Tedibar soap vs Himalaya baby soap | Which is best?

When you first held your baby in your arms for the first time. That precious moment can never be replaced.

After a few days in parenting, you realized that there is much more to parenthood than just tickling them. Every little decision decides the mood of the new boss of the house.

And, you don’t wanna upset the boss right?  

Baby’s skin is delicate and you need to have a look at all the options at your exposure.

As a newborn, he/she won’t bathe daily but still, the soap needs to be perfect

Don’t worry. we did our research to decide which is best “Tedibar soap vs Himalaya baby soap”.

Tedibar soap vs Himalaya baby soap. Which is best?

I consider these 5 most important factor to decide which one is best.

  1. Skincare
  2. Ingredients
  3. Professional recommendation
  4. Price
  5. Reviews

#1: Skincare

The most significant factor while selecting soap for your young one is their skincare. The skin of a newborn is not exactly smooth.

If you look closely, you will notice reddish scales on their skin. That’s the skin you should not touch very often. 

I know you are dying to jiggle their chubby cheeks, but please. Hands off!

Tedibar soap vs Himalaya baby soap

Tedibar baby soap moisturizes baby skin even after cleansing thoroughly. Its mild floral fragrance lets the baby keep their original scent.

No parent wants their baby to smell like flowers. Instead of the world’s most expensive fragrances, parents would prefer their baby’s original scent.

  • Some parents noticed their baby getting a little fairer after using Tedibar baby soap.
  • However, the brand refuses to claim such benefits.
  • Your baby will always be the apple of your eye but a little fair tone won’t hurt.

Tedibar has maintained a reputation of giving soft and smooth skin without any dryness or rashes.


Himalaya baby soap comes in four different variants: Himalaya gentle baby soap, Himalaya refreshing baby soap, Himalaya nourishing baby soap, and Himalaya extra moisturizing baby soap.

  • It also cleans the oil and dirt from baby skin.
  • It moisturizes baby skin with its natural ingredients but the specific approach for different skin types led to an unexpected issue.
  • Some parents noticed that the product is causing dry skin and is not suitable for all babies. 

Red cheeks might look adorable on your baby but if they are because of rashes then it could be a nightmare for parents.

For the sake of your eardrums, choose a mild and moisturizing soap.

? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#2: Ingredients (Tedibar soap vs Himalaya baby soap)

Another thing you should consider before buying soap is its ingredient distribution.

Soaps are alkali based to cleanse the skin and remove dirt.

That makes it a good cleansing alternative for adults, but that’s not the case for babies. 

Your baby delicate skin is not healthy enough to handle the alkali soaps. You should go for soaps with minimal chemical composition. 

himalaya baby soap vs tedibar soap

Tedibar baby soap uses negligible chemical ingredients to retain the moisture on the baby’s skin.

  • It is formulated to maintain a pH of 5-6, i.e. of normal skin.
  • It is alkali-free, making it a perfect choice for delicate skin.
  • Tedibar doesn’t offer the no-tear formula but it is precisely prepared to have no ill effects on your baby’s skin. 


In the case of Himalaya, each variant focuses on different ingredients accordingly.

It is quite difficult to find your baby’s skin type in the first couple of weeks, but after that, you can select the soap according to your baby’s needs.

All the variants are composed of required moisturizing agents to keep the baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Himalaya went out of its way to include honey, olive oil, and almond oil in its variants.

Even after all the hassle, Himalaya couldn’t offer the no-tear formula as well.

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? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#3: Professional recommendation

If you still can’t figure out which one to pick, then let’s ask professionals.

Dermatologists examine babies who have rashes and dry skin on a daily basis. It gives them a fair idea of the side effects of various soaps out there.

They also keep track of how their clients respond to their recommendations. This work experience can save your baby from an unpleasant experience. 

himalaya baby soap vs tedibar soap

Tedibar baby soap has always been the first choice of dermatologists. This soap is approved to be used right after birth.

A few years ago, parents didn’t even know about Tedibar. They make a face after hearing “Tedibar” as if they were asked to buy something suspicious.

Today, Tedibar has managed to make its way into top priorities when it comes to baby care


Himalaya has always been a renowned brand in Indian markets. Its quality of products made it one of the most trusted brands.

Let’s keep that aside for a second while we are talking about the baby soap specifically.

Surprisingly, Tedibar earned an edge over Himalaya’s range of baby soap.

The majority of the doctors choose Tedibar baby soap over Himalaya baby soap on any day.

? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#4: Price

Most of the parents wouldn’t even consider reading this column as they want the best for their baby, irrespective of the cost.

However, you shouldn’t turn a blind spot towards this factor. You should not fill the pockets of industrialists just for the sake of your baby.

You should know what you are buying and if it’s worth it. 

himalaya soap vs tedibar soap

Tedibar baby soap is twice as expensive as the standard Himalaya baby soap. The difference is huge but market sales have to say otherwise. 

  • The main reason for the difference in the price is due to the quality that it is offering.
  • Despite being an expensive option here, Tedibar baby soap has managed to be the priority of parents.
  • It didn’t only survive the market but dragged other baby soaps at bay single-handedly.
  • Its reviews and demand speak for itself. 

If you are still not convinced, then let me tell you, Tedibar baby soap comes with a drain tray.

? Tedibar soap win this round ?

#5: Reviews

Now it’s time to have a testimony from those who have been there before you. They have experienced the sleepless nights long before you.

The struggle of having a new little member in the family is relatable. Therefore, they are willing to share their experience.

The mistakes they made, the products they used, the difficulty they faced, all of them. 

Now before bugging people on roads, you should finish reading it. 

You don’t have to go anywhere to get your hands on this precious knowledge. We are here for that. 

Most of the parents preferred Tedibar over any other baby care brand in the market.

Tedibar baby soap didn’t make it here just by luck, They are in the business for over a decade. 

You can have a look at what other parents have to say about Tedibar baby soap, you can just go online and do your little research.

? Tedibar soap win this round ?


Tedibar Soap is the clear winner.

I believe your doubt is clear. Now you can easily choose between (Tedibar soap vs Himalaya baby soap).

Himalaya healthcare products have a decent reputation but in terms of baby care, it holds nothing over Tedibar baby soap.

Tedibar is credible for most of the giggling babies you see out there. 

Do tell us your experience in the comment. It will very much helpful for the Community here.

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