Protinex junior vs Pediasure | which one is best?

Now, It is necessary to include a dietary supplement in a child’s diet. This helps them make up for lost nutrition.

The nutrition that is left on the plate even after hours of struggle.

Healthcare industries played smart and created flavoured supplements that are delicious, nutrient-rich and healthy.

I will do the detailed comparison of Protinex junior vs Pediasure in this article. This will give you an insight into the factors you should consider before buying them for your little one.

#1: Ingredients

As a parent, the first thing you need to know is the nutritional composition. You try to provide the best for your child. Therefore, it wouldn’t be smart to just go for the supplement after watching an advertisement.

Reading the label won’t do. You need to understand the label thoroughly and see if that’s good for your kid. Lets deep into the proper analysis of Protinex junior vs Pediasure

Protinex junior vs Pediasure

Protinex Junior

As the name suggests, protinex junior is a great source of protein for children. It also consists of all the vital nutrients for your child’s growth, immunity, and health.

Primarily, protinex junior is composed of whey, milk, and soy protein.

  • It is a balanced drink made for the overall growth of your child.
  • It contains 37 vital nutrients including DHA, iron, zinc, iodine, calcium, etc. Iron, DHA, and iodine for brain development.
  • Calcium and zinc for better immunity and bones.
  • Other nutrients work for overall growth. It is a complete supplement covering all the factors for your child’s growth.


Pediasure is mistaken as a complete nutrition drink but it is specially created for children who are lactose intolerant.

All the parents who were mixing Pediasure with milk were totally wrong. It is not meant to be given with milk, it is supposed to be mixed in water.

Can I mix PediaSure with milk
  • Pediasure is formulated with essential nutrients as well. It contains corn starch, soy oil, vitamins, and all vital minerals like calcium, zinc, iodine, etc.
  • It consists of sodium caseinate, which is a substitute for milk and gluten protein.
  • This mineral makes it a suitable drink for lactose intolerant as well as gluten-intolerant children.

Parents should go for Protinex junior unless they are particularly asked by their paediatrician to choose Pediasure.

Protinex junior win this round 

#2: Taste (Protinex junior vs Pediasure)

Children are very picky when it comes to their food. They would starve to death before swallowing anything down their throat forcefully.

Your kid is supposed to love their food. If they don’t like it, they won’t have it. You can’t push them to eat every time. So, you need to be selective as well.

protinex junior review

Protinex Junior

Protinex Junior comes in two different flavours: vanilla and chocolate.

The main attraction of protinex is not its flavours but it has received a decent response from the parents.

In terms of taste, it is not on par with other chocolate drinks but it focuses on nutrition as well as taste.


Pediasure offers a variety of flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

It also received a positive response in terms of flavour. However, it was never meant to enhance the taste of milk as it is formulated to be mixed with water.

Considering the purpose of the drinks, you should go for Protinex Junior as it is meant to be mixed with milk and enhance its taste.

Pediasure has flavors but it might taste a little bit different when mixed with milk.

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Protinex junior win this round

#3: Side Effects

Healthcare companies try to create the best supplements that don’t result in any side effects. But the human body is much more complex than that.

Everyone is allergic to something and has a different metabolism. Therefore, you need to see if there are any side effects beforehand.

pediasure vs protinex junior
pediasure vs protinex junior

Protinex Junior

Protinex Junior is not reported with any side effects. It also contains the right amount of protein for the children.

The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for protein is 16 gm until 3 years of age and 24 gm until 6 years of age.

It makes it a perfectly balanced protein supplement for children aged 2-8 years. The only side effects can be due to the carelessness of parents like an overdose of protein.

It is also not suitable for children who are lactose and gluten intolerant.


Pediasure is a supplement for lactose and gluten intolerant children. It is formulated to have all the essential nutrients without any side effects.

However, parents would think twice before giving casein to their children. It is a good alternative for milk and wheat protein but its overdose can be fatal.

You should go for protinex unless your child is unable to consume milk and wheat-based products. Also, Protinex Junior is a better supplement for protein than Pediasure.

Protinex junior win this round

#4: Price

comparison between pediasure and protinex junior

Healthcare companies skyrocketed the price of supplements. It is good to consider money as a secondary factor and give priority to your kid’s health.

However, you should know if your product is value for money. Paying for unnecessary supplements is not a smart move.

In terms of price, Protinex Junior is an expensive supplement. It is significantly higher than that of Pediasure. Some people might find it hard to comprehend but the price is reasonable.

Protein is an expensive nutrient.

Protinex Junior and Pediasure have 18g and 11g protein in a 100g serving respectively. That’s where the difference lies. Also, Protinex is a more complete supplement than Pediasure.

Protinex is at a higher end but it’s value for money.

Pediasure win this round

#5: Review (Protinex junior vs Pediasure)

Protinex junior vs Pediasure

Most of the time, it’s a straight win when we look at reviews on various platforms. Pediasure and Protinex Junior are flooded with positive responses all over.

That’s a great thing but it makes it hard for us to select the apparent winner in terms of reviews.

The only way to benefit from this factor is to go through a couple of websites and search for the required information. There are things that you will find useful in selecting the perfect supplement for your child.

This round is Tie (draw)

Conclusion (Protinex Junior final winner)

Which one is best between Protinex junior vs Pediasure?

In conclusion, Protinex Junior is the obvious winner in comparison to Pediasure.

I hope my article “comparison between pediasure and protinex junior” helped you in deciding which one is best for you.

It is the complete dietary supplement for the growth of your child. Pediasure should be preferred only if the paediatrician specifically prescribed it. Other than that, the best way to sneak in some nutrition with the delicious flavoured milk is Protinex Junior.

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  1. My kid is 6 years old. Now a days Protinex junior is not available in indian market or at least in my city, or through any online sites. I am trying to find out the replacement for it. Could you please suggest any other product which is better than Protinex junior or which can be used as an replacement for Protinex junior.


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