Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller | Which one is Best?

Being a parent is a blessing. Every little thing that you do makes you feel like a proud parent. Even mundane tasks like changing diapers, feeding your baby, singing a lullaby feels like an accomplishment.

Another major thing that parents love is introducing the world to your baby. Taking them on walks, shopping, etc is a thing every parent craves. You want to show them around the world.

Keeping them in your arms can be uncomfortable for you as well as for the baby. The best way to do it is by using a stroller.

But you don’t know which one to buy?

Markets are flooded with brands claiming that their stroller is the best and that makes it all more confusing for you.

Today I am going to compare the two most talked about stroller brands in India: Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller.

By the end of this article, you will have a fair idea of what’s best for your baby. Let’s begin with the factors you should consider before buying a stroller for your little one:

#1: Comfort (Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller)

Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller)
Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller)

While choosing any gear for your baby, comfort is the first thing to look for. There is no point in buying anything that will make your baby cry.

Strollers are meant to give your baby a joyous ride. You don’t wanna ruin it just because of some low quality cushioning. Let’s start comparing Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller.

LuvLap strollers are designed to deliver comfort to your baby. Perfect cushioning is provided at all ends without restricting the mobility of the stroller.

  • The adjustable seat provides the required support for your baby.
  • You don’t have to worry about the bumping of your baby over any hard surface.
  • Bigger wheels and suspension fulfil their job to avoid any bumps on the way.

A sturdy chassis keeps the stroller steady and comfortable. LuvLap has covered all the aspects of comfort a parent might seek in a stroller.


R for Rabbit is the closest competitor of LuvLap in the Indian market. It is known for its premium quality products. In terms of comfort, it is as good as with LuvLap.

  • It is also equipped with a padded and adjustable seat.
  • However, the padding on the seat could be better.

The soft fabric is perfect for the stroller but a denser cushioning could have added value to the product. In this price range, R for Rabbit could have provided better merchandise.

LuvLap won this round

#2: Safety (Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller)

luvlap stroller reviews
luvlap stroller reviews & R for rabbit stroller reviews

Safety is another major concern when the product is for infants. They are not able to protect themselves with their tiny little hands.

Therefore, you need to arrange all the safety measures you could. A loosely fitted stroller with minimal safety features can be a disaster.

LuvLap comes with a 5 point safety harness. It keeps the baby from bending forward or losing balance while on the roll.

Wheels are integrated with a balanced braking system to stop the momentum without any sudden jerk.

LuvLap stroller is European-Standard certified (EN 1888:2012) product. It ensures the safety of your infant.


R for Rabbit is also a European-Standard certified stroller. This certification is proof of its durability and safety features that are installed in it. 5 point safety harness, bigger wheels, brakes are the safety features given in it.

In terms of safety, R for Rabbit is also a good stroller for your baby.

Both are equally good (Tie)

#3: Price

Generally, price is one of the most ignored columns but whenever LuvLap and R for Rabbit are compared, it plays a major role.

Both brands are providing the best quality products to the parents. The Internet is filled with praises for these two Indian brands that are providing premium quality strollers.

It’s hard to choose one for yourself unless you look at the price tag.

R for Rabbit is an expensive option as compared to LuvLap. Due to this difference, LuvLap dominates R for Rabbit in terms of sales, rankings, and reviews.

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LuvLap won this round

#4: Features

LuvLap has a wide range of strollers that focuses on different features. Some basic features like brakes, storage space, canopy, safety harness are available in all the strollers.

As you move further, there are some optional features like suspension, food tray. The main difference lies in the model you choose.

  • You can go for a 3 point safety harness or a 5 point harness.
  • Another variation is according to weight capacity.
  • LuvLap offers different features in different models.

You will never run out of options if you choose LuvLap.


R for Rabbit is also one of the prominent stroller brands in the country. There is no way that it will miss any feature provided by its other competitors. Consequently, R for Rabbit comes in different variants for the different price ranges.

Adjustable seats, safety harness, suspension, etc are the variable features in its different models.

All things considered, its price range justifies the features it is offering. Anything less would have shifted it to the category of “overly priced” products.

Both are equally good (Tie)

#5: Reviews

r for rabbit stroller reviews

Online forums and shopping websites are visibly inclined towards LuvLap. During my research, most of the online platforms declared LuvLap as the best stroller brand in India.

R for Rabbit is not left behind in any aspect but could not catch up to LuvLap. One of the main reasons is the pricing.

LuvLap and R for Rabbit, both provide the best features and quality products. If it weren’t for the price, then choosing one would be a tough call.

The price tag is the deciding factor here. Parents are choosing LuvLap as it is providing the best at a reasonable price.

LuvLap won this round

Conclusion (LuvLap Won)

In conclusion, R for Rabbit is a fairly designed stroller but LuvLap provides the same comfort and features in a better price segment.

Parents can go for LuvLap without a second thought. It can be the best stroller for your baby that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

I hope my article “Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller” sort out your confusion.

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