does not let you go burnt out. Just do not make it more complicated, keep a journal and it will do the job.

#6 Be ready to expect behaviour

How to deal with special needs child
Tip 6: How to deal with special needs child

A lot of things, ideas take place into the mind of kids and it is quite normal. Sometimes with specially-abled kids holds their ground and behave quite stubborn.

In situations like these, parents need not react equally unruly and be ready to face it with patience and understanding.

#7 Watch their triggers

This tip will help prevent the disaster beforehand. Identify the core of problems which creates difficulties for children and if they are taken care of then it will be easier to keep your kids on track to their development.

Identifying these triggers is very demanding and it takes time, but as it is hard so it is fruitful.

#8 Give them words

They are still learning and for them going through this phase is very difficult, as they get headstrong and adamant on their demands.

They do not find ways to release their anger out, parents giving them words comes as a saviour to them and helps them behave in a civilized manner.

#9 Focus in their abilities

Last, but not the least, focus on their abilities. God must have given them powers beyond our imagination.

Raising children with special need amidst the havoc of society is very, very hard and this wholly becomes the responsibility of parents to give them every kind of nourishment for their better future.

Just learn the example of Stephen, how he has risen above the whole world and grasped the ability which he was gifted.

PRO TIPS for wonders

  • Give them model behaviors by yourself behaving properly.
  • Reward them for their good manners.
  • Make them learn using innovative methods.
  • Be kind to them always.
  • If the society does not respect them, try keeping them indoors.
  • Give them musical instruments to learn and master, as it will help them develop concentration.

Concluding Note

Raising kids with special needs in this not so just society is very difficult. But, one needs not to get disheartened of this and deal with these issues with patience.

These differently-abled kids are supposed to be raised in a way that is in itself special and heart-warming.

We come as a rescue to you and try to be there for you as much as possible.

I hope my article “How to deal with special needs child” helped you.

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