10 Pro Tips: How to make baby smart and intelligent

The mind is the most powerful weapon in one’s life. All the decisions made for oneself and for the whole world are made by ignited minds.

Babies’ brain grows the fastest in the first 3 years, it literally gets doubled in size in the initial 2-3 years. Thus, in these formative years, parents need to catch-up fast.

In this article “How to make baby smart and intelligent”. I will share with you the 10 proven and scientific tips.

All the activities that babies do are a matter of sensory actions. They simply go for those things for which their senses give green signals.

More experiences equal more sensory variations which in turn accelerates their cognitive as well as non-cognitive activities.

Babies are unpredictable so is their development, there is not a single set of exercises that will develop them in a way you want.

To make your baby smart and intelligent, there are simple measures which parents need to take which will go a long way in their development and to strengthen them for the challenges they will face ahead.

10 Ways to make babies smart and intelligent

#1 : Sleep

There is nothing better than sound sleep for a baby to develop their minds into an intelligent one.

When they in deep sleep, it seems like they are doing nothing but in fact, most of their cognitive build-up happens only in their sleep.

A little disruption in their sleeping patterns can have drastic effects on their mental development.

A recent research has shown that the connections between left and right hemispheres of brains get strengthened during sleep. It gives them the proper time to process all the stuffs going with them.

How to make baby smart and intelligent
baby sleep chart by age

Give them proper surroundings to have a sound sleep for the period they are asleep and see the differences in their performance.

#2 : Food

Food is what you give yourself to satiate the demands of your mind and body. 

Initial food plan are quite simple if you want to raise intelligent babies.

Brain is made up of 60% fats and if you are getting babies enough of fats, then it’s a step in the right direction.

Mother’s milk is a great source of fat, thus it’s recommended by everyone. It provides the right amount of fat for the first 6 months straight.

  • Give the right diet to lactating mothers.
  • Don’t fall for any other supplements for babies except for mother’s milk.
  • When babies reach 6 months of age, start giving them little amounts of avocados(they are good fats)
  • only begin with healthy foods like broccoli, carrots, cereals, etc.

#3 : Baby talk

It instills confidence in them and develops their self esteem.

Their verbal abilities get enhanced by these exercises and will give them an early start.

Getting in conversations with babies is more of a unidirectional approach but even if they respond to it even a bit, the job is done.

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#4 : Teaching them social skills

A 20-year study by Pennsylvania State and Duke University’s researchers says that early adulthood successes have their dependence on the social skills developed in their kindergarten years.

#5 : Satisfy their curiosity

Babies are new into this world and they have lots of questions and are often in a state of wonder. They are very curious about things.

When they don’t start to speak, even in those situations they are questioning. But, often we identify their needs and satisfy their curious little head.

how to raise an intelligent child
how to raise an intelligent child by satisfying their curiosity

For parents like us, we should always be willing to dive deeper into their conscience and try to look for things that they are asking for.

The more questions they would be getting answered, the more it will boost their mental development, the more it will get their minds to stretch and strengthen, thus making your child smart and intelligent.

#6 : Storytelling (How to make baby smart and intelligent)

We as a child have gone through lots of days and nights listening to stories that our storytelling have narrated.

Nowadays, as nuclear families are more common especially in urban centres, babies often lack the guidance of their super elders. In times like these, we as parents have to fill in their roles and be a narrator to our munchkins.

Short stories of simple yet effective messages will go a long way in giving them the right values and at the same time getting them ready for more intensive conversation skills.

#7 : Grow a reader out of them

History accounts that readers are good leaders. But getting a baby read is unconventional and not possible.

how to make baby intelligent
how to raise your child to be a genius by making read books

Don’t worry you don’t have to make them read, at least give them an environment to read. Get them in the mode of reading but reading yourself a book.

If there are a set of persons from whom a kid learns the most, they are no one else but their parents. Whatever they see you doing they develop an understanding that it is what I am supposed to do!

Reading more helps both a parent and their children.

#8 : Cognitive builder toys

Like any other skills that a child picks up, cognitive skills are picked up by them in the same way.

Cognitive skills imbibes the ability of information processing, reason and coming to a logical conclusion.

how to make your child smart and confident
Toys to make your baby smarter

Early in life, you can’t provide your kids a book to enhance their cognitive skills. They best possible of their cognitive development is to play it out and process them all.

  • Toys like legos, remote controlled cars, abacus etc will help them.
  • Exercises like simple counting challenges, step counting does its job well.

Check out some cognitive builder toys for your baby/kid.

#9 : Provide them company

If they meet kids similar to their age and indulge with them in various activities, it can do wonders.

Get themselves surrounded by their same-age cousins and friends, more they involve more they will develop traits to better communicate.

They want things their way, for this to happen they have to get in the mode of make themselves communicable to others and they realize it soon.

Babies push themselves to help them be understood to others, nor are they afraid to make mistakes. After a lot of trials and errors, babies get a hang of it.

It will help develop their non-cognitive skills which are verbal skills and all of us knows how important in this world, it is to be a great communicator.

But, keep this always in mind that kids acquire habits of their counterparts very easily. So, make sure they are in a healthy company and be watchful as always.

#10 : Assign tasks to them

How to make baby smart and intelligent
Assign task to make baby smart and intelligent

A University of Minnesota report came at a conclusion that chores/tasks that a child has done as 3-5 years old kids is a key determiner of success in adulthood.

  • It enables children to develop a work ethic and keep in mind the job that she has been entitled to do.
  • A lot of skills are fed into children’s minds like minding the deadlines, teamwork, calculating positives and negatives, etc.

PRO-TIP to make baby smart and intelligent

  • Cutting out the screen time: It helps them focus on more important things rather than loads of unwanted stuffs.
  • Get them to learn a musical instrument: Helps ignite unexplored caveats of mind.
  • Get them in a team sports
  • AI talkers like Alexa, Siri, etc help them communicate even when you are not around.
  • Keep smartphones out of their reach because the phone may be smart but it makes people dumb.
  • Be watchful of your child does and if it is beyond certain limits, then try containing it.
  • Don’t pressurise them.

Concluding Note

My take will be simple, viz., Don’t think too much and keep it simple. Dealing with babies ask for more you can imagine and seeing them loose it make a parent panic.

But, live with ease with your children, just like your parents lived with you. If you try to be over assertive then you are paving a way for a toxic experiment for them.

Try keeping them happy as they could be!

I hope you find my article “How to make baby smart and intelligent” helpful.

Which tips you are going to apply first, let me know in the comment.

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