How to stop a child from saying bad words | 9 Tips

“A characteristic of the normal child is he doesn’t act that way very often”


How to stop a child from saying bad words? Learn 9 pro tips to prevent your child and kid immediately from using those word.

Words are one of the most crucial tools which can make thing easier for us. It is also one of the things that no one can take away from us.

Good choice of words is very important for us and it starts early in life with help of parents and society.

The adults whom we think of as a responsible entity of society, who can distinguish between right and wrong, can’t help themselves and use bad words a lot.

Let alone the children who don’t have such capacities, how can they figure out that this is not something they should be indulged in.

Now, in this faster world, things have propagated so quickly, that even this habit of children using bad words are coming to children as fast as it can.

Why do kids use bad words ?

The reasons for such behaviour of theirs are multifaceted, one can not pinpoint a single ground for this.

  • Sometimes it can be that the children may find it cool to use these cuss words, given the child is a bit old.
  • Maybe kids want to show off to their friends.
  • They are furious at something.
  • They are not getting what they desire.
  • They are not looked after properly by their parents.

But the most important reason for this is that they are getting it from their surroundings.

It can be from parents, family members, friends or just the environment they are growing up in.

Using bad words or profanity, if prolonged then it can be transformed into a serious issue which is known as Coprolalia ( involuntary swearing).

9 Effective ways to stop child from saying bad words

#1 Get them the proper environment

In a society where people are using bad words every now and then, and if the children are living in such a society, then kids will be the first one to acquire this habit.

This is the biggest reason for their uncivilised behaviour, so to cure this problem, this is the best possible way out.

Kids usually learn from their elders, and acquire the habit of their environment.

Kant once said, “The moral ground of a person is not much higher or much lower than the society, he lives in.” This perfectly sums up the whole.

  • Give them a healthy environment
  • If you can not do so much about it, then probably it is better to keep them inside the house
  • Parents should try not using bad words themselves
  • Keep a check on the visitors and if the problem exists then request them to adjust themselves for the sake of children.

#2 Don’t overreact

How to stop a child from saying bad words
Tip 2 : How to stop a child from saying bad words

Parents are very concerned about raising their children, and in this process, they sometimes overreact over such situations.

What they need to understand is that this overreaction is not going to yield any better. 

In these moments they should try to look for the solutions rather than becoming a part of the problem themselves.

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#3 Don’t laugh over it

I have seen a lot of parents who in such situations laugh, little do they understand that they are preparing for situations which could be far worse than this.

Parents laughing when their child profanes is going to give their child the clear message of green signals and they tend to do it more often.

Kids book for learning manner:

#4 Make them realize, this isn’t good

How to stop a child from saying bad words
Tip 4: How to stop a child from saying bad words

Kids are stubborn sometimes, but only sometimes. If there is a sincere dialogue from your side about rights and wrongs.

This will create an understanding in their mind that using bad words is gross and they will be mindful of this again.

#5 Look for the reasons

There can be multiple issues that a child deals with at a time. These issues can lead them to behave in an uncertain way which is not acceptable.

Parents should look for reasons and try to get them out of it. Best they can do is to have a conversation and be friendly to them. This will get them to tell you stuff going on in their life.

#6 Discipline them

When things go out of hands, then it is better to teach them the lesson of discipline.

Try giving them examples, reading out stories to them, etc., will work.

But, keep in mind that do not put a tight leash on them, otherwise, you are hampering the way for their development.

#7 Give them alternatives

If they are using bad words and it is serious, they give them alternatives to it.

Alternative words will give them proper feelings which will vent their anger out without being profane.

#8 Teach them compassion

If they are compassionate and softhearted, then using bad words will be the days of the past.

Make them feel things which hold great value, hug them and give them proper conditioning which will make them more accepting.

As Princess Diana said, “Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children.”

#9 Set yourself as an example in front of them

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.”

— Robert Fulghum, author

Children always watch their parents and it is the parents that they learn most from.

Set yourself as an example of what you want your kids to be. All the moulding that a child gets, most of it is from their parents.

Give them model behaviour so as to how to behave in certain circumstances.

Pro-tips for great results

  • Make them watch cartoons (in a limited way) as all the characters in cartoons are soft spoken.
  • Make sure all the movies streamed have underage certification.
  • Songs that you listen to and child hears must not have parental advisory or do not have explicit contents.
  • Be watchful of their company
  • Reward them for the span of time in which they don’t use bad words.


Parenting asks for a lot of things that a person is not prepared for and it gets hectic many times.

If there is one word of suggestion, it would be “Do not panic, be calm”.

If a problem exists or persists, then we have got you covered.

I hope my article “How To Stop A Child From Saying Bad Words” helped you.

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