5 proven tips to keep a child away from mobile [Instantly]

It is very devastating when your child doesn’t listen to you.

No matter how hard you try to keep your child away from mobile phone, they don’t care.

This make you so afraid because we as a parent are well aware of the harmful effect of phone use.

I will help you in preventing your child from mobile phone use.

By using Scientifically proven technique and tips.

Tips #1 Reward and punishment: To stop a child from using mobile instantly

This is the wonderful and most amazing technique to stop any child from using mobile.

Rewarding your child every time they decreases the amount of time spent on mobile.

This technique is psychologically proven and works 100%. Children get motivated when they received a reward and eventually they get more inclined toward those things.

giving chocolate as reward for preventing child from using mobile

That’s the main reason why child who top in school keep on getting good marks generally.

Punishing for example reducing the pocket money when they increase the time they spend on phone.

Here is the proper guideline to use these tips:

  • First, you should have a one-one talk with the child.
  • Tell them, from now on for every 10-minute decrease in smartphone uses they will receive candy of their choice.
  • Try organic candy. You can get it on amazon. Organic candy doesn’t contain sugar and it is way better than regular candy for your child.
  • Using this technique you will see a significant improvement in your child.
  • One more thing, for candy your child may not even use mobile for the whole day even.

Here I am using eg of candy. It may be different for different child and every mom knows what their child like most. So, try accordingly.

Tips #2 Set yourself as an Example

Everything a child learn is from his surrounding like mom, dad mostly.

If child grow up seeing you continuously using phone. Then your child will use it too.

Child dont have his own thinking and they learns what they see.

If you prevent yourself from using mobile phone in front of them then it will surely has a positive impact on your child too.

Here are things you must do:

  • Use your laptop/desktop for office related work like making a report or sending emails.
  • Change the room at least while using a mobile if it’s that much necessary.
  • Read a book to them during sleeping.
  • Do a morning exercise.

Tips #3 outdoor gaming

You know the outdoor gaming is the most liked activities by any child.

once your child gets interested in this then they won’t even care for weather. Its summer, winter or raining your child will go to play anyhow.

playground for child to keep them away from gadgets.

But because of shrinking area of playground. Child are more likely to spend time in home.

That is the reason why a child get addicted to phone.

Here are few things you should do:

  • In big cities, there are paid parks and game clubs where you can take your child in the evening or weekend and let your child play there.
  • While admitting your child to school you must look for a good playground and extracurricular activities like art and craft, painting, music, etc.
  • Don’t put your child in a school that has no such facilities.

The more your child sweats the stronger your child will become. Now, your child will force you to let them play outside and you can stop your child from excessive use of the phone.

Tips #4 Making Friends in school as well as neighbour

Some child are shy and introvert. They don’t like talking with anyone.

Maybe your child is getting bullied in school and that’s why your child doesn’t like playing outside and keep themselves busy on the phone.

making friend to avoid addiction to phone and gadgets

As a parent, You should keep a tab on your child visit him in school and see school camera recording to check your child is getting bullied or not.

Here are few things you should do:

  • Get your child enrolled in a communication class and get them to participate in school events for making your child vocal and talkative.
  • The more vocal and talkative they become the easier will be for them to make friends.
  • Help your child in making your neighbor’s child their friend because in this way they can go to schools together and can play together.
  • Get a pet for your child. This is also a great way to let them engage in the home.

The more friends your child has the better your child will get at communicating and listening to you and ultimately less phone use. because your child will now have friends to talk and play

Tips #5 Family bonding

Nothing is more interesting then having a good family time.

Nowadays, With busy schedule it is difficult for mom and dad to maintain a good work life balance.

Because of spending less time with our children, they stop listening to us and sharing their life with us.

Family time to make child listen to us and stop using mobile and smartphone

You can overcome this issue. You should never be late for anything. If you are so afraid of your child’s phone use then this should not be a big deal for you.

Here are a few things you should do:

  • Watch a movie together with your child of their choice like superhero movies.
  • Go to a restaurant on weekend and have icecream together.
  • Reads a good book together. change the reader alternately after every 10 pages.
  • You can play badminton, cycling with your child etc.

The whole point of doing these activities together is to make your child listen to you. Sometimes you have to use indirect methods to stop their bad habit of excessive mobile use.

Few important suggestions

Blue light filter goggle

Buy this goggle for your child. This goggle prevents harmful blue light to pass through it. I have tested it myself by using a blue light torch and believe me no light was passing through it.

Low radiation phone

Mobile phones emit very low harmful radiation. While purchasing a phone you must go for a phone with the lowest radiation. It will protect you and your child from that radiation.

Final thought

Like you, I was also worried about my child. But After using this proven technique, I saw significant improvement in my child. I thought to share my experience with you.

I hope that my experience will help you in preventing your child from using mobile phone.

If you have any question feel free to ask in comment.

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Have a lovely day.

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