LuvLap vs R for Rabbit car seat | Which is better?

LuvLap vs R for Rabbit car seat | Which is better?

It might be a regular ride for you, but taking your baby in a moving vehicle can be dangerous. You don’t always want to stay indoors. Then, why your baby has to stay behind?

Now, before you decide to take your baby with you, let me remind you that your lap is not a safe place for your baby while travelling.

Before tagging your baby along, you need to ensure his safety, and getting a car seat is the best way to do it.

With all the brands out there, you might be a little confused. Don’t panic, I am are here to help. Today I am comparing the two most preferred car seats in India (LuvLap vs R for Rabbit car seat).

Let’s start with the factors you should be looking for:

#1: Comfort

The car seat needs to be extremely comfortable. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to convince your young one to use it.

Until now, they have been sitting in your lap. Why would they choose a car seat over the comfort of your lap?

This makes “Comfort” one of the most essential factors while choosing a car seat.

luvlap vs r for rabbit car seat
luvlap vs r for rabbit car seat

R for Rabbit car seats are one of the best picks in the country. Comfort and safety are their main priority. Its car seats are made using a soft fabric.

  • Thick padding is provided at all angles to provide complete support and protection to your little one.
  • The paddings are designed to keep your baby’s head, hips, and legs in the most comfortable position.
  • It provides required support to the spine to keep your baby chirping.
  • In addition to that, the adjustable seat is an impressive feature to make the ride more comfortable


LuvLap car seats are designed to be comfortable. It has tried its best to be on par with its competitor in terms of comfort. They have also added paddings on every essential spot to support your baby throughout the journey.

  • It added the reclining seats in its premium car seats, making it a distant dream for parents who are seeking the comfort of their baby in an affordable car seat.
  • The main concern is the thickness of the padding. LuvLap couldn’t provide adequate padding to make it as comfortable as R for Rabbit.

R for Rabbit is slightly better than LuvLap.

R for Rabbit won this round

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#2: Safety (LuvLap vs R for Rabbit car seat)

R for Rabbit car seats are crash tested to meet all the European safety standards. The sturdy chassis and all-around support ensure the safety of your baby.

The padded wings for side impact protection are a plus. Enough spacing is provided for your baby to keep their tiny hands moving.

  • R for Rabbit car seat comes with a 5 point safety harness.
  • R for Rabbit is one of the safest car seats in the Indian market.
  • Once you feel it with your hands, you will realize that your baby is in safe hands.


LuvLap car seats are also designed considering the European Safety Standards. LuvLap covers almost all the safety features in its price range. It has provided cushioning in the sides to ensure the safety of your child.

  • The 5 point safety harness is superb. It will give your baby 100% comfort.
  • Most of the variants of LuvLap car seats have the reclining feature.

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#3: Price

The price of each car seat varies as both brands offer different variants for different prices. If we consider features provided with respect to cost, R for Rabbit is slightly expensive.

The premium quality of its products makes up for the slight price difference. You might save a few bucks by choosing LuvLap car seats but R for Rabbit buyers will laugh last.

R for Rabbit car seats are built to last. If you calculate, you will realize that R for Rabbit car seats is a profitable deal in the long run.

LuvLap won this round

#4: Features

Modern car seats are equipped with various features to make their product stand out. These features determine the standard of the product in terms of safety, comfort, and ease of access.

R for Rabbit car seats comes with adjustable height so that your little one never outgrows it. The front-adjust harness is easy to manage.

  • Multi-position recline can adjust the seat according to your little one for more comfort and safety.
  • It’s convenient for moms as well, its fabric is washable and easy to detach.
  • Most of its variant comes with reclining seats for utmost comfort and safety even if your baby sleeps.
  • The product is equipped with enough features to justify its cost.


LuvLap car seats offer various features like an adjustable headrest, a harness system, one pull harness, and extra padding.

In its price range, they have tried to provide the best they could.

  • LuvLap car seats are not behind R for Rabbit when it comes to features.
  • The only factor that gives R for Rabbit an edge is the built quality.
  • No matter what you equip in your product if it’s not built to last, then it’s not worth it. 
R for Rabbit won this round

#5: Reviews LuvLap vs R for Rabbit car seat

luvlap vs r for rabbit car seat
luvlap vs r for rabbit car seat Review

R for Rabbit and LuvLap managed to get decent reviews on all platforms. There is not any significant difference between the rating of their car seats.

However, R for Rabbit is slightly above LuvLap because of its build quality.

Even after being slightly expensive, R for Rabbit is getting appreciated by parents.

LuvLap won this round

Conclusion (R for Rabbit is slightly better)

In conclusion, R for Rabbit is the best choice in this price range. LuvLap is a bit cheaper option but when it comes to quality, the price difference is totally justified.

I hope my article “LuvLap vs R for rabbit car seat” sort out your confusion.

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