7 Best high chair for babies in India 100% [safe]

best high chair for babies in India

Feeding your baby can be a tedious task for you especially if your baby is energetic. Here high chair comes in play to make your task easy. Instead of running around your kid to feed, you can make them sit on the baby high chair and feed them without bending and making the whole process easy and peaceful. …

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5 best baby food steamer and blender India [2020]

best baby food steamer & blender India

Working moms don’t get enough time to prepare food for their little ones in their busy life. Although packaged food is available in the market but it contains preservatives that are not good for the baby’s health and does not provide essential minerals and nutrients. So they need an appliance that can cook the food in just minutes …

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7 Best baby carrier in India [comfortable]

best baby carrier in india

It is difficult to do household work like washing dishes, preparing meals, etc & taking care of the baby simultaneously. Babies always want to get hold of in their mother’s arms. They will start crying when you keep them away for a while. Research has proven that babies cry 43 % less after using it compared to not …

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7 Best Baby Walker India that will help in [walking]

best baby walker India

Witnessing your baby’s first step is certainly a magical moment for you. A baby walker is like a walking assistant for your baby. A baby walker helps the baby to take their first step and learn walking by providing the required support and safety. A walker is a must-have thing your baby should have when your baby is …

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7 best baby bottle sterilizer India [Safe]

best baby bottle sterilizer India

Babies need our utmost care as they are very prone to infections, especially the infections like vomiting & stomach ache, one of the most common cause of which is unsterilised bottles. Sterilisation is the process of making any article or a surface free of microorganisms. Why use a bottle steriliser? Sterilising in boiling water doesn’t kill all the …

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How to stop baby from sucking thumb [Proven]

How to stop baby from sucking thumb

Babies start sucking “thumb” well before they are born and it can be seen clearly in the ultrasound images. It is very natural for newborn babies to suck their thumb as it soothes them and makes them feel secure and comfortable. But if they continue to suck thumb even after “crossing the age of 3 years” can have …

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5 Best tricycle for 2 year old India [safe ride]

Best Tricycle For 2 year Old India

Tricycle (trikes) is such type of toy that your toddler will enjoy playing with and help your child in developing coordination and balance in the process. Riding a tricycle provides ample physical exercise needed for your overall development of your child. As a parent, choosing the best tricycle for 2 year old India may be a hectic task …

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7 best baby bottle cleaner liquid india [hygiene]

best baby bottle cleaner liquid india

Newly born babies are in a stage of developing immune system and are more prone to get infected by the germs. So, it is very important to clean their belongings like feeding bottles and pacifiers with bottle cleaner. Bottle cleaner sanitizes the bottle and kills all the germs from it. Bottle cleaner liquid not only kills the germs …

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7 Best coconut oil for baby massage in India [Healthy]

Best coconut oil for baby massage in India

Massaging the baby is one of the most important and traditional practices used for development and growth. Coconut oil gives strength to the bones and muscles of the baby so that baby can start walking early. Coconut oil is gold to choose for massaging your newborn. It is natural, has a pleasant smell, a great moisturizer, great for …

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