Sebamed vs MamaEarth | Which one is Better?

Every parent wants their baby to enjoy their days giggling, crawling, and messing around the house. A camera is an essential gadget for modern parenting.

Parents love to record their baby being a baby. They love it when people go “aww” while looking at their baby.

During these days, when your baby should be enjoying their life to the fullest, rashes and allergies can be a party pooper. The wrong choice of baby products can turn giggles into tears.

As a parent, that would be heartbreaking.

I am here to help you with that. Today we are comparing the two most talked about brands (Sebamed vs MamaEarth). Sebamed has been there for a while, being the parent’s first choice and MamaEarth has been rising the ranks for the last couple of years.

We have talked about various factors you should consider before preferring a brand for your baby. Let’s get started:

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#1: Chemical (Sebamed vs MamaEarth)

sebamed vs mamaearth
sebamed vs mamaearth

Sebamed is not 100% natural, but it has a balanced pH of 5.5. Also, it is free of any harmful chemicals that could harm your baby.

Sebamed believes in giving the best results to its customers and for that, they don’t need to be natural.

  • Over the years, Sebamed baby products have been the first choice of moms.
  • Reviews, stores, and forums are the validations that you need to trust Sebamed.

It contains a list of essential chemicals that keeps your baby away from any skin issues and irritation.


MamaEarth baby products are made of natural ingredients. It is free from most of the harmful chemicals that are available in most of the products today.

This initiative gave it a boom in the Indian market. People were fascinated by the fact that there is a brand that is providing completely natural products out there.

However, there is always something more than what meets the eye.

  • If you look at it scientifically, you will understand that no product can be 100% natural.
  • They need to go through various chemical processes to be used as a skincare product.
  • I have done the research, and there is one thing that makes MamaEarth similar to all other products in the market. “It is not for everyone”.

If you will go through detailed reviews, you will know that there are people out there who have had the worst experience with MamaEarth.

That sums it up. If it’s 100% natural, then it shouldn’t have any side effects, Right?

Sebamed won this round

#2: Brand (Sebamed vs MamaEarth)

Sebamed has been in the industry for more than 50 years. From the very beginning, Sebamed focused on maintaining its pH according to human skin.

Over the years, it improved its composition. Today, we are not just using a product created through online research.

What we have is the final product of 50 years of research and criticism.

Even after such a long journey, it never got involved in any cases like a breach of safety standards or using harmful chemicals. That’s what makes Sebamed a reliable brand.


MamaEarth was launched in 2016 by a couple who faced issues while choosing baby products for their baby. They went out of their way to do their own research and establish a brand that is made of natural ingredients.

To avoid all the technicalities, they launched their brand under the parent company, Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd. In the last 4 years, the brand decorated its walls with various certifications.

The brand also received a terrific response from the people. The sudden hike in sales made it an overnight success, but as the brand is moving towards maturity, the hype is settling down.

As more people are using it, the more complaints they are receiving. MamaEarth is a great initiative but it’s not mature enough to take 50 years of research head-on.

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Sebamed won this round

#3: Reviews

sebamed vs mamaearth
Sebamed vs Mamaearth

Sebamed totally dominates other brands in terms of reviews. All shopping platforms are filled with loads of positive reviews for the product.

Other brands have faced ups and downs but Sebamed is one of the few brands with consistent results.

  • It is precisely formulated to be the best skin care product for all skin types.
  • Its reviews are much more reliable as the product has been there in the market for a while.
  • Thousands of reviews are there to prove the quality of the product.


I am not a regular user of MamaEarth products but I did go through its range of products. Now, that I am going into details, I noticed that its reviews are declining at a glacial pace.

MamaEarth started with a perfect rating, but its reputation isn’t untainted anymore. You will find complaints and negative reviews now and then.

People with a practical approach saw this coming. As more people will use it, the more negative reviews it will get. Simple maths, Right?

As of now, you can’t fully rely on the fact that its products are natural. You need to look for yourself if the product is the right one for your baby. Or you can just go for the brand that’s been there for a while.

Sebamed won this round

#4: Price

In terms of price, Sebamed is significantly higher than MamaEarth. If you are not willing to spend then Sebamed is not for you.

This factor is also one of the reasons that MamaEarth started strong. Its products are pocket friendly and give decent results.

There is another side to this factor. Sebamed products cost more than twice of MamaEarth products but its sales did not flinch even after the sudden growth in MamaEarth’s sales.

Customers are willing to expend if the product delivers. Sebamed is the perfect example of that.

MamaEarth won this round

#5: Side Effects (Sebamed vs MamaEarth)

Sebamed is a baby product brand that is being used by parents worldwide. After years of research and criticism, it has managed to make its products free from any side effects.

Today it’s hard to find a negative review about Sebamed. It has no side effects that could be considered as a general issue.


MamaEarth started with a couple of products. It received a great response. However, everything changes drastically if you have a wide range of products and thousands of customers.

Today, MamaEarth is one of the best-sellers but faces criticism as well. It will take a while to achieve consistent results.

Reviews are the best way to save you from being one of those negative reviews. Quick research is better than rashes on your baby.

Sebamed won this round

Conclusion (Sebamed is the Best Choice)

In conclusion, MamaEarth might be a good alternative after a few years but as of now, it needs a lot of work. It needs to resolve the issues that the parents are facing.

Sebamed is a better option, thanks to its research and improvement over the years. You might save a few bucks by going for MamaEarth but quality can’t be compromised.

I hope my article “Sebamed vs MamaEarth” sort out your confusion.

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  1. Il so confused by choosing which soap for my baby….and i choosed this two brands and got confused which one is best..i saw so many negative reviews on mamaearth…then i decided to use sebamed soap and shampoo…now im clear. finally shall i choose sebamed for my newborn without any hesitation…kindly reply my comment please


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