Pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko | which is better?

Diapers are a necessity for modern parents. If you are planning to avoid using diapers, you need an endless supply of mattresses. And that is quite expensive as compared to a diaper.

There are various reasons to use a diaper. You can’t be on a watch 24*7, that’s not feasible. At night, you won’t have any idea that your baby is sleeping on a wet mattress.

By the time you realize that your baby can catch a cold.

There are other endless possibilities that could be a nightmare for a parent. To avoid all that, buy a diaper.

Pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko. These 3 are the most preferred by parents.

I did a very long research to find out which one is best for baby.

Here is the 5 factor on the basis of which I decide which one is best among pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko.

#1: Comfort (Pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko)

Pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko
Pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko

The first and the most important factor while selecting a diaper for your baby is comfort. No matter how fancy, absorbing, or expensive it is, if it’s not comfortable, then it’s a big NO.

If you overlook this factor, be ready to handle the heartbreaking sobs of your little one.


Pampers is one of the best diapers out there. It is known for its comfort, snug fit, and soft material. Parents who face rashes switch to pampers.

Pampers has been in the business for so long that they managed to create a soft, breathable texture. It gives complete protection to your child without any itching.

The pant style diapers also use soft elastic and solvent-free adhesives to protect the baby’s skin.

Mamy Poko pants

Mamy Poko pants is another diaper that has come into the limelight in the past few years. It played a major role in bringing up pant style diapers in the country.

Its diapers also use soft elastic instead of tapes. Mamy Poko pants are made of soft breathable material and use essential oils for the softening of the surface.

There is one common issue faced by all the parents who use Mamy Poko pants, it is rough. It can be harsh for your baby’s skin, causing discomfort, rashes, etc.


Huggies diaper have a air fresh cover which helps in passing out air and vapor and it prevents from rashes.

Huggies uses a new bubble technology which helps the baby against red marks.

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Pampers win this round

#2: Chemicals used

pampers review
mamy poko pants vs pampers vs huggies

Another thing you should know about your diaper is the material it’s made of. By materials, we are not only implying on the surface, but we are also talking about the chemicals used.

You might be unaware of the fact that baby diapers are treated with chemicals to make them absorbent, scented, and lasting.


Pampers use chlorine-free fluff pulp and super absorbent polymer to absorb the moisture and keep the baby dry. Polypropylene is used to create leg cuffs and soft outer cover.

There are skin-protecting lotions to keep your baby’s skin hydrated and soft. The top sheet is made from petroleum, aloe barbadensis leaf extracts, etc. It gives the diaper the moisturizing qualities of a lip balm.

Mamy Poko pants

Mamy Poko pants also avoid using any harmful chemicals in diapers. The new product range is made of organic cotton. It uses a combination of olive oil, jojoba oil, and rice bran oil.

These oils work as moisturizing agents to give a soft feel to your baby. This nature-friendly approach did cost them comfort as the diaper is a little thin.

If your baby is a mischievous one, you need to make sure that the diaper is not shredded to pieces as soon as you look away. Another thing to look for is the elastic as it can be itchy if your baby is sensitive.


Huggies diaper are elemental chlorine free. There is no paraben. No alcohol presence. Not even a chemical which give fragrance. This all make huggies a chemical free

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Pampers and Huggies both win this round 

#3: Features

“Features” is the term that we usually use for technical equipment. However, it is as relevant in the case of diapers as well. Industries are learning and working hard to provide the best for your baby.

Pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko:


Pampers offers good absorbency to keep your baby dry. It has a soft surface to avoid itching on your baby’s skin.

  • Absorption capacity is up to 12 hr.
  • Stretchy sides give a snug fit to your baby to avoid leakage and comfort.
  • Double leak guard features provide a 100% guarantee for no-leak even after 12 hr of uses.

The wetness indicator is a new feature that is being adopted by diaper brands. It indicates the condition of the diaper by changing colour.

Mamy Poko pants

Mamy Poko pants offer good abortion thanks to its crisscross absorbent sheet. It spreads the moisture uniformly in the diaper.

  • Absorption capacity is up to 10 hr.
  • The breathable cover makes it soft on the skin to make it comfortable even after long usage.
  • These diapers come with stretchable thigh support.

It avoids leakage and provides a comfortable fit. However, one thing leads to another. This stretchable thigh support serves its purpose by avoiding leakage but it leaves elastic marks on the baby’s skin.

Your baby has to face itchy discomfort because of this feature.


Huggies diaper have bubble bed which increases the absorption capacity and provide more comfort.

  • Absorption capacity is up to 12 hr.
  • 3d bubble also absorbs runny poo to keep the baby dry.
  • Flexible waist changes its shape according to baby movements.
Pampers and Huggies both win this round

#4: Brand (pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko)

huggies vs pampers vs mamy poko
huggies vs pampers vs mamy poko

A brand’s reputation is one of the deciding factors for the quality of the product. Customers gain trust in the brand they are using regularly. Industries also gain experience through customer feedback and improve their products over time.

Procter & Gamble (Pampers) has been in the business for more than a century. They launched their Pampers diaper long before Unicharm (MamyPoko Pants).

This gives them an unfair advantage in the diaper business. They have been a leading diaper and healthcare brand in the U.S.

Unicharm launched its diaper range of Mamy Poko pants just a decade ago. We have seen exponential growth in its market stats but there is still a long way to go.

  • pampers was first introduced in 1961
  • Huggies was first introduced in 1978
  • Mamy Poko pants was first introduced in 2009

Pampers have done more research then anyone.

Pampers win this round

#5: Cost (pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko)

The previous point brings us to the reason for such growth in a short period.

Pampers remained the first choice in urban areas, but in rural areas, Mamy Poko pants proved to be a cost-effective option. Pampers are a little costly as compared to Mamy Poko pants. The difference is not much but when it comes to disposable products, every penny counts.

Pampers still lead the markets in the metropolitan areas as modern parents choose the comfort of their child over price.

  • pamper medium size price per diaper = Rs 10
  • Huggies medium size price per diaper = Rs 9
  • Mamy Poko pants medium size price per diaper = Rs 8

These are online price and It is in round figure.

Mamy Poko pants win this round

Conclusion (pampers is better than others)

The diaper’s comfort and absorption is the utmost priority for parents. If a product fails to deliver both of them, then it’s a waste of your money. This is what makes Pampers a better option as compared to Mamy Poko pants and Huggies.

Pampers delivers great absorption capacity without sacrificing the comfort of your baby.

Hope my article “pampers vs Huggies vs Mamy Poko” helped you in deciding.

Tell me about your experience in the comment section below.

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