Why sebamed products are costly [Research & analysis]

I was also confused like you and wanted to know why sebamed products are costly.

After very long research and talking with doctors, I came to know the exact reason for their high price.

Believe me when you know the reason “why Sebamed products are costly” then you will also go for Sebamed always and forever.

4 main reason for why Sebamed products are costly:

#1 No chemical | Paraben free

Paraben is a harmful chemical that is used in cosmetics product to increase the shelf life (Expiry date).

But Sebamed doesn’t use any such chemical and that’s why its shelf life is a little short. Because of short shelf life its price increase significantly.

Those baby or mom who have sensitive skin must use paraben free Products.

How to check product is paraben free or Not?

Just look at the label of the product. If you are buying from Amazon, Flipkart or any online website then check the product description. It is clearly mentioned there.

why sebamed products are costly
Amazon product technical details

Don’t compromise your baby sensitive skin for the sake of saving money. You can’t put a price on your baby Health.

#2 Imported and Tax

Sebamed Is the german company and currently has no manufacturing unit in India. The product is imported directly from Germany.

Because of transportation the cost added up to the price.

Tax is another main factor which increases the price of Sebamed. Govt. charges huge tax on imported products. This is why Sebamed products are costly.

#3 Maintaining PH 5.5

Sebamed product has ph of 5.5 which is perfect for baby healthy skin.

It is recommended by experts to always go for skin product whose ph is 5.5 or around it.

Maintaining cosmetic product ph to 5.5 is not an easy task, it requires too many cautions which at the end increases the price.

You may be wondering why Ph 5.5?

Our skin has a ph of 5.5 also and it is little acidic in nature because of the presence of water on the hydrolipid surface of the skin.

If you go for higher ph then it will destroy the acidic film on the skin and may cause a different kind of skin related problem.

#4 Good result

Most of the mom who used this product for their baby is more than happy and recommend other mom to use this too.

If you look at amazon for Sebamed product then you will notice almost every product of Sebamed has more than 4+ rating out of 5 which is awesome.

Because of such a good result, the Sebamed has increased their price and they know their customer will buy it anyhow.

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Final thought

I am very sure that you know “why sebamed products are costly”.

If you have used this product in past then do tell us in comment about your experience.

Was it good or too good?

Do checkout sebamed product on amazon.

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