How to help children walk independently [Quickly] | 5 Tips

How good a child responds while doing things in which she puts so much of her efforts! The child is always in the mode of trial and error, walking is one of those things.

Early years of children’s lives are very formative and demand to be dealt with very positive and cautious guidance.

Body, if it is healthy and strong, it does wonders to a person’s life span. One such vital part of the body is your leg and enabling a strong pair of legs is a task which should be started as early as possible.

Parents play the most vital role to a child’s development which could be either mentally or physically. But, it’s not an easy task and demands a lot of efforts on both sides.

When do babies start walking on average?

If all the preconditions are met, it usually takes 15-18 months for a baby to walk on their feet. Sometimes it is early or a bit late.

A healthy child while going through their developmental process and time gets used to walking, given the fact that it is a slow process.

  • Standing milestone gets achieved somewhere around 10 months.
  • At end of the first 6 months, they learn to sit.
  • They will be showing a lot of activities like crawling, trying to access things, muscle movements, etc in this time period.
  • And by god’s grace and our efforts, they start walking by the age of 1.5 years and it’s a sight worth the time which holds memories for life.
How to help children walk independently
Age at which baby starts walking

Problems that arises while they learn how to walk

Usually called GAIT problems(GAIT means a way of walking) combines several disorders. It can happen due to multiple reasons :

  • Premature birth is a reason which leads to motor issues in children and it can make walking for them a difficult than a normal task.
  • Toes turning also lead to late than normal walking for children.
  • Foot turning inside could possibly a reason for their walking process.

6 Tips to help children walk independently

Tip no. 1: Oil massages daily for initial 2 years *daily

how to strengthen baby's legs to walk
how to strengthen baby’s legs to walk
  • Makes their muscles stronger.
  • Improves the blood circulation which further leads to the ability to be more active.
  • It helps babies meet their growth level on time.
  • It relieves stress from their bodies helping in more sound sleep.
  • While massaging parents get to know their kids, the same goes for babies making their bond inseparable.
  • It helps parents identify the issues that their baby is dealing with. If there is a problem, then they can take care of it as early as possible.

To sum it up, massages are one of the most important things having numerous benefits that you can do to help children walk independently.

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Tip no. 2: Standing Practice to help them get a hold of themselves

There comes a time when your little one is able to sit properly on their own without any help, then you can move a step ahead.

Help them stand, just make them stand every day once in a while. It goes a long way in developing their strength and as they stand up for long intervals they are getting prepared for the future.

Tip no. 3 : Assisted walking for getting them into walking mode

how to make baby learn walking
how to make baby learn walking

What feels better for a parent that your child is holding your finger for long with their softer than muslin little fists and they are trying their best to hold on to you.

Let them hold both your hand’ fingers and help walk. This is one of the most vital exercises that encourage a child to go for more.

Make the exercise more interesting, according to your preferences which further stimulates the child to walk more like this.

And, it gives memories for life to cherish, your child after growing up will be like, “ungli pakad ke tune, chalna sikhaya tha na”.

Tip no. 4 : Appealing toys for motivation

toys to help baby stand and walk
toys to help baby stand and walk

Give them the attractive toys and that sparks an interest in them. Place such toys at some distance from babies and make a condition where they try to reach out to them and grab it.

It helps a lot as it places some motivation into their conscious which in turn helps them use their motor skills.

Tip no. 5 : Push toys to speed up the process

These toys have wheels in them, it helps babies stand and then they push it.

All of us have seen them working, the method is kinda old school, but extremely helpful.

Nowadays, these push toys come in various shapes, sizes and colour which sparks interest in babies and they themselves go and play with it.

Tip no. 6 : Walkers*

best things to help baby walk
best things to help baby walk

I know that this topic is very, very debatable. Lots of credible health and paediatric sources say that this even deteriorates child motor development, if used excessively.

But, using this for a couple of minutes every day never does anything harm. Just use it in a calculated manner and see it doing wonder.

After kids have used the walker and done for the day, bring them out of the walker and then go for Tip no. 3 viz. assisted walking.

PRO-TIPS which goes a long way

  • Whenever they are walking inside the home, make sure they are barefoot. It helps them feel the whole process and sense it perfectly.
  • Help them lay bare on their stomach viz., tummy time. It is an exercise which is supposed to be done in the early stages before they reach the age to walk. It helps them in neck control, rolling over which very important exercise in those ages.
  • Don’t compare your child with that of someone else’s. Everyone is unique and time for starting to walk varies. It creates loads of pressure on parents and this affects the child too.

Try encouraging them while they perform the above-stated activities. If they see you happy seeing them doing it, they tend to do it more often.


While parenting, it doesn’t matter if you are a couple or a single parent, dealing with ups and downs are quite a normal thing.

Seeking professional guidance goes a long way in dealing with such situations.

Above mentioned steps are tried and tested on a mass scale, so if these steps are dealt with a conscious mind, it will work.

Sometimes, things go above the expectations or below it, but in those demanding situations don’t lose your calm and try to be the best parents.

I hope you find my article “How to help children walk independently” helpful.

Do let us know in the comment, which tip you will try first. Follow us on Instagram for more parenting tips.

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