5 best glass feeding bottle in India [strong]

Best Glass Feeding Bottle In India

Are you worried that your precious baby might inhale or eat something that is not good for your baby’s health? Then you might also be worried that the plastic bottle might be harmful to your baby in some way. If so, it is a great choice to switch to glass bottles! Glass bottles are much more durable and …

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7 best hair oil for baby in India | Strong hair

Best Hair Oil for Baby in India

Baby’s scalp is different from the adult’s scalp. Their scalp is prone to irritation and rashes. The adult’s hair oil are harmful to the baby’s scalp as they contain oil, fragrance and other strong chemicals. You need specially made hair oil only for your baby. Pure and naturally extracted ingredients are good for your baby’s hair. Baby’s hair …

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35+ Best gift for the baby shower in India

best gift for baby shower

Baby shower (Godh Bharai) is a ceremony celebrated before the arrival of the baby to this beautiful world. This ceremony is celebrated by giving gifts. In so many cultures it is celebrated at different months of pregnancy and has different names too. Baby shower basically helps new parents to get ready for what’s coming up. To have essential …

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7 best mosquito repellent for babies in India

best mosquito repellent for babies in India

As a parent, you do feel the need to protect your baby from the mosquito bites and the diseases they can spread. Some mosquito bites can be fatal, so you should consider mosquito bites as a problem to be dealt with. Here comes the need of mosquito repellent sprays, gels, creams or roll on. They help in keeping …

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How to stop a child from saying bad words | 9 Tips

how to stop a child from saying bad words

“A characteristic of the normal child is he doesn’t act that way very often” -Anonymous How to stop a child from saying bad words? Learn 9 pro tips to prevent your child and kid immediately from using those word. Words are one of the most crucial tools which can make thing easier for us. It is also one …

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7 Best Baby Towels in India | Extra soft

Best Baby Towels in India

Babies take time to accommodate in this new world. So it is normal that we have to take of them in a conscious and tender way. Keeping separate baby towels for babies, helps them stay healthier and away from a common cold or viral fever. Baby towels can be used separately for the baby and all their mess. …

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9 Effective tips: How to teach a child to control anger?

How to teach a child to control anger

How to teach a child to control anger? Human behaviour, since ancient ages, has been a subject of high volatility. If we talk about children, the graph of behavioural volatility goes even higher. Children behave in varied forms, happy children seem adorable, sad seem cute, etc.  Many times kids get angry because of multiple reasons or sometimes without …

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Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller | Which one is Best?

Luvlap vs R for Rabbit stroller

Being a parent is a blessing. Every little thing that you do makes you feel like a proud parent. Even mundane tasks like changing diapers, feeding your baby, singing a lullaby feels like an accomplishment. Another major thing that parents love is introducing the world to your baby. Taking them on walks, shopping, etc is a thing every …

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9 Killer ways to teach a child English at home

how to teach a child english at home

Language is the one thing that binds all of us together. No matter where one comes from we connect to every other person through languages. But, like everything else, it’s not uniform. But, when it comes to the real competitive world, English as a global language gets the job done. If a person has this language advantage over …

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