How to Make Baby Guinness?

Make Baby Guinness. Guinness is for adults. Baby Guinness is for babies. It’s a shot of stout that is specially designed for baby Guinness with cream, cream liqueur, coffee liqueur, cream coffee syrup, and coffee cream liqueur.

Baby Guinness shots are a baby-friendly version of the classic stout cocktail. The shot is sweet and creamy while the coffee flavor of stout masks the sweetness of the cream. What makes baby Guinness unique? It has a shot glass dedicated to baby Guinness and a spoon for parents to feed baby Guinness. The spoon allows parents to hand-feed baby Guinness without spilling any of the shot glass contents.

What is a baby, Guinness?

A baby Guinness is a shot, or shooter, of stout beer that looks just like a glass of Guinness (or other stout beer). It is made of two ingredients: Irish cream and coffee liqueur. The Irish cream is a sweet cream-like substance that has hints of coffee. The coffee liqueur is a strong coffee-flavored liquor that was originally used to make coffee drinks spicier or more flavorful.

The two ingredients are intended to be consumed in one gulp or shot, without any actual Guinness in the shot itself. Thus, a baby Guinness is a shot of a delicious but harmless cocktail anyone can enjoy.

A baby Guinness shot is usually made with cream liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, or coffee liqueur mixed with some stout beer. You can even try making it with a mix of cream liqueur and coffee liqueur if you’re feeling creative. After the shot has been completed, garnish it with whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings for an extra layer of sweetness and a touch of crunch.

What’s in a baby Guinness?

  • Baby Guinness is a shot of whiskey or coffee liqueur mixed with Irish cream. It’s a shot of 2 parts coffee liqueur to 1 part Irish cream.
  • The shot is intended to be consumed in a single gulp, so it consists of two ingredients: Irish cream and coffee liqueur.
  • A baby Guinness is also a small Guinness, and the shot is intended to be consumed in a single gulp, so it consists of two ingredients: Irish cream and coffee liqueur.
  • The shot served in a shot glass contains no actual Guinness, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable.
  • If you’re looking for something different for a cocktail, baby Guinness is an alternative option.
  • Also known as Guinness baby, the shot of whiskey is a unique and tasty treat.

What is a Baby Guinness Shot?

A Baby Guinness shot is a shot or shooter, that looks just like a tiny glass of stout beer. It is created by mixing together stout, cream, and sugar.
The shot is intended to be consumed in a single gulp, or shot. This makes it a popular choice among amateur mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts.

Despite the name, the shot contains no actual Guinness. Instead, it is a cocktail with stout as its base ingredient. Because of this, baby Guinness shots are easy to make at home without the need for specialty ingredients or expensive equipment. They can also be served as a cocktail or shot on land or at sea.

Baby Guinness shots are suitable for all ages and dietary preferences. For babies and young children, they are great fun to sip slowly from a glass and enjoy the sweetness of the cream and stout mixture. As kids grow older, they can experiment with the shot by varying the ingredients and making different cocktails such as baby Guinness floats or Guinness baby back ribs.

How to make a Baby Guinness Shot?

A baby Guinness shot is a popular cocktail made of Irish cream liqueurs and coffee liqueurs. To make a baby Guinness shot, mix two equal parts of each liqueur together in a glass. Then top the glass with ice, and stir the liqueur mixture until the ice is melted. For the head of the baby Guinness shot, use a spoon or shot glass to create a foam head on top of the drink. The foam could be made of either cream or milk depending on your preference. Finally, garnish the baby Guinness shot with whipped cream or a sprinkle of crushed coffee beans.

The Baby Guinness shot was created by chef Nicole McLaughlin of Howcast. In the video tutorial, she explains how to make a baby Guinness shot using a few easy steps. Besides, you can follow similar steps to make other baby-friendly cocktails like kiddie coke and kiddie lemonade. You can also learn to make these drinks with Drinks Made Easy’s recipes for beginners.

How to make a baby Guinness shot with step-by-step instructions?

Making a baby Guinness shot requires layering two liqueurs in a shot glass.

Begin by filling the shot glass two-thirds full of Kahlua, then gently pour Irish cream on top of the Kahlua, creating a mini Guinness head floating on top. This may take a few minutes for the layer to settle. The measurements for the recipe can be found in both US customary and metric units. This shot is simple but delicious and makes a great cocktail for baby showers, birthdays, or any other celebration!

What does a baby Guinness cocktail taste like?

A baby Guinness cocktail is a shot of coffee liqueur and Bailey’s Irish cream that creates a unique coffee-and-whiskey flavor. The coffee liqueur provides a dark color, and Bailey’s Irish cream gives the shot a creamy texture and sweetness. This shot tastes like coffee with a subtle hint of whiskey. It is a smooth and delicious drink that won’t leave you grimacing after drinking it.

The baby Guinness shot is made to look like a pint of Guinness, with coffee liqueur as the base and Irish cream as the top layer to create the foam head. This shot has a similar texture and creaminess to a pint of Guinness, making it a great way to experience the taste of the beloved beer without having to drink a whole pint of it.


A baby Guinness shot can be a nice and simple baby shot recipe to try. It is a low-alcohol baby shot that can be tailored to the taste of your baby. A baby shot glass is enough for one baby shot, and you can always use a regular shot glass for the rest of the family to ensure everyone gets their fair share. Besides, baby Guinness shots are easy to make and adaptable to the changing needs of your baby. If you have any questions about making baby Guinness shots or general tips for baby shots, feel free to ask in the comment section below!

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