Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1 | which is best?

Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1 which is best for your baby?

A baby requires a lot of energy to flap their arms and giggle. They expend a lot of strength but their source of energy is limited.

According to experts, a mother’s milk is the best nutrition for a baby. There is no substitute for it.

However, all the moms are not fortunate enough to be with their babies all the time. Some of them are working, others are not able to provide enough for their baby’s appetite.

In either case, you need to search for an alternative.

There is not a long list to choose from. The best option you have is formula milk.

This formula milk is the only nutrition your baby will get in his most crucial years. Therefore, it needs to be selected considering all the factors.

Here I am giving you an insight into the comparison of the two most prominent baby milk formulas out there: Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1.

Let’s start with the factors you should look for:

#1: Ingredients (Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1)

Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1
Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1

Nan Pro 1 contains all the essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Milk solids, soybean oil, corn oil, taurine, sunflower oil are a few of its basic ingredients.

In minerals, Nan Pro 1 consists of calcium, sodium, iron, iodine, potassium, zinc, chloride, etc. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, etc.

  • The main reason to go for it is the presence of DHA and ARA in it.
  • They play a vital role in the overall growth of your baby.
  • Nan Pro 1 is well-balanced formula milk.


Aptamil 1 also contains a wide range of ingredients like partially skimmed milk, whey solids, edible vegetable oils, vitamins, etc.

Minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iron, iodine help in the strengthening and growth of your baby. It also contains DHA, RHA for the healthy growth of your infant.

The only sceptical factor is the presence of 100% lactose in it.

It might not be the best formula milk if your baby is intolerant to it. You need to ensure that it’s safe for your baby before selecting it.

Nan pro 1 won this round

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#2: Taste (Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1)

aptamil 1 vs nan pro 1
Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1

The taste might not be a major issue in the first few months. It takes some time before a baby’s taste buds are fully developed and they can nitpick while feeding.

This might be the reason for not adding artificial flavours in formula milk.

Nan Pro 1 and Aptamil 1 both have a similar taste. As an adult, you won’t find its taste pleasing but your baby probably will. As far as the reviews are concerned, Aptamil 1 is closest to breast milk in terms of texture and taste. There are seldom cases when parents have to drop formula milk just because of its taste. That’s one less thing to worry about.

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#3: Side Effects

Your baby can’t complain about any discomfort and sometimes parents fail to understand the reason for the tears. It is important to analyze any side effects of the product beforehand.

Nan Pro 1 has always been the first choice of parents.

  • It is easy to digest and provides all the essential nutrients.
  • All the ingredients are well balanced and formulated to evade any side effects.

However, once in a while there are cases when formula milk is not suited for the baby. In such cases, the situation can’t be helped and parents have to change their formula milk brand. In general, there is no major side effect of Nan Pro 1.


Aptamil 1 is also nutrient-rich formula milk for infants. It is packed with almost all the minerals and vitamins you will find in Nan Pro 1. However, nutrition is of no value if your baby is having a hard time digesting it.

  • Aptamil 1 discussion forums are filled with complaints that it is hard to digest.
  • The availability of 100% lactose is also a reason for this complaint.
  • This little negative cancels out the positive nutrition it is providing.
Nan pro 1 won this round

#4: Cost

A product like a formula milk is needed every day. Even a small difference in price creates a huge margin if the product is bought frequently. This cost difference grows significantly in a long run.

As we compare the prices of Nan Pro 1 and Aptamil 1, both are fairly priced. However, Aptamil 1 is slightly costlier than Nan Pro 1.

  • The difference in cost is not justified as Nan Pro 1 has always been the first choice of parents.
  • Aptamil 1 is not providing anything extra but costs more.

This might be one of the reasons that parents prefer Nan Pro over Aptamil. Over the years, Nan Pro 1 proved to be valuable for money. Market sales records are the practical stats that prove this point.

Nan Pro 1 Price (400gm): ₹615
Aptamil 1 price (400gm): ₹715

Nan pro 1 won this round

#5: Brand

aptamil 1 vs nan 1
aptamil 1 vs nan 1

Nestle and Danone are the respective brands of Nan Pro and Aptamil. Both have a long history in the field of nutrition and food.

Both brands are neck to neck in terms of product variety but when it comes to sales, Nestle is untouchable. It has always dominated the market in its genre.

Despite being covered in controversies in the past few years, nestle’s sales didn’t flinch. This shows the trust it has built over the years.

Nestle delivered quality products without failure. Its constant market value is proof of that. 

Nan pro 1 won this round

Conclusion (Nan pro 1 is better)

In conclusion, Nan Pro 1 and Aptamil 1 are full of nutrients to assist your baby in its overall growth. However, Nan Pro 1 is a slightly more balanced and safe option for your baby.

I hope my detailed comparison between Nan Pro 1 vs Aptamil 1 will help you in deciding.

You can also try to figure out which one suits your baby better.

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