How to stop a child from eating soil Quickly [5 Tips]

A wise woman once said, “parenthood is a great thing but parenting is tough”.

Motherhood and fatherhood is a dreamy situation, but while parenting one addresses a wide range of problems which they were unaware of until now and solving them is an uphill task.

At such time we come as a rescue and try to be your companion in parenting.

Often parents have to deal with is that their kids consume soils, sands, mud, etc. which are often toxicants & they collectively cause deep damage to kids’ internal organs as well as external organs.

Kids’ body and internal organs are extremely sensitive and fragile which when exposed to such filth cause both short and long term damages which we can’t even imagine happening to our children.


Causes regarding this issue are multilayered like:

  • Health
  • Psychological
  • Social factors

But its cure is not that hectic and demanding. Little effort and good intentions are everything we need to address the problems. Lets learn How to stop a child from eating soil.

#1: Health factors

How to stop a child from eating soil
How to stop a child from eating soil

Consuming soils, muds, etc are health problems, medically termed as PICA which can lead children to eat substances which have less nutrition or do not have any nutritional value at all.

PICA is caused by a lack of zinc in the body, lack of blood and worms inside of your baby’s stomach. These issues can make your child crave more and more soil.

If kids are eating soil which is a result of lack of blood and consuming soils which are often companied by harmful bacterias can lead to further blood loss.

It also happens to people with the intellectual disorder, but that’s very uncommon and for a child, it is not always the case.


  • Proper medications to enhance their blood and deworming. Paediatricians prescribe “Chubears” which are rich in vitamins to increase blood production.
  • Check on their calcium intake because deficiency of calcium also leads children to eat soil. There are many calcium supplements especially for kids, like Calcium Sandoz.
  • Leafy vegetables and beetroots in children’s diet would likely regenerate good blood cells and stop them from craving for soil. If they are hesitant then make their favourite foods like burgers, pizzas and add these essentials in their diet.
  • Consult a child specialist to be sure and to avoid further problems.

Addressing these health issues will stop kids from eating soil.

#2: Psychological factors

Kids are very eager to explore things around them and all their senses are not developed but the sense of taste develops early in life.

So, they explore things by licking and tasting pieces of stuff and soils are one of them.

By tasting and consuming filthy kinds of stuff like soil it can cause mental damage as well. Cognitive development of children may be affected by it.


  • Keep your kids out of reach of such things which can be very harmful to the kids.
  • Lure them with something delicious and healthy like candies which doesn’t have processed sugar and have essential nutrients in it
  • Reward them with something they like if they go a day without eating soils and constantly enhance the time limit to a week or fortnight and a time will come when you do not have to do it anymore.
  • Most importantly get in conversation with them and continuously try to make them understand that soils are bad for health and it will lead to illness.

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#3: Social Factors

Kids learn a lot from what happens around them and they acquire habits of people they come in contact with.

That’s how they learn! If kids of their age are eating soils and your kid is in their company, then it is more likely that they will start consuming it too.

how to stop baby eating sand
how to stop a child from eating soil


  • Keep a check on their friends and if this problem exists, then don’t forcefully let them not meet their friends.
  • Get in touch with their friend’s parents and try to deal with this in a calm way so that your child doesn’t go through the pain of separation which further diminishes their mental composure.
  • Keep indoor plants out their reach because the pots have soils in it.
  • Sometimes soil eating is so deeply rooted that children are even willing to eat dirt from someone’s footwear. To avoid this, request to your guests to kindly remove their footwear outside.
  • Regular cleaning and using eco-friendly floor cleaner would do the job.

6 Pro Tips to stop a child from eating soil

If they are constantly eating soils from plants inside your home and stopping them is difficult then you can add peppers to the very soils and it will do its work.

It seems a bit debatable but it works.

  • Try keeping them indoors by getting them scared about police, maniacs, mad dogs, etc.
  • Engage them in some form of artworks or video games which are an enabler to children’s cognitive development.
  • Get them some friendly pets like dogs and cats, to keep them busy at home and make them compassionate at the same time.
  • Indulge them in your family time like helping in your household chores, movies, games, etc.
  • For their outdoor physical activities like cycling, running, football would work but make sure to monitor them
  • Identify your child’s behaviour and get them learning some musical instruments, skills, reading, etc.

Concluding Note

Nowadays families are becoming nuclear and new parents do not usually live with their parents. Since there are not any elders in the family to guide new parents, it becomes difficult for them to parent children.

Usually, after encountering such issues, they tend to panic and have no clue about them.

If one goes through this, they should not worry haste and take wrong decisions. 

One needs to be calm and composed while dealing with it and seek the right guidance available to them.

I am very positive that my article “How to stop a child from eating soil Quickly” will definitely help you in stopping your baby from this bad habit.

if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment.

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