How to stop baby from sucking thumb [Proven]

Babies start sucking “thumb” well before they are born and it can be seen clearly in the ultrasound images.

It is very natural for newborn babies to suck their thumb as it soothes them and makes them feel secure and comfortable.

But if they continue to suck thumb even after “crossing the age of 3 years” can have some adverse effects on the baby.

It can have some permanent changes to their teeth and size of their jaw.

In some cases the excessive thumb sucking can lead to “speech problems”.

In this article I am going to explain some proven techniques.

Lets learn How to stop baby from sucking thumb with us.

7 best ways on how to stop baby from sucking thumb [permanently]

1. Talk to your baby

Tell them that sucking thumb is a bad habit, try to persuade them by talking about ill effects of sucking thumb.

You can tell them that how sucking thumb can make them sick.

You can also tell them that they may get teased from other kids when they suck their thumb.

2. Reminders

Don’t scold your baby when they suck thumb, just tell them to stop but do not try to enforce as some babies might be sucking thumb to get extra attention.

Giving them extra attention at the time of sucking thumb may lead to increase in the behavior.

3. Using reinforcement

Give them something to eat that they like or praise them when they are not sucking thumb and remind them about why are they getting this special treatment.

Maintain a good looking calendar and mark the days when they avoid sucking thumb.

You can always think of new and innovative ways of providing “positive reinforcements” that can work for your baby.

4. Applying nail polish that taste bad

Even it is not recommended but this method may help some of the parents to eradicate the problem of thumb sucking.

But sometimes it may be problematic because some children get used to the taste of the nail polish.

Children may feel discomforted and start to cry after tasting the nail polish.

5. Finger covers and plastic thumbs

Plastic thumbs and finger covers can prove to be a useful accessory for keeping thumb sucking in check.

You can use Dr.thumb or any other brand. you can buy it from amazon easily.

6. Identify the triggers

In some cases children start to suck thumb when they are stressed, in such case try to identify the cause of the stress.

Then try to provide them comfort in other ways like by hugging them or by talking to them.

7. Creating a diversion

When you see your child sucking thumb, try to create a diversion by giving them some other work to do which involves their hand and keep it busy.

What to do if above mentioned methods don’t work

If all the above mentioned methods don’t work. Do not get tensed, continue to care and support your child with love and empathy.

Do not pressurize to much to your child as it might only delay the process.

If your child starts to struggle with dental and speech problems, then it is time to consult a good doctor and get expert advice regarding the problem.

I hope you to benefit from this article “How to stop baby from sucking thumb”and succeed in stopping your baby from sucking thumb.

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Happy Parenting.

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